Victoria Jones Quotes in Bhowani Junction (1956)


Victoria Jones Quotes:

  • Ranjit Kasel: Why did he call you Miss Darkie?

    Victoria Jones: To hurt.

    Ranjit Kasel: I don't always understand Col. Savage.

    Victoria Jones: I wish I didn't always understand him.

    Ranjit Kasel: But, I want to be able to share these things with you, Victoria.

    Victoria Jones: Then listen: There was a young lady named Starkey, who got herself hitched to a darkie. The results of her sins, was an eightsome of twins: 2 black, 2 white and 4 cocky.

  • Patrick Taylor: Where's your hat?

    Victoria Jones: I never wear it, unless I have to.

    Patrick Taylor: But, the sun - it will get you all brown at this time of day.

    Victoria Jones: It's not the sun that makes us brown, now, is it.

  • Victoria Jones: Can't you understand anything? Can't you understand how they feel? Or, me? I came back from Delhi ready to love you and I found you were all the things I don't want to be. When I'm happy, you spoil it. When I'm in trouble, you don't notice it. When I want you to do something, you won't do it. When I ask you not to do something...

    Patrick Taylor: But, but...

    Victoria Jones: Don't but me, you fool! You're a snob and you are self-satisfying! And you're, you're a ratty Chi-Chi! And you make me behave like a Chi-Chi too! Now, go away! I don't ever want to see you again except on duty!

  • Patrick Taylor: Oh Colonel, jolly good idea, that of yours, you know, what your men did to those Wogs lying on the railway line!

    Col. Rodney Savage: Would you mind not trying to drag me into your mating squabbles.

    [Col. exits]

    Patrick Taylor: See, it's like that, eh, all open and above board...

    Victoria Jones: Ranjit, would you find a table for us and hold it please.

    [Ranjit exits]

    Patrick Taylor: Why don't you go to a Wog cinema. That's were you belong, isn't it? Holding hands and chewing betel nuts with your black boyfriend!

    Victoria Jones: Don't you say that about Ranjit, to me, or to anybody else!

    Patrick Taylor: Then, keep him out of here! This is for Europeans!

  • Victoria Jones: I don't know what you mean, Sir.

    Col. Rodney Savage: Stop calling me Sir. You're not a chambermaid, are you?

  • Victoria Jones: Why should you stand by me? You're not an Anglo-Indian?

    Col. Rodney Savage: You're an officer under my command.

    Victoria Jones: Say, eh, I, all these weeks I've known you, this is the first time I've realized there's a human being inside you somewhere.

    Col. Rodney Savage: Oh, he's still there, is he? Good. Then, there's hope for us all.

  • Col. Rodney Savage: It's about time the Lord started making all human beings the same on the outside as well as the same on the inside.

    Victoria Jones: They'd only change it back again, the moment his back was turned.

    Col. Rodney Savage: I wish I could quarrel with that.

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