Walter Kresby Quotes in The Stepford Wives (2004)


Walter Kresby Quotes:

  • Walter Kresby: First of all we are in the country now, so no more black.

    Joanna Eberhart: No more black? Are you insane?

    Walter Kresby: You heard me. Only high-powered, neurotic, castrating, Manhattan career bitches wear black. Is that what you want to be?

    Joanna Eberhart: Ever since I was a little girl.

  • Walter Kresby: She's not a robot. She never was. I couldn't do it.

    Mike Wellington: Why not?

    Walter Kresby: Because she's not a science project. Because I didn't marry something from RadioShack.

    Mike Wellington: That's a shame.

    Joanna Eberhart: No. That's a man.

  • Walter Kresby: You're even better at sex, don't deny it.

    Joanna Eberhard: I wasn't going to.

  • Claire Wellington: Well, aren't you a bug's ear.

    Kimberly Kresby: Bugs don't have ears.

    Claire Wellington: Why, aren't you sassy? And a little sad.

    [seeing Joanna in the car]

    Claire Wellington: And this must be Joanna.

    [whispering to Walter]

    Claire Wellington: Electroshock?

    Walter Kresby: Yes, but she's doing much better.

    Claire Wellington: Hello, little energizer.

  • Charmaine Van Sant: Nice khakis, Walter...

    Walter Kresby: Thanks, I was experimenting...

    Charmaine Van Sant: Now I know why they call it *Banana* Republic.

  • Dave Markowitz: Hey, Kresby-man.

    Walter Kresby: Hey Dave.

    Joanna Eberhard: How do you know each other?

    Dave Markowitz: Men's Association.

  • Walter Kresby: We should get moving.

    Dave Markowitz: Yeah, we got a meeting at the Men's Association.

    Joanna Eberhart: When will you be home, honey?

    Walter Kresby: [Dave makes a face at Walter] When I'm home.

  • Walter Kresby: So that's why we have to leave Stepford? I'm not following.

    Joanna Eberhart: Ok. Before, Roger was witty and stylish and ironic.

    Walter Kresby: And I'm sure he still is.

    Joanna Eberhart: No. Now he's making speeches in a Brooks Brothers suit.

    Walter Kresby: Hey, there's lots of ways to be gay. Don't try to make him into a stereotype.

    Joanna Eberhart: Bobbie is right, and she's leaving too. This place does something to people. All of the women are always busy and perfect and smiling, and all of the men are always happy.

    Walter Kresby: And that's a problem because?

    Joanna Eberhart: Because it's not normal, Walter. It's... It's not our world. It's not us. And I'm picking up our kids from camp right now, and we're getting out of here. With or without you.

    [she goes to the front door but it is locked, she is extremely frusrated]

    Walter Kresby: You'll never change will you? Not really.

    Joanna Eberhart: [deadpan] Open the door.

    Walter Kresby: [he disables the security system, Joanna is leaving when... ] And you're right.

    Joanna Eberhart: [she turns to him] About what?

    Walter Kresby: If you're that unhappy, then we should move. Maybe head back to the city. We could leave tomorrow.

    Joanna Eberhart: [she sighs and hugs Walter] Thank you. Thank you.

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