Victor Van Dort Quotes in Corpse Bride (2005)


Victor Van Dort Quotes:

  • Victor Van Dort: With this hand I will lift your sorrows. Your cup will never be empty, for I will be your wine. With this candle, I will light your way into darkness. With this ring, I ask you to be mine.

  • Victor Van Dort: I've got a... I've got a dwarf, and I'm not afraid to use him!

  • Victor Van Dort: I want some questions! Now!

    General Bonesapart: Answers... I think you mean answers.

    Victor Van Dort: Thank you, yes, answers. I need answers.

  • The Corpse Bride: We need to go up. Upstairs? To visit the land of the living.

    Elder Gutknecht: Land of the living? Oh, my dear.

    The Corpse Bride: Please, Elder Gutknecht.

    Elder Gutknecht: Now, why go up there when people are dying to get down here?

    Victor Van Dort: Sir, I beg you to help. It means so much to me... us.

    Elder Gutknecht: I don't know. It's just not natural.

    The Corpse Bride: Please, Elder Gutknecht. Surely there must be something you can do.

    Elder Gutknecht: Let me see what I can do.

  • Victor Van Dort: [trying to practice his vows] With this hand, I will cup your...

    [unconsciously holds hands before his chest in a suggestive manner, and is then horrified]

    Victor Van Dort: Oh goodness, no!

  • The Corpse Bride: [about Victor's dead dog, Scraps] What a cutie.

    Victor Van Dort: You should have seen him with fur.

  • [last lines]

    Victor Van Dort: Wait. I made a promise.

    The Corpse Bride: You kept your promise. You set me free. Now I can do the same for you.

  • Victor Van Dort: We're moving this wedding party upstairs.

    Dead Woman: Upstairs? I didn't know we had an upstairs.

    Skeleton boy: Sounds creepy!

    Skeleton Girl: Let's go!

  • The Corpse Bride: [angrily, grabbing Victor] Hopscotch!

    Victor Van Dort: No, no! Victoria!

  • Victor Van Dort: But I don't even know your name.

    Maggot: [from inside the Corpse Bride's head] Well, that's a great way to start a marriage.

    The Corpse Bride: [grasps head and hisses] Sshh! Shut up!

    [smiles at Victor]

    The Corpse Bride: It's Emily.

  • The Corpse Bride: [after her hand escapes her arm and dances up Victor's arm] Pardon my enthusiasm.

    Victor Van Dort: [snapping her hand into place] I like your enthusiasm.

  • William Van Dort: You've certainly hooked a winner this time, Victor.

    Nell Van Dort: Now, all you have to do is reel her in.

    Victor Van Dort: I'm already reeling, Mother. Shouldn't Victoria Everglot be marrying a lord or something?

    Nell Van Dort: Oh, nonsense. We're every bit of good as the Everglots. I always knew I deserved better than a fish merchant's life.

    Victor Van Dort: But I've never even spoken to her.

    Nell Van Dort: Well, at least we have that in our favor.

    [Mayhew coughs]

    Nell Van Dort: Mayhew! Silence that blasted coughing!

  • Victor Van Dort: Do forgive me.

    Victoria Everglot: You play beautifully.

    Victor Van Dort: I-I-I do apologise, Miss Everglot. How rude of me to... Well... Excuse me.

    Victoria Everglot: Mother won't let me near the piano. Music is improper for a young lady. "Too passionate", she says.

    Victor Van Dort: If I may ask, Miss Everglot... where is your chaperone?

    Victoria Everglot: Perhaps, in... in view of the circumstances... you could call me Victoria.

    Victor Van Dort: Yes, of course. Well... Victoria...

    Victoria Everglot: Yes, Victor...

  • Victoria Everglot: Since I was a child, I've dreamt of my wedding day. I always hoped to find someone I was deeply in love with. Someone to spend the rest of my life with. Silly, isn't it?

    Victor Van Dort: Yes, silly. No. No, not at all, no.

    Victoria Everglot: [knocks over a vase]

    Victor Van Dort: Oh, oh, dear. I'm sorry.

  • Victor Van Dort: What's going on here? Where am I? Who are you?

    The Corpse Bride: Well, that's kind of a long story.

    Bonejangles: What a story it is. A tragic tale of romance, passion and murder most foul.

  • The Corpse Bride: [meeting Victoria] Darling, I just wanted to meet... Darling, who's this?

    Victoria Everglot: Who is she?

    The Corpse Bride: I'm his wife.

    Victoria Everglot: Victor?

    Victor Van Dort: Victoria, wait. You don't understand. She's dead. Look!

  • Victor Van Dort: Tomorrow, Victoria, we are to be...

    [struggles to say "married"]

    Victor Van Dort: Mmmm... mmmm... mmmm...

    Victoria Everglot: [small giggle] ... married.

    Victor Van Dort: Yes, married.

  • The Corpse Bride: Darling... where are you going?

    Victor Van Dort: *Home*!

  • Pastor Galswells: Master Van Dort, from the beginning. Again. "With this hand I will lift your sorrows. Your cup will never empty, for I will be your wine. With this candle, I will light your way in darkness. With this ring, I ask you to be mine". Let's try it again.

    Victor Van Dort: Yes, yes, Sir.

  • Victor Van Dort: Ah, Mrs. Everglot. You look ravishing this evening. What's that, Mr. Everglot? Call you "dad"? If you insist, sir.

  • Victor Van Dort: Please, there's been a mistake. I'm not dead.

  • Victor Van Dort: Mother never approved of Scraps jumping up like this. But then again, she never approved of anything.

  • The Corpse Bride: Scraps... Elder Gutknecht... Are you there? Hello? Is anyone home? Hello? There you are!

    Elder Gutknecht: Oh, my dear. There you are.

    The Corpse Bride: I've brought my husband, Victor.

    Elder Gutknecht: What's that? Husband?

    Victor Van Dort: Pleasure to meet you, sir.

  • Elder Gutknecht: Where did I put that book? I left it here somewhere. There's the one. I have it. A Ukranian haunting spell. Just the thing for these quick trips.

    The Corpse Bride: So glad you thought of this.

    Victor Van Dort: Me too.

    Elder Gutknecht: Now, then... Where were we?

    The Corpse Bride: The Ukranian haunting spell

    Elder Gutknecht: Ahh... Here we have it. Ready?

  • Victor Van Dort: I want very much to.

    Pastor Galswells: Pay attention! Have you even remembered to bring the ring?

    Victor Van Dort: The ring. Yes, of course.

    [Victor drops the ring]

    Pastor Galswells: Dropping the ring. This boy doesn't want to get married.

    Maudeline Everglot: How disgraceful!

    Victor Van Dort: Excuse me. Got it!

  • Victor Van Dort: Emily.

    The Corpse Bride: Oh, I almost forgot. I have something for you. It's a wedding present.

    Victor Van Dort: [opens the box and finds a bone] Haah. Thank you.

    [Victor's present turns out to be his dead dog Scraps, who is now a dog skeleton]

    Victor Van Dort: Scraps? Scraps. It's my dog, Scraps. Oh, Scraps. What a good boy?

    The Corpse Bride: I knew you'd be happy to see him.

    Victor Van Dort: Who's my good boy. Sit! Sit, Scraps. Good boy, Scraps. Roll over, roll over.

  • The Corpse Bride: [to Victor] In the woods, you said your vows so perfectly

    Victor Van Dort: [to himself] I did!

    [starts hitting his head on the bar]

    Victor Van Dort: Wake up wake up WAKE UP.

  • The Corpse Bride: It's my eye, isn't it?

    [pops loose eye into skull]

    Victor Van Dort: No! Your eye is uh, lovely.

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