Villager 1 Quotes in Shrek (2001)


Villager 1 Quotes:

  • [Shrek sneaks up on a mob about to storm his swamp]

    Villager 1: There's his lair... let's get him!

    Villager 2: Do you know what that thing could do? It'll grind your bones for its bread!

    Shrek: Well, actually, that would be a giant. Now ogres, oh, they're much worse! They'll make a suit from your freshly peeled skin; they'll shave your liver; squeeze the jelly from your eyes! Actually, it's quite good on toast.

    Villager 1: [brandishes a torch at Shrek] BACK! Back, ya beast! Back! I warn ya!

    [Shrek licks his fingers and puts out the torch]

    Villager 1: Right.

    [Shrek roars at the villagers, rendering them petrified for some time]

    Shrek: [whispers] This is the part where you run away.

    [the villagers scarper off]

    Shrek: And stay out!

  • Renfield: Yes, I'm schh-eduled to meet Count Dracula.

    Villager #1: [horrified] Dracula!

    Villager #2: [horrified] Dracula!

    Villager #3: [horrified] Dracula!

    Villager #4: ...Schh-eduled?

  • Henry Frankenstein: Help! Help!

    Villager #1: Listen, it's Frankenstein.

    Villager #2: That way.

  • Pastor Schultz: You're going for the child?

    Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: I am.

    Pastor Schultz: You're not walking all the way to Frankfurt? It's over 100 miles!

    Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: I shall get there.

    Villager 1: Wait, neighbor.

    Franz: Let us lend you enough for your railway fare.

    Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: That's kind of you, Franz, but my legs will carry me. And I have money to bring us back on the train.

    Villager 2: Auf Wiedersehen.

    Villager 3: Goodbye.

    Villager 4: Good luck, Adolph.

    Pastor Schultz: God speed to you, neighbor.

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