Vilmer Quotes in Basic (2003)


Vilmer Quotes:

  • Vilmer: Guess I'm on the same transport as Pike. Hey Julie-bird, you bitch? Why don't you go and get me something to eat? I'm starving. Christ...

    Hardy: What did you say?

    Vilmer: I didn't mean to call her a bitch. I...

    Hardy: No no no no, before. What did you say?

    Vilmer: What, that me and Pike are going on a transport plane going to DC together?

    Hardy: You mean Dunbar.

    Vilmer: [sigh] No. Pike... The one that they just hauled out of here. The guy that they brought in with Kendall on the chopper.

    Osbourne: That was Dunbar.

    Vilmer: [complacent] No, that's not right.

    Hardy: What do you mean? Why not?

    Vilmer: Tom, Ray Dunbar is black.

    [flashback to Sgt. West's browbeating of Pike with Dunbar in his place]

  • [as Vilmer examines the car wreck victim]

    Sean: Is he gonna be okay?

    Vilmer: The boy's dead.

    Sean: No he's not. He's just passed out.

    Vilmer: I said he's dead.

    Sean: But he was just talking, like talking in his sleep.

    Vilmer: Is that right? Well...

    [snaps the victim's neck]

    Vilmer: ...he's dead now.

  • Vilmer: Welcome... to myyyyy world!

  • Vilmer: My brother here is tired of whats-her-name's face and he wants a new one! It just happens to be whats-this-face right here!

  • Vilmer: Are we having a party or what? Here we go!

    [pours gasoline on Heather]

    Jenny: No, you can't do that! She has nothing to do with this!

    [lights match]

    Vilmer: Fire in the hole!

    [lights Heather on fire, Jenny screams]


    [Darla puts her out with a fire extinguisher]

    Darla: Now why'd you have to do that? You know I can never get this smell outta my clothes.

  • Rothman: [grabbing hold of Vilmer] Fuck! This is appalling. You are here for one reason, and one reason only. Do you understand that? I want to here you say you understand that. No? It's very simple. I want these people to know the meaning of horror... horror... is that clear? You don't want to be a silly boy. Is... that... clear?

    Vilmer: Fucking-A it is.

  • Sean: [scared] What are you gonna do?

    Vilmer: [walking closer to Sean] Well, first, I'm gonna kill you. It ain't no fuckin biggie.

    [Sean runs]

    Vilmer: Of course, it's different for every individual.

  • Vilmer: What are you gonna do? Shoot me?

    Jenny: Yeah... if you try somethin.

    Vilmer: [slicing his chest with a razor] What if I do this?

  • Vilmer: Why are my batteries not charged?

  • Vilmer: [Runs outside after Leatherface] Get her Leather! Get her Leather! We've got some more fun today!

    [Finds a remote that works]

    Vilmer: Vilmer! Get that bitch!


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