Wanderer/Wanda Quotes in The Host (2013)


Wanderer/Wanda Quotes:

  • Wanderer/Wanda: Why is he looking at you?

    Melanie Stryder: Why are you looking at him?

  • Wanderer/Wanda: You know, it's not really me you like. It's this body. You couldn't care for me.

    [taking his hand]

    Wanderer/Wanda: If you could hold me - me... in your hand - you'd be disgusted.


    Wanderer/Wanda: You'd crush me.

    Ian O'Shea: You don't know that.

  • Wanderer/Wanda: Kiss me like you wanna get slapped.

  • Wanderer/Wanda: [under her breath] You're angry when I kiss a man you do love and angry when I kiss a man you don't. It's very confusing.

  • Wanderer/Wanda: You tried to kill me, and now you're protecting me?

    Ian O'Shea: [beat] Strange world, isn't it?

    Wanderer/Wanda: [smiles] The strangest.

  • Melanie Stryder: Wanda, my sister.

    Wanderer/Wanda: Yes, sister?

    Melanie Stryder: Please don't do this.

    Wanderer/Wanda: Don't you want to be with Jared... and Jamie?

    Melanie Stryder: It doesn't have to be this way. You don't have to die. You really could go to another world, the way you've been telling everyone.

    Wanderer/Wanda: Thank you, but... by the time I got to the closest planet, you, Jamie, Jared, Ian, everyone on this world I care about would be long dead. I don't want to go on without you. I love you, Mel.

    Melanie Stryder: I love you. You are the purest soul, human or not, that I've ever met. The universe will be a darker place without you.

    Wanderer/Wanda: Be happy, Mel. Be happy that after living so many lives, I finally found something to die for.

    Melanie StryderWanderer/Wanda: Goodbye.

  • Wanderer/Wanda: You have always tried to extract it by force. The secret is, you do not remove it. It removes itself. You coax it out. You have always seen it as the enemy. It can feel the hate. It can only be captured by kindness, love.

  • Wanderer/Wanda: [softly, in awed voice] He sees everything. He's not crazy. He's a genius!

    Melanie Stryder: [voice] And I think he's both.

  • The Seeker: I do have SOME good news. Your identification of Jared Howe has helped. There was a sighting. I am confident we will find him.

    Wanderer/Wanda: [Melanie takes control] No!

  • Wanderer/Wanda: [after Melanie says to jump off the balcony, afraid] I can't.

    Melanie Stryder: [voice] It's a good thing I can.

    [forces them to jump]

  • Wanderer/Wanda: We do not lie. We trust each other.

    Melanie Stryder: [voice] You guys take the fun out of everything.

  • Ian O'Shea: Is there any way Melanie can give us some... some privacy, look the other way a moment, step into the other room?

    Melanie Stryder: [voice speaking only to Wanda] You wish.

    Wanderer/Wanda: I don't think that's possible right now.

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