Virgin Mary Quotes in King of Kings (1961)


Virgin Mary Quotes:

  • [Jesus is mending a chair for the Virgin Mary, but has to leave for Jerusalem]

    Jesus: The chair will have to wait until I return.

    Virgin Mary: [having a vague premonition of Jesus' arrest, trial and death] The chair will never be mended. I am going with you.

  • Virgin Mary: I am alone now, share my table.

    Mary Magdalene: I am a woman of sin.

    Virgin Mary: You will share my table.

    Mary Magdalene: I have done much evil.

    Virgin Mary: Child, God knows evil exists as well as good. Just as there is light and darkness. Evil exists that we may be the better for it.

  • Camel Driver: [Spotting the 12-year-old Jesus, while refreshing himself in a well in Nazareth] Your son?

    Virgin Mary: Yes.

    Camel Driver: And, does He like being a carpenter?

    Virgin Mary: Yes, He does.

    Camel Driver: There's a big world outside this garden. Do you want Him to see it?

    Virgin Mary: He will see it soon enough.

    Camel Driver: Let me take Him with me. I'll pay you well. I can use a lad like that to help me with my caravan.

    Virgin Mary: No. Someday, He will leave me, but someone else will call Him.

    Camel Driver: And who will that be?

    Virgin Mary: My son will know Him when He comes.

  • Lucius: [Arriving at Jesus' home in Nazareth on horseback with another Roman soldier and greeting the Holy Family] Do not fear. We're simply checking the census against the tax rolls.

    [Reading from a scroll]

    Lucius: Now, you are... Joseph. And you live here with your wife Mary.

    Joseph: That is so.

    Lucius: [Pointing to Jesus] Who's this boy?

    Virgin Mary: My son, Jesus.

    Lucius: [Looking at the scroll again] I have no record of His birth. When was He born?

    Virgin Mary: Twelve years ago.

    Lucius: Where?

    Virgin Mary: In Bethlehem.

    [Jesus walks away]

    Lucius: [Realizing Jesus must have survived the killing of the young boys in Bethlehem which he commanded on Herod's orders 12 years before, and after a long, tense pause] Bethlehem.

    [Mary nods "yes"]

    Lucius: [to the other Roman soldier, who then rides away] Count those in the next house.

    [to Mary]

    Lucius: See that the boy is registered before the year is out.

    [Lucius himself rides away, after which Joseph and Mary look at each other with relief]

  • Mary Magdalene: Will you speak to your son for me?

    Virgin Mary: [humbled by the request] Intercede...

  • Virgin Mary: It's how you do things, not necessarily the things you do, that make you who you are.

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