Vittoria Quotes in La tigre e la neve (2005)


Vittoria Quotes:

  • Vittoria: Oh my beloved all creation overflows with passion, and like a golden comet in the sky, from my mouth bursts forth this cry: I love you.

    Vittoria: I want to make love to you now.

    Attilio de Giovanni: That's the best line I ever heard in my life.

  • Vittoria: Why do we ask so many questions? Two people shouldn't know each other too well if they want to fall in love. But, then, maybe they shouldn't fall in love at all.

  • Vittoria: As long as we were in love, we understood each other. There was nothing to understand.

  • Vittoria: I wish I didn't love you or that I loved you much more.

  • Riccardo: I wanted to make you happy.

    Vittoria: When we first met, I was 20 years old. I was happy then.

  • Vittoria: We spent the whole night talking things over. And for what? I'm so tired and depressed. Disgusted and confused. What can I say? There are times when holding a needle and thread, or a book, or a man - it's all the same.

  • Piero: You mind telling me what's wrong?

    Vittoria: Nothing! Let's walk a bit.

  • Piero: What are you writing?

    Vittoria: I'm translating some Spanish.

    Piero: How do you say "I want to come up" in Spanish?

    Vittoria: You say, "You can't". Tough language, isn't it?

  • Piero: I feel like I'm in a foreign country.

    Vittoria: Funny. That's how I feel around you.

  • Anita: Why hasn't your father come back?

    Marta: He has his farm and horses in Kenya. He raises flowers. But I'm afraid something's going to happen. They've all got their revolvers. All of them, again.

    Vittoria: All who? The white or the colored?

  • Marta: The six million Negroes want to throw out the 60,000 whites. We're lucky they're still in trees and have barely lost their tails or they'd have already thrown us out.

    Anita: About time, too.

    Marta: I'll just say one thing. There are about ten leaders who've studied at Oxford. The others are all monkeys - six million monkeys.

    Vittoria: But if you like it there, they must be charming monkeys.

  • Vittoria: What did you do last night?

    Piero: I had dinner with seven or eight billion lira.

    Vittoria: Or was it a call girl?

    Piero: Who has time to go out with call girls? I'm the call girl.

  • Piero: Vittoria? Vittoria, may I come in?

    Vittoria: No, you can't come in.

  • Piero: We'll see each other tomorrow. We'll see each other tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

    Vittoria: And the day after that and the next.

    Piero: And the day after that.

    Vittoria: And tonight.

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