Woman #1 Quotes in Prince Valiant (1997)


Woman #1 Quotes:

  • Princess Ilene: I demand to see your king.

    Thagnar: Harem.

    Prince Gawain: What? You can't do that she's a princess.

    Princess Ilene: Who the hell is harem?

    [she's thrown into a room full of other woman]

    Woman #1: [giggles] I wonder if she's a wirgin.

    Princess Ilene: Of course I'm a virgin. I'm Princess Ilene of Brenwyn.

    Woman #2: We all had kingdoms once. Now we are all queens for a night.

    [Ilene looks around scared]

    Monday: I am Monday.

    Tuesday: I'm Tuesday.

    Wednesday: I'm Wednesday.

    Monday: And you're Thursday.

    Princess Ilene: That's today. He wouldn't dare touch a princess.

    [now very unsure]

    Princess Ilene: Would he?

  • Blonde in Office: When I asked for his phone number, he told me he's...

    Woman #1: Married.

    Woman #2: Gay.

  • Blonde in Office: I'll never forget my week...

    Woman #1: ...With Henry Roth.

    Red Head: [on phone] Henry Roth

    Woman in Car: Harry. Harry Paratesticles.

  • Irving Zisman: You young ladies in the market for a nice bed?

    Woman #1: No.

    Irving Zisman: Seventy-five dollars.

    Woman #2: What's so special about it?

    Irving Zisman: It's got that special vibrating feature, you know what I'm saying?


  • [last lines]

    Woman 1: [voiceover] But - she - someone said she's a changed woman.

    Woman 2: Speaking of changed women, Gloria Phillips had face work.

    Woman 1: Oh, oh - ah, well, of course - she's having an affair with her astrologer, isn't she?

    Woman 2: Yes, but she's a changed woman, because you can't tell it's Gloria!

  • [first lines]

    Reporter #1: Tonight, investigators are questioning the credibility of those clinical trials.

    Woman #1: I'm very angry. I can't believe doctors could betray so many people.

    Man #1: I was part of the initial test group for the drug Vypraxilin. And, I can say without a doubt it was probably the worst decision I've ever made in my life.

    Man #2: These people knowingly put out inaccurate information and they were being selective in the facts about the case.

    Woman #2: She looked at me and then collapsed. Her mouth filled with blood and... it was terrifying.

    Reporter #2: In fact, an investigation by the fda found no evidence of false data from Pierson pharmaceuticals.

    Reporter #3: This is the third death attributed to the medication, with many more claims surfacing each day.

    Woman #3: They need to be held accountable.

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