Vincent Hanna Quotes in Heat (1995)


Vincent Hanna Quotes:

  • Vincent Hanna: My life's a disaster zone. I got a stepdaughter so fucked up because her real father's this large-type asshole. I got a wife, we're passing each other on the down-slope of a marriage - my third - because I spend all my time chasing guys like you around the block. That's my life.

    Neil McCauley: A guy told me one time, "Don't let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner." Now, if you're on me and you gotta move when I move, how do you expect to keep a... a marriage?

  • Vincent Hanna: I'm angry. I'm very angry, Ralph. You know, you can ball my wife if she wants you to. You can lounge around here on her sofa, in her ex-husband's dead-tech, post-modernistic bullshit house if you want to. But you do not get to watch my fucking television set!

  • [last lines]

    Neil McCauley: Told you I'm never going back...

    Vincent Hanna: Yeah.

  • Vincent Hanna: You know, we are sitting here, you and I, like a couple of regular fellas. You do what you do, and I do what I gotta do. And now that we've been face to face, if I'm there and I gotta put you away, I won't like it. But I tell you, if it's between you and some poor bastard whose wife you're gonna turn into a widow, brother, you are going down.

    Neil McCauley: There is a flip side to that coin. What if you do got me boxed in and I gotta put you down? Cause no matter what, you will not get in my way. We've been face to face, yeah. But I will not hesitate. Not for a second.

  • Vincent Hanna: Who? Who? What are you, a fucking owl?

  • Vincent Hanna: So you never wanted a regular type life?

    Neil McCauley: What the fuck is that? Barbeques and ballgames?

  • Vincent Hanna: I say what I mean, and I do what I say.

  • Vincent Hanna: I got an idea... of what they're looking at.

    Vincent Hanna: You wanna know what they're looking at?

    Vincent Hanna: I mean - is this guy something, or is he something?

    Vincent Hanna: This crew is good.

    Vincent Hanna: You know what they're looking at?

    Schwartz: What?

    Vincent Hanna: Us. The L-A-P-D. Po-lice Department... We just got made.

  • Alan Marciano: Why'd I get mixed up with that bitch?

    Vincent Hanna: Cause she's got a great ass... and you got your head all the way up it! Ferocious, aren't I? When I think of asses, a woman's ass, something comes out of me.

  • Vincent Hanna: What are you, a monk?

    Neil McCauley: I have a woman.

    Vincent Hanna: What do you tell her?

    Neil McCauley: I tell her I'm a salesman.

    Vincent Hanna: So then, if you spot me coming around that corner... you just gonna walk out on this woman? Not say good bye?

    Neil McCauley: That's the discipline.

    Vincent Hanna: That's pretty vacant, you know.

    Neil McCauley: Yeah, it is what it is. It's that or we both better go do something else, pal.

    Vincent Hanna: I don't know how to do anything else.

    Neil McCauley: Neither do I.

    Vincent Hanna: I don't much want to either.

    Neil McCauley: Neither do I.

  • Justine Hanna: I guess the earth shattered?

    Vincent Hanna: So why didn't you let Bosko take you home?

    Justine Hanna: I didn't wanna ruin their night too. What was it?

    Vincent Hanna: You don't wanna know.

    Justine Hanna: I'd like to know what's behind that grim look on your face.

    Vincent Hanna: I don't do that. You know it. Let's go, come on.

    Justine Hanna: You never told me I'd be excluded.

    Vincent Hanna: I told you, when we hooked up, baby, that you were gonna have to share me with all the bad people and all the ugly events on this planet.

    Justine Hanna: And I bought into that sharing. Because I love you. I love you fat, bald, money, no money, driving a bus - I don't care. But you have got to be present like a normal guy, some of the time. That's sharing. This is not sharing, this is left overs.

    Vincent Hanna: Oh, I see, what I should do is, er, come home and say "Hi honey! Guess what? I walked into this house today, where this junkie asshole just fried his baby in a microwave, because it was crying too loud. So let me share that with you. Come on, let's share that, and in sharing it, we'll somehow, er, cathartically dispel all that heinous shit". Right?


    Vincent Hanna: Wrong.

  • Richard Torena: I'm a good citizen.

    Vincent Hanna: I'm Donald Duck!

  • Albert Torena: Where's your empathy, brother? It's a substance abuse problem.

    Vincent Hanna: Empathy was yesterday. Today, you're wasting my motherfucking time.

  • Vincent Hanna: Seven years in Folsom. In the hole for three. McNeil before that. McNeil as tough as they say?

    Neil McCauley: You lookin' to become a penologist?

    Vincent Hanna: You lookin' to go back? You know, I chased down some crews; guys just lookin' to fuck up, get busted back. That you?

    Neil McCauley: You must've worked some dipshit crews.

    Vincent Hanna: I worked all kinds.

    Neil McCauley: You see me doin' thrill-seeker liquor store holdups with a "Born to Lose" tattoo on my chest?

    Vincent Hanna: No, I do not.

    Neil McCauley: Right. I am never goin' back.

    Vincent Hanna: Then don't take down scores.

  • Vincent Hanna: I gotta hold on to my angst. I preserve it because I need it. It keeps me sharp, on the edge, where I gotta be.

  • Richard Torena: There's this cat I was locked up with in Folsom: did a couple, two-three years. He got out, and I ran into him.

    Vincent Hanna: [pauses, waiting for Richard to continue] And so?

    Richard Torena: He's a big fiend for action. Now if he'd said nothin', I'd have thought nothin'. But he goes on and on running down to me about how he ain't been doing nothin' and nothin's been going on and all this other bullshit, so right then and there I know: this cat's got somethin' goin' down.

    Vincent Hanna: [long pause] Pretty fuckin' great.

    Vincent Hanna: [to Albert] Albert, what's wrong with you? You drag me here, waste my time like this.

    Vincent Hanna: [to Richard] You saw a guy, on the street, who's an ex-con?

    Richard Torena: That's right.

    Vincent Hanna: Well I am... over-fuckin' whelmed. What d'you want for that, a junior g-man badge?

    Richard Torena: Hey man, you gonna make the call on them Porsches or what?

    Vincent Hanna: [to Albert] Is he fucking kidding me?

    [gets up to leave]

  • Neil McCauley: [about dreams] I have one where I'm drowning. And I gotta wake myself up and start breathing or I'll die in my sleep.

    Vincent Hanna: You know what that's about?

    Neil McCauley: Yeah. Having enough time.

    Vincent Hanna: Enough time? To do what you wanna do?

    Neil McCauley: That's right.

    Vincent Hanna: You doin' it now?

    Neil McCauley: No, not yet.

  • Vincent Hanna: [singing] By the time I get to Phoenix, we'll be rising. He'll probably leave a note right on the door.

  • Vincent Hanna: It's like you said. All I am is what I'm going after.

  • Vincent Hanna: You know what? Neil is gone. Bam! Flying like a bird.

    Detective Casals: Vincent, how do you? We still got bait. Maybe some time.

    Vincent Hanna: Got. Got. What've we got? *What've we got?* Bon voyage, motherfucker. You were good. I'm going to the hotel. Gonna take a shower. Gonna sleep, for a month.

  • Vincent Hanna: That's exactly what they're gonna do, they're gonna walk. This is my operation, I have tactical command that supercedes your rank, they will walk away and you will let them...

  • Vincent Hanna: So, what do you got for me?

    Richard Torena: Before we even get into that, there's something we gotta get straight. There's a garage over off Sunset and Fig'. Now if someone were to pay it a visit tonight, they might find a pair of Turbos and a 911 Slope.

    Vincent Hanna: You're looking to rid yourself of your competition.

    Richard Torena: Well lemme put it another way, cousin. How do I know, that when I tell you what you wanna know, that you're gonna do what I need fucking done?

    Albert Torena: Richard, look! Vincent's cool man! He and I have dealings all the time, brother!

    Vincent Hanna: [puts his arm around Richard's shoulders] I ain't your cousin you rat motherfucker. And you know, because I *say* you know!

  • Sgt. Drucker: You recognize the MO?

    Vincent Hanna: M.O.? Is that they're good... Once it escalated into a murder one beef for all of 'em after they killed the first two guards, they didn't hesitate. Pop guard number three because... what difference does it make? Why leave a living witness? Drop of a hat these guys will rock and roll...

  • Justine Hanna: In a way, you're a party to this.

    Vincent Hanna: Oh yeah, I made Ralph fuck you because it makes me feel good.

  • Vincent Hanna: When these guys walk out the door of whatever score they're gonna take next, they're gonna have the surprise of a lifetime.

  • Vincent Hanna: Are you Alan Marciano?

    Alan Marciano: Yea. And who the fuck are you?

  • Sergeant Heinz: You taking this one, Lieutenant? Or does it stay in Division?

    Vincent Hanna: Does this look like gangbangers working the local 7-11 to you? Robbery-Homicide's taking it.

  • Vincent Hanna: [to Albert] Don't waste my motherfucking time!

  • Vincent Hanna: [Over the phone with Schwartz with Drucker listening in] Here's the update: Hugh Benny has reformed his wayward life and become a "born again good citizen", apparently Neil got sold out to us by a cowboy named "Waingro", Waingro used to be a part of Neil's crew then he went to work for a money launderer named Van Zant ,units are at Van Zant's house as we speak because he got shot dead earlier tonight, if Neil goes after anyone else, it's going to be Waingro, Waingro just got himself a suite at the airport Marquee under the name "Jameson" he's there now I want you to get that to bail bondsmen, bookies, assignment officers and snitches in county anyone you can think of that will put it out on the street, deploy a team down at the hotel and personally check their COMMS every thirty minutes because maybe Neil would go for him

  • Vincent Hanna: [Examing the armored car robbery's crime scene] Find the ambulance?

    Detective Casals: They dumped it four blocks from here they torched it guns, clothes everything.

    Bosko: [Referring to news reporters] They were airborne they taped the last few seconds of the black and whites to a demolition derby

    [Vincent points to the tow truck]

    Bosko: It was stolen out of Fresno two weeks ago a yellow pick up truck out of Witter the day before yesterday we got three motorists all they saw was men with masks, console TV man he was closer.

    Vincent Hanna: did he ID anybody?

    Bosko: he was hiding he heard most of it.

    Vincent Hanna: [Looking at the dead armor car guards] What about them?

    Bosko: According to TV man this guy started mouthing off some body called the guard "slick", this guy here has got what it appears to be a double tapped entry wound to the sternum entry wounds to the head means close range probably executed and it was a million six in bearer bonds ignored the loose cash.

    Vincent Hanna: Because they had no time because they were on the clock which means they knew our response time to a two eleven had our hair mobilized it enter escape in under three minutes its a good spot here they got good escape routes two freeways within a quarter of a mile.

    Detective Casals: traffic video camera?

    Vincent Hanna: Probably disabled check it anyway

    [Referring to the explosives used on the armor car door]

    Vincent Hanna: The shape charge indicates they are technically proficient, proficient enough to go in on the prowl

    [to Drucker]

    Vincent Hanna: Lets start looking at recent highline burglaries that are mystified

    [to Casals]

    Vincent Hanna: Run "slick as" an alias through the FBI even the phone book do it anyway

    [to Drucker]

    Vincent Hanna: Who's moving the bearer bonds? Check the usual fences you and I will check Cusamano and Torina.

    [to Schwartz]

    Vincent Hanna: I want you to take Goldstein and Al Farrell.

    [to Bosko]

    Vincent Hanna: Hang in forensics from the bomb squad I want the explosive if we're lucky its exotic and we can trace the sale

  • Richard Torena: I get killed for telling you this shit.

    Vincent Hanna: ...killed walking your doggie!

  • Vincent Hanna: Gimme all you got!

  • Vincent Hanna: [to Neil, realizing they've been duped] Ha! Okay, motherfucker.

  • Vincent Hanna: [over the radio with Drucker, referring to Neil and his crew] What are you going to take them on? Breaking and entering? They didn't steal anything, don't you get it? It gets knocked back to some chicken shit misdemeanor they do six months and their out, no fucking way

  • Vincent Hanna: [while walking into their office at their police precinct] They dumped all our surveillance?

    Detective Casals: Yeah, at the same time 9PM

    Vincent Hanna: I had coffee with McCauley half an hour ago

    Detective Casals: We were on you, then he drives into LAX where surveillance can't fly over because of flight paths his car's still there he's gone

  • Vincent Hanna: [Over the phone with Schwartz with Drucker listening in] Tell SIS I want full surveillance on McCauley twenty four hours around the clock day and night never close open seven days a week bug, the car and the house I want pictures of who he moves with and sits with then you guys run makes on them if they got jackets I want to see who they move and sit with and I want it up and running by tomorrow night

  • Vincent Hanna: You were supposed to get back to me last night, where the fuck have you been?

    Albert Torena: I couldn't break free

    Sgt. Drucker: Let's violate his ass right now

    Vincent Hanna: I "do" for you, you don't "do" for me is that it?

    Albert Torena: I swear I was out all night generating leads and shit for you, I'm cutting it real smooth. I'm a dancer

    Sgt. Drucker: Bullshit, you're a speed freak you're jacking amphetamines again

    Vincent Hanna: Did you fall in love last night? Just tell me that, I'll buy that

    Albert Torena: I swear my brother Richard's is going to talk to you, he'll meet you tonight he'll meet you at BJ'S at 2AM

    Vincent Hanna: You be there too

  • Alan Marciano: [in Alan's office] LAPD? This is Las Vegas, you don't even have jurisdiction here. I don't know who you guys think you're pushing around, but I know people here.

    Vincent Hanna: [Turns Alan's head around to see the Las Vegas cop] Las Vegas PD takes you into custody, you are extradited to Newark on a New Jersey warrant for smuggling cigarettes from North Carolina three years ago or you go to work for us, cut and dry that is it.

    Alan Marciano: You can't tie me to her.

    Sgt. Drucker: Who needs to? Because your ass is on a plane back to New Jersey jag off.

    Vincent Hanna: So, no big thing, all I want is her husband and his whole fucking crew.

  • Vincent Hanna: [On the police band to all units nearby referring to Neil and his crew after the robbery] Alright we're going to have to take them in the car wait until their all in, take clean shots, and watch your background

  • Vincent Hanna: [Referring to Neil] Someone somewhere is trying to put together a new way out for him

    Detective Casals: You don't think he already had one already laid out?

    Vincent Hanna: Sure he did, would you trust yours after this afternoon?

    Detective Casals: How much time we got?

    Vincent Hanna: Eight to ten hours tops

  • Vincent Hanna: [over the phone, after giving him instructions on how to set up a trap to catch Neil, referring to the gun shot wound he sustained during the shootout against Neil and his crew after the bank robbery] ok, how you feeling?

    Schwartz: [looking at his right arm bandaged and wrapped in a sling] banged up but I'll live

  • Detective Casals: [walking around a metal container storage lot in the Los Angeles Harbor with Vincent, Drucker, Bosko, and Schwartz, recreating where Neil was walking and looking at with Michael and Chris] they were looking back in this direction, a container facility? what cartage theft? Too visible, too "low ball" for them.

    Bosko: next door is a oil refinery, over there is scrap yard

    Schwartz: oil refinery, pays only by check, no cash around, same for the scrap yard.

    Vincent Hanna: [sarcastically] maybe they're stealing hub caps

    Vincent Hanna: [looking in all directions] a oil refinery and a scrap yard, what the hell is going on?

    Bosko: that's what we're trying to figure out, we thought we had them

  • Vincent Hanna: [over the phone in his car] tell me Albert Torena called

    Detective Casals: [to Drucker at the police precinct] Albert Torena call Vincent?

    Sgt. Drucker: no

    Detective Casals: no, report came in: the explosive was Dye-ex, linear shaped charge, used in demolition, you can pick it up with a driver's license in Nevada, Arizona, Mexico, too common to trace the sale

    Vincent Hanna: [sarcastically] oh that's wonderful

  • Justine Hanna: what happened? Where you been?

    Vincent Hanna: work, Lauren's dad show up?

    Justine Hanna: didn't call, didn't show

    Justine Hanna: we waited for you until ten thirty

    Vincent Hanna: does this guy have any idea of what's going on with this kid?

    Justine Hanna: I don't know

    Vincent Hanna: what a jerk, is she ok?

    Justine Hanna: she's been in her room all day, so no, she's not ok, neither am I. I made dinner for us 4 hours ago every time I try to maintain a consistent mood between us you withdraw

    Vincent Hanna: I got three dead bodies on the sidewalk off Venice Boulevard. I'm sorry the God damn chicken got over cooked

  • Vincent Hanna: [Vincent sees her sitting alone at a bus stop, Bosko pulls a U-turn and stops up next to her] hey sweety, what happened? Did you forget your mom was picking you up?

    Lauren Gustafson: [shakes her head] no

    Vincent Hanna: so what's going on?

    Lauren Gustafson: I felt like being alone

    Vincent Hanna: ok, get in, i'll drive you home

    Lauren Gustafson: hey Mike

    Bosko: [from the driver's seat] Hi Lauren

  • Vincent Hanna: [while watching Chris yank open the door to the Investment Grade Metals building after business hours with his team and other undercover police officers with a SWAT team standing by] Open sesame.

  • Captain Jackson: [while watching Neil leave the Investment Grade Metals building] One of them is coming out.

    Sgt. Drucker: [referring to Neil leave the Investment Grade Metals building to Captain Jackson] Just hold it.

    Sgt. Drucker: [over the radio, referring to Neil leave the Investment Grade Metals building] Vincent his not carrying anything.

    Vincent Hanna: [over the radio] yeah, I see

    Captain Jackson: [as Chris exits the Investment Grade Metals building] here we go

    Sgt. Drucker: not until my boss says so

    Sgt. Drucker: [over the radio] Vincent both of them are not carrying anything

    Vincent Hanna: [disappointed, after looking at Bosko and Casals, and Casals shakes his head implying they shouldn't arrest them for a misdemeanor] ok let then go

  • Vincent Hanna: [talking to himself and to Bosko, Schwartz, after he tosses his radio to Bosko, demoralized on not arresting Neil and his team for breaking and entering] Back to work.

  • Vincent Hanna: [after pulling Neil over] what'd ya say I buy you a cup of coffee?

    Neil McCauley: yeah sure let's go

    Vincent Hanna: follow me

  • Rachel: [he just walked up to the crime scene, hands him a photograph] here's how we found her

    Vincent Hanna: [hands her the photograph] how old?

    Rachel: sixteen to seventeen, been here about six hours

    Vincent Hanna: how'd she die?

    Rachel: he beat her head in, same as the others: Cerebral Hematoma

    Vincent Hanna: [referring to the crowd of people watching nearby] who's that?

    Rachel: mother and siblings...

    Vincent Hanna: [interrupts her] what the hell are they doing here?

    Rachel: it's their block so I guess someone knew the girl and called the family

    Vincent Hanna: [telling her to lift up the sheet covering the body] ok let me see it

    Rachel: when I run the DNA and check the semen, my intuition is it's the same guy, so it's a series and ending up in your court

    Vincent Hanna: is the Sheriff's homicide getting anywhere yet?

    Rachel: [before the Hooker's Mother runs past the police line and Vincent stops her] not yet

  • Children's Hospital Nurse: [to Justine, giving her and Vincent an update on Lauren] Your daughter's out of surgery now and her vital signs are stable, the surgeon will be out to speak to you in a few moments to let you know what's going on.

    Justine Hanna: She's ok?

    Children's Hospital Nurse: She's doing good.

    Vincent Hanna: [as he hugs Justine] It'll be ok, honey, it's going to be ok.

    Justine Hanna: [while crying and hugging Vincent] How could she do this to herself?

    Vincent Hanna: I'm not going anywhere, understand?

    Justine Hanna: Yes.

    Vincent Hanna: I'm right here.

  • Vincent Hanna: [to the emergency room nurse while the emergency room doctor comes over, after bringing Lauren to the emergency room at the children's hospital] I want you to get a trauma surgeon and a vascular surgeon. I think she cut both arteries, plu.s I can hardly feel her pulse, her pressure is way down so is her respiration

    Children's Hospital Doctor: When was the last time anybody saw her?

    Vincent Hanna: [while comforting and hugging Justine] I don't know

    Children's Hospital Doctor: [while taking Lauren's pulse] Where you find her?

    Vincent Hanna: Bath tub.

  • Vincent Hanna: [while in the hospital waiting room, referring to Lauren] what about her dad, want me to call him?

    Justine Hanna: he's somewhere in the Sierras

    Vincent Hanna: oh

    Justine Hanna: [referring to his hotel room, implying Lauren sees him as a father figure] she chose you, she picked your place, it's not right, what happened to her

    Vincent Hanna: [after his pager beeps] no it's not

    Justine Hanna: [realizing he has to leave] is there any way that it could work out between us?

    Vincent Hanna: [eventually referring to her preference of a man that's stays at home more often] I wish I can say yes you know, but in the end, it's like you said, all I am is what I'm going after. I'm not what you want. Justine

    Justine Hanna: well, go on if you have to.

    Vincent Hanna: I'll stay

    Justine Hanna: no, it's ok, I can handle this, just be careful, call me here and let me know you're ok, ok?

  • Vincent Hanna: [while watching Neal and his crew's family leave the fancy restaurant] which one's "slick"?

    Detective Casals: [while watching Neal and his crew's family leave the fancy restaurant, referring to Michael's physical description and the hidden locations inside his car] the wide one, we've got two transmitters: one's in the wheel wall, the backup is in the firewall.

    Detective Casals: [while watching Neal and his crew's family leave the fancy restaurant] the one with the blonde hair is Chris Shiherlis, SIS has a revolving tail and a wire on the house phone

    Sgt. Drucker: [while watching Neal and his crew's family leave the fancy restaurant] Cheritto's crew is into precious metals, platinum silver and some gold bullion

    Vincent Hanna: [watching Neal leave the fancy restaurant by himself] who's the loner?

    Detective Casals: it's the first time we're seeing him, we're not on him yet

    Vincent Hanna: get on it

  • Vincent Hanna: [to Neil, sitting across from him in a restaurant while having coffee] I have this reoccurring dream. I'm sitting at this big banquet table: all of the victims of all the murders I've ever worked are sitting at this table and they're staring at me, they have these black eyeballs because they have eight ball hemorrhages from their head wounds and there they are these big balloon people because I found them two weeks after they've been found under the bed. The neighbors reported the smell and there they are: just sitting there.

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