Walt Price Quotes in State and Main (2000)


Walt Price Quotes:

  • Tommy Max: My wife is going to have a baby.

    Walt Price: Oh, good, let's bring more people into this overcrowded world.

  • Walt Price: Marty, we got a new town. It's uh... Where are we?

    Bill Smith: Waterford, Vermont.

    Walt Price: Waterford, Vermont. Where is it? THAT'S where it is.

  • Walt Price: Who designed these costumes? It looks like Edith Head puked, and that puke designed these costumes.

  • Bob Barrenger: I know my lines.

    Walt Price: You do?

    Bob Barrenger: I just don't know what order they come in.

  • [Marty eats a piece of bread]

    Marty Rossen: Mm, this is good. Have you tried it?

    Walt Price: Oh, like I'm really going to eat carbohydrates.

  • Walt Price: How are we coming with the dead horse scene?

    Marty Rossen: You can't actually kill the horse.

    Walt Price: Aw, fuck me!

  • Tommy Max: I'm very sorry, I...

    Walt Price: You're very sorry, you passive-aggressive, son-of-a-bitch... Can we replace him?

    Bill Smith: We start shooting in three days.

  • Tommy Max: My wife is having a baby...

    [Walt stares at him irritated]

    Walt Price: Thank you for keeping me current.

  • Walt Price: Would you like a cigar?

    Mayor George Bailey: Aren't these illegal?

    Walt Price: Why would they be illegal?

    Mayor George Bailey: Well, the trade embargo with Cuba.

    Walt Price: Nobody tells me anything.

  • Decorator: Do you want to see the firemen's costumes? Because i found this mole skin for the color...

    Production Assistant: Marty Rossen has touched down

    Walt Price: Okay.

    Decorator: It's not black but it looks black. it's not brown...

    Walt Price: Yep, it's faggy without being homosexual.

  • Walt Price: It's not a lie. It's a gift for fiction.

  • Walt Price: This is what my people died for... the right to make a movie in this town.

  • Walt Price: What does he like?

    Bill Smith: 14-year-old girls.

    Walt Price: Well, get him something else. We want to get out of this town alive. Get him half a 28-year-old girl. How's my math?

  • Marty Rossen: Get him some... Maple syrup.

    Walt Price: Maple syrup. Grows on trees.

    Marty Rossen: Actually, it's an extract of the tree.

    Walt Price: Oh, bullshit.

  • Walt Price: And we're going to sue you for a billion dollars.

    Joe White: What cause?

    Walt Price: I don't need a cause, I just need a lawyer!

  • Marty Rossen: And how are you getting along with these fine people?

    Walt Price: Like dykes and dogs!

  • Walt Price: What does that woman WANT from life?

    Marty Rossen: She wants $800,000 to show her tits.

  • Walt Price: Hey, did you see the grosses for Gandhi 2?

  • Production Assistant: Your wife's on the phone.

    Walt Price: I have no wife!

  • Walt Price: What's in the bag?

    Marty Rossen: My undies, cause, you can't get this film off on time I'm gonna wet myself.

  • Bill Smith: It's Marty, he's on the coast.

    Walt Price: On the coast? Of course he's on the coast, where would he be, The Hague?

  • Walt Price: [ruefully] And I was just paying off my spread in Montana.

  • Walt Price: We're gonna go have some local food, some roadhouse. Joe, you wanna go?

    Joseph Turner White: Gotta date.

    Walt Price: Already he's learned how to write a movie and he's found some girl to get his toes curled. You're a monster!

    Joseph Turner White: You're too kind.

  • Joe White: The girl was in the car.

    Walt Price: I treated you like a son or a nephew.

    Joe White: It's not about you.

    Walt Price: No? What's it about, then?

    Joe White: I have to tell the truth.

    Walt Price: That, that is just so narrow!

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