Vivi Delay Quotes in 3 Days to Kill (2014)


Vivi Delay Quotes:

  • Ethan Renner: Don't take this the wrong way, Viv, but you're not my type.

    Vivi Delay: I'm everybody's type.

  • Vivi Delay: Kill the Wolf.

    Ethan Renner: I'm gonna need a new suit.

  • Ethan Renner: [she standing over him] Oh, my God, am I in hell?

    Vivi Delay: So that's what it looks like to you, Ethan. Figures.

  • Vivi Delay: [surveying all the dead guys] Pretty good for a jobber.

    Ethan Renner: You said there'd be one guy, not five!

    Vivi Delay: Oops. But I DID say keep the young man with the mustache alive.

    Ethan Renner: What do you think this guy looks like?

    Vivi Delay: Middle-aged.

    Ethan Renner: Not a chance. Tell her how old you are.

    Young Man: I am...

    Ethan Renner: Hey, make an effort, all right? I'm trying to save your life. Now tell her how old you are.

    Young Man: I'm thirty-two.

    Vivi Delay: Middle-aged.

    Ethan Renner: Jesus Christ.

  • Vivi Delay: Breathe, Ethan. It will hit you morphine-quick. One way or another... I will make you feeI better.

  • [first lines]

    CIA Employee: Mr. Director, this is Agent Vivien Delay.

    CIA Employee: For the last ten years the Central Intelligence Agency has been after Wolfgang Braun.

    Vivi Delay: The Wolf.

    CIA Employee: As you know, we have no positive identification of what the Wolf looks like. What we do know is he's a former German national who sells atomic material to terrorists all over the world.

    CIA Employee: Intelligence confirms that a transaction is to take place next week in Belgrade.

    CIA Employee: [throws down pictures] The Wolf's number one man, the Albino, will be selling a dirty bomb to Syrian buyers. We've already dispatched a team to eliminate the buyers, secure the bomb, and apprehend the Albino.

    Vivi Delay: How may I be of service, sir?

    CIA Employee: Your target is the Wolf. We have reason to believe he'll be present. Find him, and eliminate him.

  • Vivi Delay: I like a man that doesn't pretend to know his way around the kitchen.

    Ethan Renner: Yeah, well, uh, you're talkin' to the right guy.

  • Vivi Delay: I can get you home in time for dinner, Ethan. Question is: kill or die?

  • Vivi Delay: And, Ethan...

    Ethan Renner: Yeah?

    Vivi Delay: Lose the bike. Buy a suit.

    Ethan Renner: Why?

    Vivi Delay: Because I like my boys better dressed than the men they kill.

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