Videl Quotes in Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon (1995)


Videl Quotes:

  • Robber: That's it runt!

    [aims gun]

    Gohan: [bends the barrel of his gun]

    Robber: [falls backward] Who is this guy?

    Gohan: I am Saiyaman Number 1!

    Videl: Saiyaman Number 2, at your service!

    Gohan: Bold! Fearless!

    Videl: and Gorgeous!

    GohanVidel: We are the Saiyan Supreme Crime Fighting Team!

    Robber: Err, kind of long, isn't it?

    Videl: See, Gohan? Even the lowlifes agree.

  • Videl: This is really freaky Gohan. What do you think's causing this to happen?

    Gohan: Hm? I don't know, but it's nothin' that the two of us can't handle and it's a lot better than doin' dishes!

    Videl: That's true...

    Frieza: [laughs] I wouldn't get overconfident if I were you! The real battle hasn't even started yet!

    Videl: Huh?

    Gohan: It's Frieza!

    Frieza: A common stranger knows my name? I see that my illustrious reputation precedes me!

    Gohan: You don't recognize me, but I'm no stranger. I fought with you on Namek years ago.

    Frieza: What's that?... Ah! You're that little brat, aren't you?

    Gohan: I see that you've forgotten my name. Allow me to remind you. I am son of Goku, guardian of all that is good. Gohan!

    [does a dance]

    Videl: Well done. Remember that one, Gohan.

    Frieza: I'd love to kill Goku... but killing his son is the next best thing!

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