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Vivienne Mae Quotes:

  • Vivienne Mae: Right, in this hall, the normal rules don't apply. Everything out there doesn't count. Forget about it. In here, you show up on time and you can do what you like. You can explore what you like. Ideas, emotion, that's the idea. Because I wanna put on a show that William Shakespeare and David Bowie would be proud of.

  • Evan: Caliban's an outsider, like me. I mean, like Ariel. They're both outsiders.

    Vivienne Mae: Yeah, good. Exactly. They're both excluded by society. People make up their mind about Caliban because he's different. They think Caliban's a monster. His mother was a witch.

    Lewis: You've met Kenny's mum then, Miss?

    Vivienne Mae: Fuck off!

  • Vivienne Mae: Kenny, every line you get right, you gotta think "fuck off" at the end of it. Make every line a "fuck off" to anybody who thinks that Kenny can't be Caliban.

  • Vivienne Mae: I don't know much, but... I know you can't persuade someone to love you. And you can't blame the when they don't.

  • Headmaster: I don't think the f-word has any place in Shakespeare.

    Vivienne Mae: Well, it's actually very old, the f-word.

    Headmaster: It's also very offensive.

    Vivienne Mae: Well, so is Caliban.

  • [First lines]

    Vivienne Mae: [In a Welsh accent] Right. so we're gonna tell stories.Yeah? You all got a story. Something from you, from your heart. OK. Who's gonna go first?

  • Tim: Mine was shit by the way. Thanks for asking.

    Vivienne Mae: Oh, sorry, love. How was your day?

  • Headmaster: Um, issues of discipline came up and a concern about language.

    Vivienne Mae: Lanuage? What...?

    [phone rings]

    Headmaster: Excuse me.

    [turns to answer phone]

    Vivienne Mae: [walking away] What fucking language?

  • Tim: I thought you were at rehearsals.

    Vivienne Mae: So did I.

    Tim: Yeah, well, it's Friday, you mad cow.

  • Vivienne Mae: [sees Kenny's new haircut] Oh. I suppose Caliban's gonna have to be a skinhead now, is he?

  • Mr. Swinton: Exams must come first.

    Vivienne Mae: It's a bit late to be worrying about that. Half of them will be leaving here in three weeks' time. For good. It'd be nice for them to at least have one opportunity for some self expression.

    Miss Valentine: Self expression doesn't butter any parsnips, Miss Mae.

  • Vivienne Mae: Thanks for that, kids. Thanks for making me look like an idiot in front of the Incredible Bulk.

  • Vivienne Mae: When you leave at the end of term, what are your plans?

    Kenny: I... I don't know. Maybe the Army.

    Vivienne Mae: Kenny, you join the Army, they send you straight to Northern Ireland. You know that, right? You understand that's what's gonna happen?

  • Vivienne Mae: Ah, the goddess on whom the music attends.

    Stella: Sorry I'm late, miss.

    Vivienne Mae: Don't worry, I did your bit for you. You're not indispensable, Stella Joes. Just remember that. Nobody is.

    Headmaster: It won't happen again, Miss Mae. The both of us will be punctual next time. Won't we, *Stella*?

  • Vivienne Mae: [to Miss Valentine] You know I'm interested, as an expert... Oh, no, wait, as a social studies teacher. Do you think he was born a nasty little troublemaker or did we turn him into one? 'Cause he's doing really well for me. He can sing, for a start.

  • Vivienne Mae: Ah, I gained a Prospero and lost a Caliban. It's hardly a fair swap.

  • Miss Valentine: Headmaster, I have made a list of all the...

    Vivienne Mae: Oh, don't tell me. Of all the nasty little troublemakers in the school. Do you hate kids? I mean, is it all kids or is it just the poor ones?

    Headmaster: Miss Mae, Vivienne...

    Miss Valentine: And I've underlined in red all those who have a history of delinquency.

  • Tim: "Don't let the bastards grind you down."

    Vivienne Mae: Oh, that was his favourite quote, even when he was ill.

    Tim: Karl Marx?

    Vivienne Mae: Yeah, well, it's actually got a lot more impact in the original German.

  • Vivienne Mae: What about Miss Valentine? Is she the future?

    Headmaster: "O brave new world that has such people in't."

  • Vivienne Mae: There's always a war on, headmaster.

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