Xander Drax Quotes in The Phantom (1996)


Xander Drax Quotes:

  • Xander Drax: My name is Xander Drax.

    The Great Kabai Sengh: What?

    Xander Drax: X-A-N-D-E-R D-R-A-X. Xander Drax. Begins and ends with the letter X.

  • Xander Drax: All right, what's your name? Why do you want that skull so badly?

    The Phantom: Kit Walker.

    Xander Drax: Huh, and who is Kit Walker?

    The Phantom: I am.

    Xander Drax: And what about the skull?

    The Phantom: It'd go well with my drapes.

  • Xander Drax: Quill, would you please show Mr. Walker up to the observation deck and make him talk?

    Sala: I claim the body when you're done.

  • Xander Drax: When darkness rules the earth, America's in financial ruin. Europe and Asia are on a brink of self-annihilation. Chaos reins. Like I've always said, there is opportunity in chaos. And so, my brothers, I give you...

    [raises out the first skull]

    Xander Drax: The skull of Touganda. This skull is one of three. When all three skulls are united, they will produce a force more than any army on earth.

    Ray Zephro: You-you only got the one.

    Xander Drax: Legend has it that if the skulls are separated, two of the skulls will point the way to the third.

    Ray Zephro: Like I said, you only got...

    Xander Drax: Raymond! Raymond! Ray! Ray! I know the location of the second skull, okay?

  • Sala: The Phantom helped Diana to escape. I think he's in love with her.

    Xander Drax: Oh really? This is getting more interesting by the minute. Why do you say that?

    Sala: Because he could have had me... but he picked her. That could only be love.

    Xander Drax: Or simply bad judgment.

  • Xander Drax: [becomes amazed after unleashing the power of all three skulls] These skulls are more powerful than I ever imagined! I've harnessed the energy of the sun! Who needs a fourth skull?

    The Phantom: I do and I know where it is. I've worn it all my life. For protection. I never really understood what that meant until right now.

    Xander Drax: Ha! What a cheap jungle trick!

  • Xander Drax: History is about to be made and you're all a part of it. Not an equal part, of course, but an important part nonetheless.

  • Xander Drax: This skull is one of three. When all three skulls are united, they will produce a force more powerful than any army on earth.

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