Windy Halliday Quotes in Hopalong Cassidy Returns (1936)


Windy Halliday Quotes:

  • Windy Halliday: Deputize me, and I'll clean 'em up fer yuh.

    Editor Bob Saunders: No, Windy. We must wait. We must have help - someone with brains as well as courage.

    Windy Halliday: You go bringing in some outsider, and it'll be a plain case o' suicide. Why, they wouldn't have a chance!

    Editor Bob Saunders: I feel sure the man I have in mind can take care of himself.

    Windy Halliday: And who might this one man army be?

    Editor Bob Saunders: A gentleman by the name of Hopalong Cassidy!

    Windy Halliday: [stunned] Hoppy!

    [he is beside himself with anticipatioon]

    Windy Halliday: Holy smoke! Why didn't I think o' him before?

  • [last lines]

    Hopalong Cassidy: Some women folk have a way of changing a man's mind without him even knowin' it. Funny...

    Windy Halliday: Yeah, ain't it?

  • 'Windy' Halliday: [to an old Mexican walking away from him] Hey, you!

    The Fox: [disguised as an old Mexican, he turns around]

    'Windy' Halliday: Do you talk Mexican?

    The Fox: Mexican?

    'Windy' Halliday: Yeah, Mexican! Do you talk it?

    The Fox: No sabe!

    'Windy' Halliday: [to Lucky] That's the most ignorant cuss I ever seed! He don't even talk his own language!

  • 'Windy' Halliday: [Windy is speaking to Lucky] Let me tell you, you young squirt ! When Hoppy gets to worrying about something, it's time for EVERYONE to get worried.

  • Ann Marsh: We're not running cattle. What else can you do?

    Windy Halliday: I can do everything from pot biling to pot wrastling, story-tellin' to lie-swappin'. I'm a pretty handy sort of feller whether for fun, frolic, or fright! Yeah, and I'm willin' to prove it too!

  • 'Lucky' Jenkins: As far as I'm concerned, the law killed Buddy.

    'Windy' Halliday: [after a pause] Watcha gonna do about it, Hoppy?

    'Hopalong' Cassidy: [after another pause] Whatta you think?

    'Windy' Halliday: Ah, by crickety, I'm with yeh!

    'Hopalong' Cassidy: I ain't hankering to get you into trouble, Windy.

    'Windy' Halliday: Awww, trouble don't mean nuthin' to me.

    'Hopalong' Cassidy: [smiling slightly] All right, you figure it out while I get my riggin'.

    'Windy' Halliday: [to Lucky after Hoppy has left] Trouble? Why, I was hatched in trouble! Born on an open range in a howlin' blizzard! Cut my teeth on a gun barrel! Fed on cactus soup til I was six! Peh, he talks about herdin' me into trouble! Peh, heh, ha, huh!

  • 'Lucky' Jenkins: [introducing Windy to Crowder as a piano player for the saloon] Brought you a new professor - Windy Halliday, known far and wide as a cowboy troubador.

    'Windy' Halliday: [to Windy] This is Ace Crowder. He runs the place.

    'Windy' Halliday: Hi.

    'Ace' Crowder: Professor, ah?

    [laughs derisively]

    'Ace' Crowder: Looks more like something than crawled out of the bung hole of a beer keg!

    'Ace' Crowder: [to Windy] Can ye play the piana?

    'Windy' Halliday: Shoo, heck, can I play the pi-an-ie? Why up in Deadwood City the cowboys used to call me the Padderhooski of the Weat!

    'Ace' Crowder: [laughs]

    'Lucky' Jenkins: Yeah! Around cowboys he's known as a musician, but around musicians he's known as a cowboy.

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