Wes Wilson Quotes in Lies & Illusions (2009)


Wes Wilson Quotes:

  • Wes Wilson: I'll put in my next book. How does that sound?

    Isaac: Like having my balls licked by a porcupine.

  • Martin: I'm not asking you to stop thinking about her. I'm just saying every guy needs a little... huh?

    Wes Wilson: I'm taking care of myself.

    Martin: Sure you do. All right, I'm gonna go have a smoke and leave you with some people.

    Wes Wilson: I thought you quit.

    Martin: Ah, good health is only gonna keep me in bad marriage.

  • Wes Wilson: [to an old lady] Good luck finding love in the 21st century.

  • Wes Wilson: Hey, what the hell is this?

    Isaac: Mr. Boone will accompany you inside.

    Wes Wilson: Why?

    Isaac: Insurance, Mr. Wilson.

    Wes Wilson: The girl isn't enough?

    Isaac: They rarely are.

  • Samantha: I'm only here to warn you.

    Wes Wilson: But you're a little late.

  • Wes Wilson: Cops. And I've got the murder weapon... perfect.

  • Samantha: Nicole, how's the Bureau?

    Nicole Williams: How does it feel to be alive?

    Wes Wilson: You two know each other?

    Samantha: She's been tracking me for years.

    Nicole Williams: So, Wes, anything you wanna tell me?

    Wes Wilson: Me? Who the hell are you?

    Samantha: She's a fed.

    Wes Wilson: Wait, wait a sec. You both are in on this? I don't believe it.

    Samantha: I told you. She wants the diamonds.

    Nicole Williams: No, we want the list.

    Wes Wilson: I've cared about 2 women in my life and they've both lied to me. Not little white lies, but big, huge get-me-killed kind of lies.

  • Wes Wilson: Hey, please don't put me in this trunk. Please. Come on. I'm claustrophobic.

    Boone: I don't care what kind of disease you have.

  • Samantha: Where are you?

    Wes Wilson: Sam. Sam! Sam! I'm in the trunk of a car!

    Samantha: Well, what are you doing there?

    Wes Wilson: Oh, this is my thing. It's what I do. I'm just relaxing.

    Samantha: Where are they taking you?

    Wes Wilson: They failed to mention that before they threw me in here.

  • Samantha: What happened? Are you okay?

    Wes Wilson: We just hit a bump. Major pothole. Drive a little safer, would you? Jackass!

  • Samantha: Wes, if I hadn't died that night, we would both be dead right now.

    Wes Wilson: Oh, what? So you're gonna say you did all this shit for me? Thanks a lot.

  • Wes Wilson: I can't believe I signed a book for this guy.

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