Velma Von Tussle Quotes in Hairspray (2007)


Velma Von Tussle Quotes:

  • Velma Von Tussle: [after "New Girl in Town"] How dare you pick the same song!

    Motormouth Maybelle: They wrote it.

  • Velma Von Tussle: They're just kids, that's why we have to steer them in the white direction.

    Corny Collins: [pause] RIGHT direction?

    Velma Von Tussle: Isn't that what I said?

  • Corny Collins: Tell me, Velma, how exactly do you fire Corny Collins from the Corny Collins show?

    [walks away]

    Velma Von Tussle: [starts to speak and then pauses, frustrated] They do it all the time on "Lassie"!

  • Velma Von Tussle: [singing] Those poor runner-ups/Might still hold some grudges/They padded their 'cups'/But I screwed the judges.

  • Link Larkin: [presents Amber with a ring] It's time.

    Amber von Tussel: Oh!

    [Amber and Link kiss]

    Velma Von Tussle: Amber! Save your personal life for the camera, sweetie! Oop, shiny!

    [sends Amber off to makeup for more powder]

  • Velma Von Tussle: 'Detroit sound?' What's that? The cries of people being mugged?

  • Velma Von Tussle: [disgusted] Oh!

    [forces a smile]

    Velma Von Tussle: Mrs. Turnblad! I'd know whose mother you were ANYWHERE.

    [notices Edna's outfit]

    Velma Von Tussle: Oh, let me guess - new dress?

    Edna Turnblad: [nods, shyly but proudly]

    Velma Von Tussle: Well... you'll stop traffic!


    Edna Turnblad: [looks away, crushed]

    Velma Von Tussle: It was nice meeting you... Tracy.

    [struts away with Amber, as Edna starts crying]

    Tracy Turnblad: Mama, don't you DARE listen to a word she says!

    [Edna appears not to hear her]

    Tracy Turnblad: Come on! She's just worried that I'm going to win the Miss Teenage Hairspray contest!

    Edna Turnblad: [stops crying immediately and looks at Tracy, impressed] ... Really?

  • [from trailer]

    Velma Von Tussle: [to Edna, about Tracy] Tracy certainly has redefined our standards


    Amber von Tussel: That's for sure.

  • [singing]

    Tammy: Are you scared we're on live?

    Tracy Turnblad: No, I'm sure I can cope.

    Amber Von Tussle: Well, this show isn't broadacst in...

    TammyAmber Von TussleShelleyNoreenDoreenVickiDarlaBecky: [with the other council girls] Cinemascope!

    Velma Von Tussle: I never drank one chocolate malt. No desserts for Miss Baltimore Crabs.

  • Police Chief: [while on the lookout for Tracy] I doubt she'll risk jail to win some beauty pageant.

    Velma Von Tussle: [to herself] I risked communicable diseases. She'll certainly risk jail.

  • Velma Von Tussle: [singing to Wilbur] You're gonna need more than some seltzer to put out this fire.

  • Velma Von Tussle: Incredible! I could do a fan dance with a lettuce leaf and you would remain completely obtuse!

    Wilbur Turnblad: Obtuse?

    Velma Von Tussle: Yes, obtuse!

    Wilbur Turnblad: I flunked geometry...

    Velma Von Tussle: ...yes, and biology too, no doubt!

  • Amber von Tussel: I lost, Mom. Let's just deal with it!

    Velma Von Tussle: [as she pulls the tallies out of her dress] You did not lose! You can not have lost because I switched the damn tallies!

    Edna Turnblad: [standing behind a live television camera] Smile, Miss Crabcakes! You're on Candid Camera!

    Wilbur Turnblad: That was a good shot! Don't you think?

  • Velma Von Tussle: How can you taint a cancerous can of chemicals?

  • Velma Von Tussle: Hey you. Can I ask you a personal question?

    Edna Turnblad: No, you may not.

    Velma Von Tussle: Is your daughter mulatto?

  • Velma Von Tussle: Relax. Take it easy. Tension is the worst thing for a complexion.

  • Velma Von Tussle: And you had to pick a colored song, didn't you? You got something against Connie Francis? Shelley Fabares? I love Shelley Fabares!

    Amber Von Tussle: Mother, "Shake a Tail Feather" has a wild song. It's got a good beat and you can dance to it.

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