Victor Von Doom Quotes in Fantastic Four (2005)


Victor Von Doom Quotes:

  • Victor Von Doom: [proposing to Sue Storm] Four words, Sue. Four words that will change our lives forever...

    Reed Richards: [interrupting] The cloud is accelerating!

  • Victor Von Doom: Do you really think fate turned us into gods so we could refuse these gifts?

    Susan Storm: Victor, you *always* thought you were a god. Now back off.

    Victor Von Doom: Susan, let's not fight.

    Susan Storm: No, let's!

  • Victor Von Doom: It's time to end this.

    Ben Grimm: No, Vic. It's clobbering time!

    [he sends Dr. Doom flying. A metal painting falls on the latter]

    Ben Grimm: Damn, I've been waiting to do that!

  • Reed Richards: Exposure to a high energy cosmic storm could advance our knowledge of planetary life.

    Victor Von Doom: Same old Reed, always stretching, reaching for the stars.

  • Ben Grimm: [after Victor was talking about him] Reed does the talking. I do the walking.

    Victor Von Doom: So take a walk, Ben.

  • [Johnny has engulfed Dr. Doom in a huge fire cone that has just burned away Doom's clothes and outer skin]

    Victor Von Doom: Is that the best you can do?

    Reed Richards: Time for your lesson - Chem 101. What happens when you rapidly cool hot metal?

    [the Thing smashes a water hydrant and soaks Dr. Doom, solidifying his metal form and immbolizing him]

  • Victor Von Doom: [after he turns Ben to normal] Take a good look Ben. This is what a man looks like who embraces his destiny.

    [punches Ben and sends him crashing]

    Victor Von Doom: One down - three to go.

    Reed Richards: [appearing on the landing] Vic?

    Victor Von Doom: Right on cue!

  • Victor Von Doom: I've always wanted power. Now I have an unlimited supply.

    Ben Grimm: And no Thing to stand in your way.

  • Victor Von Doom: Isn't it funny the way things turn out?

    Reed Richards: Hilarious.

  • Victor Von Doom: [to Reed] Why the long face? Let's talk in my office.

  • Victor Von Doom: [facing the Fantastic Four in full strength] This is gonna be fun!

  • Victor Von Doom: All the accomplishments in the world mean nothing without someone to share them with.

  • Ned Cecil: [to Victor] About the I.P.O.- no hard feelings, right? Nothing personal. You know, you could always move back to Latveria and start fresh. Maybe that's where you belong - the old country.

    [Victor shoots electricity through Ned's body which burns a hole in his chest]

    Victor Von Doom: Nothing personal, Ned... but I'm not going anywhere.

  • Victor Von Doom: Call me Doom.

  • Von Doom's Doctor: Your entire biophysical structure is changing.

    Victor Von Doom: That's terrible news.

    [he kills the Doctor]

    Victor Von Doom: I think I'll get a second opinion.

  • Leonard: Sir, I have always wondered. Why Sue? You could have any other woman in the world.

    Victor Von Doom: That's why. Because I could have any other woman.

  • Victor Von Doom: Susan, you're fired!

  • Victor Von Doom: [looking in the mirror while talking to his assistant] Get me on the a.m. shows, Larry King, cover of the Journal. Gonna have to do something about this scar. Make sure they only shoot me from my left side.

  • Victor Von Doom: [torturing Reed] Painful? You don't know the meaning of the word.

  • Victor Von Doom: Two down. Two to go.

  • Victor von Doom: [after showing the video of his encounter with the alien] Well?

    Ben Grimm: I like the part where he knocks you on your ass.

  • Victor von Doom: Let's all go for a spin!

  • Victor von Doom: Now, let's be clear about this, shall we? I hate you.

    [looks pointedly at Sue Storm]

    Victor von Doom: All of you. But the world's at stake and we need to work together to survive.

    Reed Richards: [to Hager] General, we know firsthand - you trust Victor and you're gonna regret it.

    General Hager: So far, the only one I've regretted trusting here is you, Richards.

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