Wolfe Quotes in Paycheck (2003)


Wolfe Quotes:

  • Jimmy Rethrick: Michael Jennings died exactly three minutes after 3. And the government was left with no case. Closed its case with Allcom. So you see, it's impossible that he escaped unless you've changed something.

    Wolfe: I didn't.

    Jimmy Rethrick: What were you doing, exactly?

    Wolfe: I was eating pie.

  • [Michael and Rachel have entered the inner sanctum, where the computer is which, presumably, Michael designed or reverse-engineered]

    Michael Jennings: Let's take a look at the future before we destroy this thing.

    [Jennings looks intense, then smiles as he discovers that he innately knows how to place his fingers and palms on the devices. But his smile turns to a frown as he discovers the same virus message that Brown has been receiving: ERROR - 41. He taps at some controls, then whispers:]

    Michael Jennings: I bugged it! I rigged it, so Jimmy wouldn't use it against me.

    Rachel Porter: Then you can fix it, right?

    [He sighs and climbs down into the engineering section]

    Michael Jennings: Where would I have planted that bug? Maybe I wanted the motherboards. Whoa! Whoa!

    [He sees that Rachel has picked up a monkey wrench]

    Michael Jennings: We won't be needing this, okay? You're dangerous with that thing!

    [He seizes the monkey wrench and tosses it away onto the ground. Rachel's fingers curl against her bosom]

    Rachel Porter: You must have given yourself something to help you find it.

    Michael Jennings: I know. The only things left would be are the bullet and the, this.

    Rachel Porter: The crossword?

    Michael Jennings: Yeah!

    Michael Jennings: [He studies it] Look at this: 12-Down.

    [the clue is circled in ink and it reads: Used for changing connections in a circuit]

    Michael Jennings: Maybe it's here.

    Michael Jennings: [He counts circuits until he comes to the twelfth] Maybe it's a circuit diagram? I wouldn't have put it in the primary path. Twelve down.

    [By placing the crossword puzzle over the grid, he discovers the bug; and he looks at Rachel with sly pride. They grin at each other. The virus warning turns into a pleasing display on the screen]

    Michael Jennings: [In another room, Rethrick has been spying on them and has followed their progress]

    Jimmy Rethrick: Take 'em.

    Wolfe: Okay, Corridor 3, Level A: Jennings' lab.

    [Rethrick arms his pistol and starts walking]

  • Wolfe: So, you're saying he sent himself a different set of personal items, ones he'd selected after using the machine, and nothing our security would flag.

    Jimmy Rethrick: Everyday things. Combined with the power of foresight, transform Michael from engineer to escape artist.

    [Rethrick looks at the continued computer virus signal and adds grimly:]

    Jimmy Rethrick: I don't know about you, but I'd like to return the favor.

  • Wolfe: And now, Miss Blake, we are about to give you a demonstration of German efficiency.

    Janet Blake: Atrocity is a better word. Destroying medical supplies intended for suffering soldiers will make a story that will shock the world!

    Wolfe: Unfortunately for you, this is one story you will never write. Put a gag in her mouth!

  • Wolfe: I have set the watch so the chemicals will ignite at nine o'clock. You have one minute to live, Miss Blake.

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