Volstagg Quotes in Thor (2011)


Volstagg Quotes:

  • Thor: My friends, have you forgotten all that we have done together? Fandral, Hogun, who led you into the glorious of battles?

    Hogun: You did.

    Thor: And, Volstagg, who introduced you to delicacies so succulent you thought you'd died and gone to Valhalla?

    Volstagg: [chuckles] You did.

    Thor: And who proved wrong all who scoffed at the idea that a young maiden could be one of the fiercest warriors this realm has ever known?

    Sif: I did!

    Thor: True, but I supported you, Sif.

  • Fandral: [to Volstagg] Our dearest friend banished! Loki on the throne! Asgard on the brink of war! Yet you managed to consume four wild boars, six pheasants, a side of beef and two caskets of ale! Shame on you! Don't you care?

    [dashes the plate from Volstagg's hands]

    Volstagg: Do not mistake my appetite for apathy!

    Sif: [breaks them up] Stop it, both of you! Stop! We all know what we have to do.

    Hogun: We must go. We must find Thor.

    Fandral: You speak of treason!

    Volstagg: Forget treason, it's suicide!

    Sif: Thor would do the same for us.

    Volstagg: Hush! Heimdall may be watching.

    [an Asgardian sentry enters]

    Asgardian Guard: Heimdall demands your presence!

    [the sentry leaves]

    Volstagg: We're doomed.

  • Sif: Loki, you must go to the All-Father and convince him to change his mind.

    Loki: And if I do, then what? I love Thor more dearly than any of you, but you know what he is. He's arrogant, he's reckless, he's dangerous! You saw how he was today. Is that what Asgard needs from its King?

    [Loki walks off]

    Sif: He may speak for the good of Asgard, but he's always been jealous of Thor!

    Volstagg: We should be grateful to him. He saved our lives.

    Hogun: Laufey said, there were traitors in the house of Odin. A master of magic could bring three Jotuns into Asgard.

    Fandral: Loki's always been one for mischief, but you're talking about something else entirely!

  • [Thor, Loki, Sif and the Warriors Three meet Heimdall]

    Loki: Leave this to me. Gatekeeper, we seek...

    Heimdall: You're not dressed warmly enough.

    Loki: I'm sorry?

    Heimdall: You think you can deceive me.

    Loki: You must be mistaken...

    Thor: Enough! Heimdall, may we pass?

    Heimdall: NEVER has an enemy escaped my watch until this day. I want to know how it happened.

    Thor: And tell no one where we have gone until we return. Understand?

    Volstagg: [to Loki] What's the matter, silver tongue turned to lead?

  • Heimdall: You would defy the commands of Loki, our king? Break every oath you have taken as warriors, and commit treason to bring Thor back?

    Sif: Yes.

    Heimdall: Good.

    [steps off the control platform]

    Sif: So you will help us?

    Heimdall: I am bound by honor to our king. I cannot open the bridge to you.

    [walks off]

    Fandral: Complicated fellow, isn't he?

    Volstagg: Now what do we do?

    [the Bifrost activates on its own]

  • Thor: Jane, you have to get everybody out of here!

    Jane Foster: What about you?

    Volstagg: Thor's going to fight with us!

    Thor: My friends, I am just a man. I'd only get in your way or worse get one of you killed. But you can help me get everyone to safety.

    Jane Foster: Well, if you're staying, then so am I!

    Thor: We'll need some time!

    Fandral: You'll have it!

  • [Sif and the Warriors Three enter Asgard's throne room]

    Sif: Allfather, we must speak with you urgently...

    Loki: [on the throne] My friends.

    Fandral: Where is Odin?

    Loki: Father has fallen into the Odinsleep. Mother fears he may never awaken again.

    Sif: We would speak with her...

    Loki: She has refused to leave my father's bedside. You can bring your urgent matter to me, your King.

    [Sif and Warriors Three hesitantly kneel before Loki]

    Sif: My King, we would ask that you end Thor's banishment.

    Loki: My first command cannot be to undo the Allfather's last. We're on the brink of war with Jotunheim. Our people need a sense of continuity, in order to feel safe in these difficult times. All of us must stand together, for the good of Asgard.

    Fandral: Yes... of course.

    Loki: Good. Then you will wait for my word.

    Volstagg: [chuckles] If I may, beg the indulgence of your Majesty, to perhaps reconsider...

    Loki: We're done!

  • Volstagg: We should never have let him go...

    Fandral: At least he's only banished, not dead. Which is what we'd all be if that guard hadn't told Odin where we'd gone.

    Volstagg: How did the guard even know?

    Loki: I told him.

    Fandral: What?

    Loki: I told him to go to Odin, after we'd left. He should be flogged for taking so long, we should never have reached Jotunheim...

    Volstagg: YOU told the guard?

    Loki: I saved our lives, and Thor's! I had no idea Father would banish him for what he did.

  • Heimdall: Be warned, I shall uphold my sacred oath to protect this realm as its gatekeeper. If your return threatens the safety of Asgard, my gate will remain shut and you will be left to perish on the cold waste of Jotunheim.

    Volstagg: Couldn't you just keep the bridge open for us?

    Heimdall: Keeping the bridge open would unleash the full power of the Bifrost and destroy Jotunheim, with you on it.

    Thor: I have no plans to die today.

    Heimdall: None do.

  • Volstagg: Found you!

  • Volstagg: Heimdall, open the bridge!


  • [Hogun and Fandral hurl Volstagg at the Destroyer]

    Volstagg: FOR ASGARD!

  • Volstagg: If you even THINK about betraying him...

    Loki: You'll kill me? Evidently there will be a line.

  • [During credits]

    [Sif and Volstagg are guided by a red alien]

    Carina: I present to you, Taneleer Tivan, the Collector.

    [Sif and Volstagg meet Taneleer Tivan]

    The Collector: Asgardians, it's an honor...

    Sif: You know why we're here.

    [hands the Aether over to the Collector]

    The Collector: Of course. But if I may ask, why not keep it secure, in your own vault?

    Volstagg: The Tesseract is already on Asgard. It is not wise to keep two Infinity Stones so close together.

    The Collector: That's very wise. I can assure you, it will be absolutely safe here in my collection.

    Sif: See that it is.

    [Sif and Volstagg leave]

    The Collector: One down, five to go...

  • Volstagg: [hurls a flagon] Another!

    [Thor laughs at his friend's impersonation]

  • Volstagg: Escorting these scoundrels is beneath us.

    Fandral: Nonsense, my rotund friend. If they were beneath you, they would all be dead!

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