Whitey Bulger Quotes in Black Mass (2015)


Whitey Bulger Quotes:

  • Whitey Bulger: [from trailer]

    [at dinner]

    Whitey Bulger: What did you marinate this steak in? Because it's out of this world! You're killing me with it!

    John Morris: Now, now, it's a family secret.

    Whitey Bulger: Oh, come on! You got to tell me that! What's the secret? Come on, you can do it, come on, that is one of the best goddamn steaks I have ever had in my entire life. What's the family secret recipe?

    John Morris: It's ground garlic, with a bit of soy.

    Whitey Bulger: That's it?

    John Morris: Yeah, that's it.

    Whitey Bulger: [pause] I thought it was a family secret.

    John Morris: It's a recipe.

    Whitey Bulger: No, no. You said to me this is a family secret, and you gave it up to me, boom just like that. You spill the secret family recipe today, maybe you spill a little something about me tomorrow, hm?

    John Morris: I was just saying that...

    Whitey Bulger: You were just saying? "Just saying" gets people sent away. "Just saying" got me a nine-year stretch in Alcatraz, you understand? So, "just saying" can get you buried real quick.

    [suddenly laughs]

    Whitey Bulger: Look at his face!

  • Whitey Bulger: Take your shot, but make it your best. 'Cause I get up, I eat ya.

  • Whitey Bulger: Morris... me and you gotta have a sit dowm about something... what the fuck did you marinate this steak in 'cause it's outta this world! You're killin' me with this.

    John Morris: Ah, ah, ah... that's a family secret!

    Whitey Bulger: [Jokingly] I gotta knife here. Ah, c'mon, you can do it. What's the secret family recipe? C'mon, what's the secret?

    John Morris: It's ground garlic and a little bit of soy.

    Whitey Bulger: That's it?

    John Morris: Yup.

    Whitey Bulger: I thought you said it was a family secret.

    John Morris: It's a recipe.

    Whitey Bulger: No... no. You said this was a family secret and you gave it to me *boom* just like fuckin' that. You spill the secret family recipe today, maybe you fuckin' spill a lil' somethin' about me tomorrow. Am I right in assuming that?

    John Morris: [Looking to Connolly] I...

    Whitey Bulger: Don't look to John... he can't fuckin help you.

    John Morris: I was just sayin...

    Whitey Bulger: Oh you were just sayin'? Just sayin' get people sent to Allenwood. Just sayin' got me a nine year stretch in Levinworth and Alcatraz, do you understand? So... just sayin' can get you buried real fuckin' quick.

    [laughs Maniacally]

    Whitey Bulger: Look at his fuckin' face! Hey! I'm just fuckin' with you. It's a fuckin' recipe! Couldn't give a shit! Tastes great, I'm fuckin' with you.

    John Connolly: [laughing nervously] Yeah, well... you got me too. I'd like make a toast...

    [raises his glass]

    John Connolly: ... to success.

    John Morris: To sucess...

    Whitey Bulger: [Clinging his cup against theirs] Just gettin' started.

  • Lindsey Cyr: [crying] I'll pull the plug myself, I will.

    Whitey Bulger: [looks up] What did you say?

    [tears form in his eyes]

    Whitey Bulger: What the fuck did you just say? My boy? You pull the plug on my boy?

    Lindsey Cyr: I can't have him like this, Jimmy.

    Whitey Bulger: How could you be so cold?

    Lindsey Cyr: Don't say that to me.

    Whitey Bulger: How could you be so cold?

    Lindsey Cyr: Don't you dare fucking say that to me.

    Whitey Bulger: I could never, never. You're pathetic.

    Lindsey Cyr: You of all people in the fucking world cannot say that to me.

    Whitey Bulger: Who the fuck are you?

  • [last lines]

    Billy Bulger: [answering the phone] Jimmy?

    Whitey Bulger: Hey, Billy Boy. Been reading the papers?

    Billy Bulger: Not even a little.

    Whitey Bulger: Smart man. I wouldn't if I was you. Um, listen. You're not gonna see me for a while. You know? So, uh... Just look after yourself, you know.

    Billy Bulger: You sure you want to do it this way?

    Whitey Bulger: Is there any other way? Take care, kid.

  • Whitey Bulger: Just make him an offer for the company.

    John Callahan: I tried. Won't sell.

    Whitey Bulger: Would his widow sell?

  • Whitey Bulger: ...I need you to listen very carefully to what I am saying because there are lessons throughout your whole life. And you gotta learn from these things, right? Here's the deal. You did not get in trouble because you punched this sneaky brat in the face, not at all. You got in trouble because you punched this sneaky little brat in the face in front of other people.

    Lindsey Cyr: [Lindsey sighs] Jimmy, I really don't think that that's the right thing to be teaching your kid.

    Whitey Bulger: No, that's absolutely what I should be tellin' him, babe. So the lesson you gotta learn is this, it's not what you do, it's when and where you do it. And who you do it to or with. Huh? You follow?

    Douglas Cyr: Yes, I follow. Punch people when no one's looking.

    Whitey Bulger: That's exactly right.

    Lindsey Cyr: [Chuckles]

    Whitey Bulger: If nobody sees it, it didn't happen.

  • Mrs. Cody: Jimmy! When did you get out of Alcatraz?

    Whitey Bulger: Oh, uh, that's nearly ten years ago.

  • John McIntyre: I told him everything! The IRA, Cahill, the whole bit! I know I shouldn't have, Jimmy, but I had no choice!

    Whitey Bulger: Fuck you. You always have a choice. You just happened to make the wrong fucking one.

  • Whitey Bulger: [after watching Martorano dip his dirty fingers in a bowl] Hey, you know something?

    John Martorano: What?

    Whitey Bulger: For 15 straight minutes, I been watching you putting your big fat fuckin' fingers into your disgusting mouth, which is filled with God knows what kind of fuckin' bacteria, and then you take the same big fat fuckin' filthy fingers and you stuff 'em back into the bowl that is there for public consumption. Now what the fuck are you thinkin',John?

    John Martorano: Well, I wasn't thinking, Jimmy. I'm sorry.

    Whitey Bulger: Just don't do it again.

  • Deborah Hussey: This is the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me.

    Whitey Bulger: Aw, Debbie, you're breaking my fuckin' heart.

  • Whitey Bulger: I gotta tell you something, Officer Flynn. It's a sad day when a native son takes up with his oppressor. There's a word for that back home, you know. Penalty's death.

    Officer Flynn: You threatenin' me, Bulger?

    Whitey Bulger: The last thing I would do if I was planning to harm you was was to warn you in advance, you dumb fuck.

    Officer Flynn: You better watch yourself, Bulger.

    Whitey Bulger: You better fuck yourself, Flynn.

    Officer Flynn: Fuck you, you project rat.

    [looks at Tommy]

    Officer Flynn: And fuck you, you rummy.

  • Whitey Bulger: You need to control. Because you know the game surprises you. And you bite your ass not know when, you know?

  • Whitey Bulger: [after a man gets shot in the head] Lots of good your vest did you today, you fuckin' prick.

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