Viktor Navorski Quotes in The Terminal (2004)


Viktor Navorski Quotes:

  • Officer Dolores Torres: Let me ask you something, Mr. Navorski. Why do you wait here two hours every day when I've told you there's nothing I can do for you - that your new visa will not arrive until your country is recognized by the United States?

    Viktor Navorski: You... you have two stamp. One red, one green.

    Officer Dolores Torres: So?

    Viktor Navorski: So, I have chance go New York, 50-50.

    Officer Dolores Torres: [laughs] Yes, that's a beautiful way to look at it. But America doesn't work that way.

  • Frank Dixon: I'm talking about bombs. I'm talking about human dignity. I'm talking about human rights. Viktor, please don't be afraid to tell me that you're afraid of Krakhozia.

    Viktor Navorski: Is home. I am not afraid from my home.


    Viktor Navorski: So?

    Frank Dixon: [whispering] All right.

    Viktor Navorski: I go to New York City now?

    Frank Dixon: No.

    Viktor Navorski: No? Uh... Okay. I'm uh... I'm uh... I'm afraid from ghosts.

    Frank Dixon: Okay, thanks very much!

    Viktor Navorski: I'm afraid from, uh... Dracula!

    Frank Dixon: Thanks a lot. Thanks, Viktor!

    Viktor Navorski: [as he is escorted outside] Afraid from Wolfmens, afraid from sharks!

    Frank Dixon: It's okay. Thank you Viktor! Thanks a lot!

  • Amelia: I have to go.

    Viktor Navorski: I have to stay.

    Amelia: Story of my life.

    Viktor Navorski: Me too.

  • Enrique Cruz: So, she had a boyfriend, for how long?

    [nods yes, holds up two fingers]

    Enrique Cruz: Two years, what happened?

    Viktor Navorski: He chit.

    Enrique Cruz: What?

    Viktor Navorski: He chit.

    Enrique Cruz: Eat shit?

    Viktor Navorski: He chit, he chit, he chit.

    Enrique Cruz: Okay, try to repeat exactly what she said.

    Viktor Navorski: He chit, she catch him so...

    Enrique Cruz: Oh! He cheats!

    Viktor Navorski: Yes, yes, yes! What we call Krushkach. We say Krushkach. One man, two womans. So, hmm, crowded. You know? Ha!

    Enrique Cruz: Okay, he *cheats*! You say cheats.

    Viktor Navorski: Hm-hum. He chit.

    Enrique Cruz: No, no. *Cheat*.

    Viktor Navorski: Enrique, you, no chit.

    Enrique Cruz: No cheat.

    Viktor Navorski: No chit.

    Enrique Cruz: Yeah, yeah, I won't. I won't. I won't cheat. Not chit.

    Viktor Navorski: She's a nice... nice girl, she won't take your chitting.

  • Viktor Navorski: You say you are waiting for something. And I say to you, "Yes, yes. We all wait".

    Amelia: What are you waiting for?

    Viktor Navorski: You. I wait for you...

  • Gupta Rajan: If I go home, I go to jail for 7 years.

    Viktor Navorski: What if United States catch you? They deport you.

    Gupta Rajan: As long as I keep my floor clean, keep my head down, they have no reason to deport me, they have no reason to notice a man like me.

  • Cab Driver Goran: Where you from?

    Viktor Navorski: Krakozhia. Viktor Navorski.

    Cab Driver Goran: I'm Goran. Albania.

    Viktor Navorski: Oh. When you come to New York?

    Cab Driver Goran: Oof!

    [implicating it was a long time ago]

    Cab Driver Goran: Thursday.

  • Viktor Navorski: Eat to bite... bite to eat, bite to eat, bite to eat, bitetoeat bitetoeat bitetoeatbitetoeatbitetoeatbitetoeat

  • Viktor Navorski: So she go to these conventions dressed as... Yeoman Rand. Yeoman Rand.

    Enrique Cruz: She's a Trekkie... She's a Trekkie!

    Viktor Navorski: Favorite episode is "Doomsday Machine."

  • Viktor Navorski: Officer Torres, my friend say you are stallion.

    Officer Dolores Torres: Mr. Navorski! Mr. Navorski...

    Viktor Navorski: Stallion.

    Officer Dolores Torres: [surprised] A what?

    Viktor Navorski: A stallion. Like a horse.

    Officer Dolores Torres: [embarrassed] Stand behind the yellow line!

    Viktor Navorski: It's horse! Beautiful horse!

    Officer Dolores Torres: Who said that?

    Viktor Navorski: My food! My friend drive the food.

  • Amelia: I just keep injesting these poisonous men until I make myself sick.

    Viktor Navorski: You're not sick, Amelia, no. You're a little far-sighted.

  • Viktor Navorski: Amelia, would you like an eat to bite?

  • Thurman: Do you know anyone in New York?

    Viktor Navorski: ...Yes.

    Thurman: Who?

    Viktor Navorski: Yes.

    Thurman: Who?

    Viktor Navorski: ...Yes.

    Thurman: No. Do you know anyone in New York?

    Viktor Navorski: Yes, yes.

    Thurman: Who?

    Viktor Navorski: Yes.

  • Amelia: Are you coming or going?

    Viktor Navorski: I don't know. Both.

  • Viktor Navorski: Keep the change!

  • [last lines]

    Cab Driver: Where you wanna go?

    Viktor Navorski: I am going home.

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