William Overbeck Quotes in RocketMan (1997)


William Overbeck Quotes:

  • William Overbeck: How'd you like to be the first guy to die on Mars.

    Fred Randall: Well sorry Mr. First to Show Inappropriate Anger on Mars.

  • Fred Randall: Hey, Commander, were you ever afraid of monsters under your bed? When I was little I used to think there was a baker under my bed.

    William Overbeck: No.

    Fred Randall: You ever look?

    William Overbeck: No.

    Fred Randall: Then how do you know there wasn't a baker under your bed?

  • Fred Randall: We're the first to stand on Mars!

    William Overbeck: Yeah. Now you're the biggest idiot on two planets.

  • Fred Randall: It wasn't me!

    William Overbeck: What do you mean "It wasn't you"? We're 35 million miles from the nearest person!

    Fred Randall: Maybe it was Julie.

    William Overbeck: You dog!

    Fred Randall: Hey! Miracles can happen.

    William Overbeck: Blaming this on Julie!

    Fred Randall: Okay. I admit. It was me.

    William Overbeck: Thank you.

    [Fred farts again]

    Fred Randall: Now, THAT was Julie!

  • William Overbeck: Have fun, kid.

    Fred Randall: Fun is my Chinese neighbor's middle name!

  • Fred Randall: Who am I?

    William Overbeck: Mommy.

    Fred Randall: Say it like you love me.

  • William Overbeck: Well it's a very special drink. It's just for us astronauts.

    Fred Randall: Oh! Like Tang?

  • Fred Randall: Commander, can I call you Bill?

    William Overbeck: No.

    Fred Randall: Are we there yet?

    William Overbeck: No.

    Fred Randall: Can I drive?

    William Overbeck: No!

    Fred Randall: I'm hungry!

  • Fred Randall: Hey! There's no airbag. What if I go flying through the windshield?

    William Overbeck: Randall, there is no windshield.

    Fred Randall: Oh. Well, what if I go flying through the front of my helmet?

    William Overbeck: I'd die happy.

  • Fred Randall: You're alive Little Billy!

    William Overbeck: Don't you ever call me little Billy!

    Fred Randall: That's no way to talk to your mother!

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