Wil Quotes in Saving Face (2004)


Wil Quotes:

  • Mrs. Shing: [Leaving message on the answering machine] Hello, Viviea? This is your mother. Just calling to say hi. Hope your birthday good. Did Wil show up? Thought you may wanna talk after she leaves. Oh, maybe she's still there? Okay. Bye.

    Wil: Oh, my God. You talked to your mother about us?

    Vivian Shing: Yeah. So?

    Wil: "So"? Does she know we have sex?

    Vivian Shing: [sighs] No, Wil. She thinks we conjugate Latin verbs.

    Wil: Really?

  • Hwei-Lan Gao - Ma: [in Mandarin] Your neighbor is loud and dark and eats too much soy sauce.

    Wil: [in Mandarin] Americans like soy sauce.

    Hwei-Lan Gao - Ma: I'm going to start eating less soy sauce so it won't stain the baby too dark.

    Wil: [in English] Ma, that's ridiculous.

    Hwei-Lan Gao - Ma: You eat less too, so you don't grow spots.

    Hwei-Lan Gao - Ma: [passes soy sauce bottle to Jay]

    Jay - Neighbor: Thanks.

    Hwei-Lan Gao - Ma: [smiles] Too late for him anyway.

  • Wil: I'll definitely be there tonight.

    Vivian Shing: "Definitely" definitely, or "definitely" maybe? You know, my friends are starting to think you don't exist.

    Wil: Trust me. I'll definitely, definitely be there.

  • Vivian Shing: Just tell her I'm a friend. A nice Chinese girl.

    Wil: You're not just a nice Chinese girl.

    Vivian Shing: I'll fake it.

  • Wil: So how come we never met before now?

    Vivian Shing: We did meet. Nineteen years ago. I was 8, you were 9. Outside the temple.

    Wil: I don't remember.

    Vivian Shing: The Wong boys were taunting me about my parents' divorce. You beat the crap out of them. You were wearing a Kristy McNichol t-shirt, tan cords and a pageboy. You spilled your mom's groceries. We scooped them into a bag.

    Wil: That's right, and then...

    Vivian Shing: And then I kissed you on the nose. And you ran.

  • Wil: It's been crazy. Vivian, there's a lot going on right now. I'm sorry if I... if this hurts.

    Vivian Shing: At least it's not a flesh wound.

    [gets up and walks away]

  • [Wil and Ma watching a soap opera]

    Wil: Is that the good guy?

    Hwei-Lan Gao - Ma: No, he's marrying her for money.

    Wil: Is that the good guy?

    Hwei-Lan Gao - Ma: No, that's his brother.

    Wil: Who's that guy?

    Hwei-Lan Gao - Ma: He's the most evil of them all, he wants to ruin her family to avenge a grudge.

    Wil: Who's the loser they're beating up?

    Hwei-Lan Gao - Ma: That's the good guy.

  • Wil: One night without Chinese food isn't gonna kill her.

  • Wil: How did you find out she was...?

    Wai Po - Grandma: The receptionist at the Manhattan clinic is married to one of Grandpa's former students.

    Wil: [in English] One billion Chinese people, two degrees of separation.

  • Wil: Ma, you can't give him a paper plate.

    Hwei-Lan Gao - Ma: [in Mandarin] Safer this way. Throw it out afterwards.

    Wil: It's rude.

    Hwei-Lan Gao - Ma: [in Mandarin] I'll give him two.

  • Nurse #1: Hey, there's a Mr. Fu. He's finishing a checkup with Mr. Morgan.

    Wil: Let me see his stats.

    [Looks over chart]

    Wil: Fifty-three, unmarried. Thyroid levels aren't where I'd like to see them, but overall pretty healthy. Okay. Be discrete but ask him if he's free Friday.


    Randi - Hospital Co-Worker: [turns and points at the nurse] "Book him, Dano."

  • Hwei-Lan Gao - Ma: [in Mandarin] No one wants to see a 50-year-old Chinese woman look sexy.

    Wil: Ma, you're only 48.

    [in Mandarin]

    Wil: Connie Chung's sexy, and she must be nearly 60.

    Hwei-Lan Gao - Ma: Her show was cancelled.

  • Vivian Shing: What do you fucking care what kind of dancing I do?

    Wil: Punish me by leaving me behind. Don't punish yourself by treating your dreams like they are for shit.

  • Wil: Vivian Shing, I'm asking you to dance with me.

  • Vivian Shing: How about this one? It's packed with peanuts

    Wil: and alot of other satisfying carcinogens.

    Vivian Shing: Sometimes your body knows what you really want

  • Little Girl: Are you guys gonna kiss?

    Wil: Huh? No... what?

    Little Girl: Are you going to french kiss when you go to Paris?

    Vivian Shing: go play on the jungle gym

  • Wil: You don't have to talk so loud. And leave your shoes by the door.

  • Vivian Shing: Your hot dog got cold so I fed it to the birds.

    Wil: Careful. We don't wanna train them to eat flesh.

  • Wil: [to Bec] Maybe some day you'll stop punishing me for liking you as much as I do.

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