Virgil Earp Quotes in Tombstone (1993)


Virgil Earp Quotes:

  • Virgil Earp: What the hell kinda town is this?

    Morgan Earp: Nice scenery.

    Doc Holliday: Well, an enchanted moment.

    Josephine Marcus: Interesting little scene. I wonder who that tall drink of water is.

    Mr. Fabian: My dear, you've set your gaze upon the quintessential frontier type. Note the lean silhouette... eyes closed by the sun, though sharp as a hawk. He's got the look of both predator and prey.

    Josephine Marcus: I want one.

    Mr. Fabian: Happy hunting.

  • Wyatt Earp: [Vigil has agreed to become Tombstone's town marshall, upsetting Wyatt] What in the hell are you doin'? I told you we weren't gettin' involved!

    Virgil Earp: You got us involved when you brought us here.

    Wyatt Earp: Now you hold on a minute, Virg!

    Virgil Earp: Hold on nothin'! I walk around this town and look these people in the eyes. It's just like someone's slappin' me in the face! These people are afraid to walk down the street, and I'm tryin' to make money off that like some goddamn vulture! If we're gonna have a future in this town, it's gotta have some law and order!

    Wyatt Earp: Don't do this to me!

    Virgil Earp: It's got nothin' to do with you! It's got to do wi...

    Wyatt Earp: Nothin' to do with me? I'm your brother, for Christ's sake! God, I don't believe this!

    [to Morgan]

    Wyatt Earp: Talk to him, will you? Or hit him!

    [Morgan sheepishly shows Wyatt his deputy badge under his coat]

    Wyatt Earp: Ah, God, don't tell me!

    Morgan Earp: Like you said, Wyatt, we're brothers. Gotta back your brother's play. Just did like I figured you would.

  • Allie Earp: Tonight, me and my old man are gonna have some fun. Come on, get movin', old man.

    Virgil Earp: [to the rest of the Earps, as his wife takes him away] Maiden name was Sullivan.

  • Virgil Earp: We're gonna disarm them and take 'em in. You understand, Doc?

    Doc Holliday: Oh, I understand Virgil. But

    [taps shotgun]

    Doc Holliday: do you think they will?

  • Doc Holliday: I see we're in opposite camps, Marshal. Draw!

    [Draws gun on Wyatt Earp, bar goes quiet]

    Wyatt Earp: [Pulls open his vest showing he is unarmed] Can't...

    Doc Holliday: We can take care of that easily enough. Mac...!

    Wyatt Earp: [Virgil Earp slides pistol to Wyatt, who picks it up and examines it] Brother Morg's gun.

    [Slides gun back to Morgan, Doc turns to see Morgan pick up pistol and holster it. Doc holsters his pistol as well]

    Wyatt Earp: Big one, that's Morg. The other one, that good lookin' fella, that's my brother Virg. Doc Holliday, fellas!

    Morgan Earp: [Smiling] Hiya, Doc!

    Virgil Earp: Howdy.

    Doc Holliday: Howdy!

    [Looks back at Wyatt, who smiles, then back at Morgan and Virgil]

    Doc Holliday: Have a drink!

    [Tension in bar breaks, music starts again]

    Morgan Earp: Don't mind if I do, Doc!

    [Slaps Doc on back]

  • Wyatt Earp: ...And then we clean up Tombstone.

    Virgil Earp: You mean clean out Tombstone.

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