Walter Kornbluth Quotes in Splash (1984)


Walter Kornbluth Quotes:

  • Walter Kornbluth: I'm really a nice guy. If I had friends you could ask them.

  • [repeated lines]

    Walter Kornbluth: What a week I'm having!

  • Dr. Ross: Tomorrow I want to see how she interacts with other marine life, then we'll be ready for the internal examination.

    Walter Kornbluth: Internal examination?

    Dr. Ross: Of course, I want to study her pulmonary system, reproductive organs, everything.

    Walter Kornbluth: Doctor Ross, are we considering how the subject is responding to the examination procedures?

    Dr. Ross: I'm considering everything.

    Walter Kornbluth: Oh yes, I'm sure you are Doctor Ross. How stupid of me! But let me ask you this, are you considering the possibility that you might be a sadistic pig?

    Dr. Ross: While we are baring our souls, Mr. Kornbluth, I must honestly tell you I have never considered you a man of science. You're not a member of my team. Run along, Walter. See if you can't find a unicorn.

  • Walter Kornbluth: I suppose you're just some harmless beachcomber who happens to wear a TUXEDO.

  • Walter Kornbluth: I was right! Behold the mermaid!

  • Allen: I didn't even LIKE you when I first met you.

    Walter Kornbluth: NOBODY likes me when they first meet me.

  • Walter Kornbluth: There is a mermaid in New York City.

    Dr Zidell: Oh... oh... sure... sure... y-you mean this... this... this "naked girl"? How come she's got legs?

    Walter Kornbluth: She has legs out of the water, she has fins in the water. You taught me that Dr. Zidell, don't you remember? You taught me all the legends.

  • Claude: Hey, Mr. Cornbeef?

    Walter Kornbluth: Kornbluth!

    Claude: Watcha lookin' for down there? Buried treasure?

    Walter Kornbluth: Wanna know what I'm looking for? Boys? I'll tell ya. NONE OF YOUR GODDAMNED BUSINESS! THATS'S WHAT I'M LOOKIN' FOR! Get outta my way!

    [he dives off the ship and into the water]

    Claude: That's pee down his air hose.

  • Dr Zidell: What's happened to you? You were the brightest student in my class. True, emotionally you were twelve years old.

    Walter Kornbluth: I was twelve years old.

  • Madison: Allen...

    [Allen and Kornbluth look back to see the Marines approaching them]


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