Vespyr Quotes in Captain Fantastic (2016)


Vespyr Quotes:

  • Vespyr: Yes, thank you, Zaj.

    Ben: Can unique be modified?

    Kids: [in unison] No.

    Nai: [in his froggy costume] We don't hate Nana and Grandpa, but the rest of their tribe are fascist capitalists.

    Kielyr: You're just repeating whatever dad says.

    Nai: [squinty-eyed] I'm writing down everything you say - in my mind.

    Kielyr: Do you even know what a fascist is?

    Nai: Violent nationalist militants, supported by big business, and they're totalitarian single-party dictators.

  • Ben: Mom needs to be in the hospital right now.

    Vespyr: But you said hospitals are a great place to go if you're a healthy person and you want to die.

    Zaja: You said Americans are under-educated and over-medicated.

    Kielyr: You said the AMA are avaricious whores only too willing to spread their fat legs for big pharma.

    Ben: All those things are true. But mom does not have enough of the neurotransmitter serotonin to conduct electrical signals in her brain.

  • Kielyr: Okay, you can think that, but we don't make fun of people. Right, Dad?

    Ben: That's right. We don't make fun of people.

    Vespyr: Except Christians.

  • Ben: [walking to picnic benches after shoplifting] Where else can we improve?

    Bo: Flawed exit strategy. Everyone went out the same doors. No one utilized the loading dock area at all. If it got blocked, we'd all be trapped.

    Ben: Mm-hmm.

    Vespyr: Inadequately planned extraction point. We probably shouldn't have all gone directly to the bus.

    Kielyr: Predetermined pickups would have been much less risky.

    Ben: On the plus side, mission: Free the food accomplished.

  • Rellian: We want to complete the mission.

    Ben: No. There is no mission.

    Nai: Mission: Rescue dad and mommy.

    Vespyr: Mom wanted to be cremated.

    Rellian: And we want to honor her wishes.

    Nai: And flush her down the toilet.

  • Ben: [as kids study around the campfire] Vesp? How you getting along?

    Vespyr: I just finished chapter 12, "The World on a String."

    Ben: [wrestless look of uncertainty]

    Vespyr: What?

    Ben: Are you having any trouble with Quantum Entanglement? Planck length versus Planck time?

    Vespyr: I'm fine.

    Ben: Good. Then tomorrow after lunch, you can give a brief presentation on M-theory. Argue counterpoints with Bo and Rell vis-a-vis Witten and Dirac.

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