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Wilkes Quotes:

  • Wilkes: [Demonstrating to the men how to do a lethal knife attack, using Johnson as his "victim"] You come in low under his line of sight. You leap... taking him down, placing your hand over his nose, pulling his face away from your knife hand.

    Wilkes: [points his knife at the back of the skull] At the base of his skull at the right of his spine - what the Chinese call the wind gate - you insert, scramble the brains... what you have is instant rag doll.

  • Col. Cal Rhodes: We'll need transportation... preferably four-wheel drive.

    Wilkes: Buy it or "borrow" it?

    Col. Cal Rhodes: Steal the fucker!

  • Sailor: Hey, master Wilkes, how ya' been?

    Wilkes: What happened to your grenade?

    Sailor: I had to use that for an emergency enema!

  • Col. Cal Rhodes: You know, for years, I couldn't sleep after Korea. My nightmares all had to do with the Chosin Reservoir. The ground there was so frozen, we couldn't bury our dead. We had to pile 'em on trucks and lash them up against the tanks. For years I'd wake up with those dead, frozen faces staring at me.

    Wilkes: Did it ever go away?

    Col. Cal Rhodes: No... I finally made friends with them, though.

  • [Timms is trying to duck out of Athletics]

    Wilkes: What's the matter with you, lad?

    Timms: I've got a note.

    Wilkes: How much for?


    Wilkes: I don't *do* notes! Get changed!

    Timms: Sir...

    Wilkes: God doesn't do notes, either. Did Jesus Christ say, "Can I be excused the Crucifixion?" No!

    Scripps: Actually, sir, I think he *did*...

  • Wilkes: One day it will save your life.

    Posner: Nothing saves anyone's life sir. It just postpones their death.

    [Wilkes puts his hands on Posner's shoulders]

    Wilkes: Jesus Christ will save your life, lad, if you only let him into your heart!

    Posner: I'm Jewish, sir.

    [Wilkes moves instead to put his hands on Akhtar's shoulders]

    Akthar: I'm Muslim, sir.

  • Wilkes: You're letting yourself down. You're letting God down.

    Lockwood: What's God got to do with it?

    Wilkes: Listen, boy. This isn't your body.

    Lockwood: No?

    Wilkes: This body is on loan to you from God.

    Lockwood: Fuck me!

    Wilkes: I heard that. Give me twenty.

    Lockwood: Twenty what, Hail Marys?

    Wilkes: Do it.

  • [Mrs. Lintott smokes in the Teacher's Lounge]

    Wilkes: Dorothy...

    [points to the No Smoking sign]

    Mrs. Lintott: Oh, fuck.

  • Wilkes: This is the black tie affair!

    Sam Simms: I know, sir and I got it covered. I'm black and I'm wearing a tie.

  • Wilkes: Don't mind Lloyd. He doesn't mean anything by that chip on his shoulder. It's just his way of fighting everybody because he can't cure the patients.

  • Wilkes: I used to work in the Female Wing. But the "Nympho Ward" got too dangerous for me.

  • Johnny Barrett: Am I the only loony in this ward?

    Wilkes: No, Mr. Barret, your roommates are in the "street." Oh, if you don't mind, we never use words here like "nuts, bugs, screwy, goofy, loony"... We'd like it very much if you didn't use them, either.

    Johnny Barrett: [Sarcastically] I'm sorry - - I'm a "greenhorn inmate."

    Wilkes: [Calmly] You're a patient, not an inmate.

  • Wilkes: [while getting his ears pulled on by Johnny] I KILLED SLOANE!

  • Lloyd: Trent!

    Trent: Yes, sir.

    Lloyd: A pillow case is missing.

    Trent: I don't have it, sir.

    Lloyd: It's from your bed.

    Trent: I don't have it, sir.

    Lloyd: You want to go back into the hall?

    Trent: I don't have it, sir!

    Wilkes: [Trying to end the argument] Let him keep it.

    Lloyd: Keep out of this, Wilkes!

    Wilkes: Dr. Cristo said not to get him excited.

    Lloyd: You know what that pillow case means.

    Wilkes: [Puts a hand on Trent's shoulder to comfort him] It's all right, Trent. We know you don't have it.

    Trent: Thank you, sir.

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