Will Scarlett Quotes in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)


Will Scarlett Quotes:

  • Sheriff of Nottingham: Now I have heard that Robin Hood may still be alive. Either tell me where he may be hiding, or you wll all hanged and we will catch him anyway and do the same thing to him.

    Will Scarlett: I'd love to kill him for you.

    Wulf: Will, no!

    Sheriff of Nottingham: So he is alive, then?

    Will Scarlett: I'm not really sure.

    Sheriff of Nottingham: Then why would I need you?

    Will Scarlett: Because, my lord, if he is alive, I can get close to him. I'm one of his men. He would never suspect me.

    Wulf: He knows you always hated him, traitor!

    Sheriff of NottinghamWill Scarlett: Shut up!

    Will Scarlett: He's a trusting fool. He'll believe me. And if he doesn't, he'll kill me. Then you've lost nothing.

    Sheriff of Nottingham: If you fail, I will personally remove your lying tongue.

    Will Scarlett: And if I succeed, I get my freedom and the bounty on his head.

    Sheriff of Nottingham: The lash, I think! Sorry about that. It'll make it more convincing.

  • Will Scarlett: [after launching Robin and Azeem over the wall] Fuck me, he cleared it!

  • Will Scarlett: It was your anger that drove them apart! It's not a lie! You ruined my life! I have more reason to hate you than anyone. But I found myself daring to believe you. What I want to know brother, is will you stay with us and finish what you've started?

    Robin Hood: I have a brother? I have a brother!

    [hugs and holds Will]

    Robin Hood: So I'll stand with you, side by side. Until the end.

    Bull: Until the end!

    Little John: We are all bloody in!

    Friar Tuck: Damn buggers!

    Robin Hood: We finish this.

  • [after causing Robin to fall in the river]

    Will Scarlett: There was a rich man from Nottingham/ who tried to cross a river/ What a dope/ he tripped on a rope/ Now look at him shiver. Beg for mercy, rich man.

    Robin Hood: I beg of no man, as you can see I have nothing, not even my sword.

    Little John: Any man who travels with two servants and says he has no money, is either a fool or a liar.

    Will Scarlett: Yeah, he's a liar.

  • Robin Hood: You were to use this information to get close to me and then kill me, isn't that right, Will? What are your intentions?

    Will Scarlett: Well, that depends on you Locksley. I've never trusted you, that's no secret. What I wanna know is, is are you gonna finish what you started? I want to know if he's gonna turn and run like the spoiled little rich boy I always took him for.

    Robin Hood: Did I wrong you in another life, Will Scarlett? Where does this intolerable hatred for me come from?

    Will Scarlett: From knowing that... that our father loved you more than me.

    Robin Hood: Our father?

    Will Scarlett: We are brothers, Robin of Locksley. I am the son of the woman who replaced your dead mother for a time.

    Robin Hood: It's a lie!

    Will Scarlett: It was your anger that drove them apart! It's not a lie! You ruined my life! I have more reason to hate you than anyone. Yet I found myself daring to believe in you. And what I want to know brother, is will you stay with us and finish what you started?

  • Will Scarlett: No. I'll do that. You cover us with your bow.

    Robin Hood: No Will. It's too dangerous.

    Will Scarlett: So is your aim.

  • Robin Hood: My father was no devil worshiper. And I'll have words with any man who says otherwise. But he's right. I was a rich man's son. When I killed the sheriff's men, I became an outlaw like you.

    Will Scarlett: You are nothing like us.


    Little John: That is Will Scarlet. Take no notice of him, he's full of piss and wind. Come on lads, drink up. Don't talk about so much bloody rubbish. This here is the best that we simple men can expect. Here we're safe. We are kings!

  • Will Scarlett: I'm tired.

    Robin Hood: What? After a nice refreshing sleep in the green wood?

    Will Scarlett: I pulled seven acorns out of my ribs.

    Robin Hood: Lovely, fresh air...

    Will Scarlett: My teeth ache with chattering.

    Robin Hood: Nightingales singing...

    Will Scarlett: An owl hooting in my ear.

    Robin Hood: Hooting? He was singing you to sleep!

  • Will Scarlett: Robin, I've just got word of-

    [sees Friar Tuck and breaks off]

    Robin Hood: It's all right, he's one of us.

    Will Scarlett: One of us? He looks like three of us!

  • Robin Hood: [after being cast out of the castle, Robin and Will are sitting by a fireplace in the woods. Heavy rain and thunder] Let me guess... the horses have gone home?

    Will Scarlett: Yes, the horses have gone home.

    Robin Hood: Congratulations.

    Will Scarlett: Thank you.

    Robin Hood: I'm starved.

    Will Scarlett: Me too.

    Robin Hood: It's raining.

    Will Scarlett: [agreeing] It's raining.

    Will Scarlett: If only I hadn't encouraged you to stand up for the miller.

    Robin Hood: If only I hadn't listened.

    Robin HoodWill Scarlett: [looking at each other, then in unison] Bloody Normans!

  • Maid Marian: [watching Sir Miles Folcanet ride away from them] My future husband is sulking.

    Will Scarlett: [watching Robin Hood ride up to them] Oh, I don't know, he looks quite happy to me.

  • Will Scarlett: Give me back my country.

  • Robin Hood: You should have killed him!

    Will Scarlett: You should have kept your mouth shut!

  • Will Scarlett: [Little John has just knocked Robin into rapids] He can't swim!

  • Robin Hood: They've turned us into heroes, Johnny. Will, you didn't make it up.

    Will Scarlett: These songs, I don't know where they come from, but you hear them everywhere. We go from town to town and ...

    Robin Hood: What do you do for a living?

    Friar Tuck: While I take confessions, he takes the horses.

    Will Scarlett: And everywhere we go, they want to hear about the things you did.

    Robin Hood: We didn't do them.

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