Washington Quotes in The Raiders of Atlantis (1983)


Washington Quotes:

  • Bill Cook: If you ask me, we're just heading around in circles.

    Washington: What's wrong with circles?

    Bill Cook: Well, since I don't have old Allah watching over my sweet ass, I'd feel a lot better if I knew we were heading for dry land, you know.

    Washington: Oh, your damn thoughts don't go north of your neck anyhow!

  • Washington: Hell, I thought you said there was nothing to it!

    Mike Ross: Yeah, well I'm just trying to remember the nothing, all right?

  • Washington: Sergeant Loyce don't give a damn!

    The Boys of Company C: Shipped our ass to Vietnam!

    Washington: Good Marines they never die!

    The Boys of Company C: When they're hit they never cry!

  • Washington: Here's your body count Captain. Three chickens and a duck!

  • Washington: [You wouldn't have done if that was a white boy back there]

    Captain Collins: [Oh shit]

    Washington: [Yeah but to you he's nothin' but a gook huh? I mean he's just a yellow nigger]

    Captain Collins: [He is the enemy!]

    Washington: [No, YOU'RE the enemy!]

  • Washington: You listen to me dipshit, I ain't gonna repeat myself, don't mess with me! don't mess near me! don't bring no heat down on me, y'all heading for a fall and I ain't taking the ride, do you dig? You just stay clear of Tyrone! 'Cause you all a bunch of fuck ups! And you all going to die, every last one of you! You too, dipshit!

  • Washington: Sergeant stripes they give him class...

    The Boys of Company C: He just likes to kick our ass!

  • Washington: Stay away from me man!... You stay the fuck away from me. If I catch you near me again,I'm gonna put my foot upside your ass... sideways!

  • SSgt. Loyce: Did you see our new recruits? Their former D.I. called them the Four Fuckin' Stooges.

    Washington: You may as well just march everyone out here and blow their fuckin' heads off right now, 'cause anyone who has to go to Nam with them is dead already!

    SSgt. Loyce: I don't know that I believe that, Washington, but I respect your opinion. Do you know how shitty my job is? I have to take forty-five sacks of civilian shit and turn them into combat ready Marines, but I can't do it all myself. You could help me, but you've got your head too far up your ass to do that!

    Washington: Are you talking to me man-to-man, sir?

    SSgt. Loyce: [pauses] Yes, I'm talking to you man-to-man.

    Washington: Then can you take your hat off please, sir?

    SSgt. Loyce: Sure, I'll take my hat off if that makes you feel more comfortable, Washington.

    [removes his hat]

    Washington: What do you want me to do... I mean, WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT ME TO DO? Do you want me to be a good nigger, so you can march those boys on into battle.

    SSgt. Loyce: No, Washington, I don't... DAMNIT I DON'T WANT A GOOD NIGGER! What I want is those men to have someone to look up to, someone they know will be there to pick them up if they fall. I've got eight weeks to teach these idiots what it took you twenty years to learn on the streets. Now if you can help them learn, if you can be that kind of good nigger, then you will have a platoon that will save your ass in combat. But I'll tell you one thing, hippy, if you continue this lone-wolf shit then you are going to find yourself in combat in Viet Nam with Charlie shooting at you from the front and the four fucking stooges shooting at you from behind. You are bound and guaranteed to get your ass killed the first week in Viet Nam.

    Washington: [after a pause] Can you get our men back, sir?

    SSgt. Loyce: Yeah, I can get our men back. You send those four fucking shit-birds down the road, and I'll take care of it.

    Washington: Thank you, sir.

    SSgt. Loyce: You don't have to thank me.

    [under his breath as Washington leaves]

    SSgt. Loyce: This is my fuckin' job.

  • Pvt. Billy Ray Pike: I ain't going to sit here and let no one call me a quitter. Or calling me crazy.

    Washington: That ain't what you got to worry about. What you got to worry about is your kid running around calling somebody else "daddy."

    [shouting to Curry]

    Washington: Sergeant Major! We have a man here with brain damage.

    Pvt. Billy Ray Pike: I'm just going to tell him I an't crazy.

    Washington: No one's gonna listen to anyone with brain dam...

    Sergeant Curry: Pike!

    Pvt. Billy Ray Pike: Yes sir!

    Sergeant Curry: I can't use nobody with a bruised brain. Now you get in that ambulance... you disloyal fuck!

    Pvt. Billy Ray Pike: Yes sir!

    [to Washington after Curry leaves]

    Pvt. Billy Ray Pike: You big lummox!

    [takes his prized baseball cap off]

    Pvt. Billy Ray Pike: You don't deserve this... you big lummox

    [gives Washington the cap]

  • Washington: Pike! You fuckin' with pills again!... I fuckin' told your ass I don't want a junkie on my back... didn't I? !

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