Womack Quotes in The Rock (1996)


Womack Quotes:

  • General Hummel: Remember Operation Desert Storm? Those surgical hits made by our smart bombs that were covered so well on CNN? It was my men on the ground that made those hits possible by lazing the targets. Twenty of those men were left to rot outside Baghdad after the conflict ended. No benefits were paid to their families. No medals conferred. These men died for their country and they weren't even given a goddamn military burial. This situation is unacceptable. You will transfer one hundred million dollars from Grand Cayman Red Sea trading company to an account I designate. From these funds, one million dollars will be paid to each of the eighty-three marines' families. The rest of the funds, I will disperse at my discretion. Do I make myself clear?

    Womack: Except for the Red Sea Trading Company. What is that?

    General Hummel: Identify yourself.

    Womack: This is FBI Director Womack, General.

    General Hummel: It's a slush-fund where the Pentagon keeps proceeds from illegal arms deals...

    General Al Kramer: Jesus, Frank, this is classified information!

    General Hummel: You alert the media, I launch the gas. You refuse payment, I launch the gas. You've got forty hours, until noon, day after tomorrow, to arrange transfer of the money. I am aware of your countermeasure. You know and I know it doesn't stand a chance. Hummel from Alcatraz, out.

  • Stanley Goodspeed: You mean I'm going out there, under the water?

    Womack: Well earlier today you wanted a gun. Now you're getting a gun and a wet suit.

  • Stanley Goodspeed: I'm unarmed sir. I am unarmed, sir.

    Womack: Where's your issue?

    Stanley Goodspeed: I left in my...

    [clears throat]

    Stanley Goodspeed: sock drawer.

  • Womack: [being pulled up to the hotel balcony] Watch it, you fuckhead! You're gonna pull my arm out!

  • Agent Paxton: [talking privately, after the Navy Seals were killed by Hummel and his Marines] Now you tell me I'm on a need-to-know basis. And I'm telling you right now, I need to who the fuck John Mason is, right now sir!

    Womack: You want to know? Okay. 1962: J. Edgar Hoover is the head of the FBI, some say the country. It's no secret that he kept secret files on prominent Americans and Europeans. De Gaulle, British members of Parliament, even the Prime Minister. I mean, this guy had dirt on everybody in the world.

    Agent Paxton: Yeah, I know all of the cloak and dagger stories. Where does Mason fit in?

    Womack: Mason was the British operative who stole the files, but our Bureau agents caught him at the Canadian border. Of course, the British claimed that they never heard of him. So we held him without trial until he gave up the microfilm. But he never did.

    Agent Paxton: Well, I'm surprised Hoover didn't use his daughter as leverage.

    Womack: Hoover was dead in '72, she wasn't born yet. Today... it's a different Bureau.

    Agent Paxton: So, you held this guy without trial his whole life. No wonder he's pissed.

    Womack: This man knows our most intimate secrets from the last half century! The alien landing at Roswell, the truth behind the J.F.K. assassination. Mason's angry, he's lethal, he's a trained killer... and he is the only hope that we have got.

  • Womack: Damn it, you're on a need-to-know basis, and you don't need to know.

  • Womack: You ain't seen no niggers on the fiddle. No niggers on the fiddle like this. You ain't seen no niggers on the fiddle no niggers on the fiddle like this.

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