Vegeta Quotes in Dragon Ball Z: Doragon bôru Z - Fukkatsu no 'F' (2015)


Vegeta Quotes:

  • Vegeta: It's cheese.

  • [English dub]

    Vegeta: Thanks for the offer. But I can't. As annoying as this bastard can be, it's our rivalry that keeps pushing me to get stronger. I can't afford to kill him.

    Frieza: [laughs] What if I sweeten the deal? Take Goku's life and I'll appoint you the supreme commander of the entire Frieza Force. Of course, I know at the moment it only consists of Sorbet. But we'll rebuilt it, stronger than ever!

    Vegeta: You would make me your supreme commander? Is that a real offer?

    Frieza: [laughing] Should I take that as a yes?

    Vegeta: Damn it, now I may actually regret this... But I've already made my decision. I'm going to pulverize you until there's nothing left.

    Frieza: [shocked] You dare say that to me?

    Vegeta: Use your head. Do you actually think I would stay loyal to you after you blew up the planet I was destined to rule?

  • Frieza: [English dub; after lost his golden form] No, this can't be real! This is not the weight, this ends!

    [pounds his fist on floor two times]

    Frieza: No! NO!

    Vegeta: [about to kill Frieza] At least, try to face your death with some honor... and don't dream of resurrecting again.

    Frieza: ...You can all go to hell, without me!

    [detonates the earth, But Goku stops Frieza]

    Goku: FRIEZA!

    Vegeta: [shocked] What? No!

    [Goku prepares to blast with a Kamehameha to kill Frieza]

    Frieza: [his last line] DAMN YOU, GOKU!

  • [English dub]

    Vegeta: Keep walking! I'm not going to thank you! It just means we're even!

    Goku: Take it easy, I didn't come to talk about that. I'm just curious... well, you think about Whis saying if we team up with these battles that people like Frieza wouldn't even have a chance to knock us out... Should we practice fighting together? In case, we need to sometime?

    Vegeta: [scoffs] I'd rather die if ever do that again.

    Goku: [laughs] Glad to hear it, Vegeta! I feel the same way!

    Vegeta: Huh. About time we agreed on something.

    [Goku laughs]

  • [English dub]

    Vegeta: [about to kill Frieza] At least, try to face your death with some honor... and don't dream of resurrecting again.

    Frieza: ...You can all go to hell, without me!

    [detonates the earth]

  • [English dub]

    Goku: Thanks, Vegeta! You really saved my neck!

    Vegeta: Huh. You can thank me by staying out of this fight from now on, I'm finishing this.

    Goku: Yeah, of course! It's your turn anyway. Have fun!

  • [English dub]

    Vegeta: Kakarot, I'll take my turn now if you want.

    Goku: Aw, come on! That's not fair! The only reason you're volunteer now is cause you see his weakness too!

    Frieza: Seeing my weakness?

  • [English dub]

    Goku: Hey. I really botched this one, huh?


    Vegeta: Whis tried to warn you and yet, here you are. I guess you always will be a naive idiot.

  • [English dub]

    Goku: I guess we're safe now.

    Vegeta: Selfish glory-hog! Do you have any shame?

    Goku: Hey! Just take it easy, Vegeta! It's not what it looks like. I can explain, okay?

    Vegeta: Oh, no! You're not smooth talking your way out of this one, Kakarot. You told me it was my turn!

    Bulma: It's all right, Vegeta! Goku just saved you and the whole world! You should be thanking him!

    Vegeta: What does she mean? Save the world from what? I want answers.

    [Goku laughs]

  • [English dub]

    Goku: [laughs] You really do like to overthink everything, Vegeta.

    Vegeta: Oh, shut your face. You're only thinking less, because you're an idiot.

  • [English dub]

    Goku: Sounds like the old destroyer can be...

    Beerus: Hey. What are you two punch jockeys doing up here?

    Goku: [exclaims, turns to Beerus] Oh! Hi, Mr. Lord Beerus, sir. We asked your servant Whis to train us.

    Beerus: I figured that much, I'm not a fool. What I mean is, How did you two get here?

    Goku: Don't be mad, your lordness. We got touch with Mr. Whis and asked him to bring us here. I can't sent your energy to find this place, So he had to hitch a ride with him! It was the only way!

    Beerus: So, Whis brought you here? Huh. Let me guess, All it took to get on your good side was something high in calories.

    Goku: [laughs] Yep. You guessed it.

    Beerus: And why is it so important to build your strength, Goku? I hope all this training isn't your secret way of gunning for the job of destroyer.

    Goku: Oh, no! I'd never want your job. All I want is get stronger.

    Vegeta: And I won't let this clown leave me in the dust. So, I'm training too.

    Whis: It hadn't dawned on me 'til now just how poorly, If you guys get along. If ever found a way to work together for once, you would be able to go toe-to-toe if even Lord Beerus.

    Beerus: No one ask me to your opinion, Whis. Can it.

    Vegeta: Please, we tried that once and I'll never let it happen again.

    Goku: Vegeta doesn't bug me as much as I seem to bother him. But, when it comes to fighting, I work on my own.

    Whis: Well, I've said my peace.

  • Bulma: [slaps Beerus] You ruined my 38th birthday!

    [Beerus slaps her back]

    Vegeta: You... you hit my Bulma! You bastard!

    [attacks Beerus]

  • [looking for a sixth Saiyan]

    Bulma: Vegeta, you had a little brother!

    Vegeta: He's on some faraway world, I don't know where...

    Bulma: Couldn't you have got his number at least?

  • [Goku, Gohan, Goten, Vegeta and Trunks try to form a Super Saiyan God]

    Vegeta: Why is Kakarot the main one?

  • Vegeta: [telepathic contact] What does the King Kai want with me?

    Kaiô: Listen carefully to what I have to say! Not far from now, Beerus the God of Destruction will arrive on Earth.

    Vegeta: The God of Destruction? I've heard of him...

    Kaiô: If he arrives, never ever lay a finger on him! If you don't listen, the whole Earth will be destroyed!

    Vegeta: Earth destroyed?

    Kaiô: Even Goku was completely defeated.

    Vegeta: What? Kakarot LOST?

    Kaiô: Goku at Super Saiyan 3 was defeated in two strikes.

    Vegeta: TWO STRIKES?

    Kaiô: I beg you! The fate of Earth is in your hands!

  • Bulma: Why are you wearing training attire on your wife's birthday? Why are you so gloomy, are you upset that your wife is aging? You Saiyans are lucky that you don't age...

    Vegeta: [waiting for Beerus] SHUT UP!

  • [English dub]

    [Beerus hits Bulma]

    Vegeta: How dare you... that's MY BULMA! You bastard!

    [attacks Beerus]

  • Vegeta: Hey, Kakarot, next time I'm becoming the Super Saiyan God and you better cooperate!

  • Birusu: Give me a pudding!

    : I don't wanna!

    Birusu: What?

    : I'm eating them all by myself!

    Birusu: You're going to eat all the puddings?

    : They're ALL MINE!

    Birusu: [grabs the plate of puddings] Hand it over!

    : I don't wanna!

    Birusu: Hand it over!

    : I don't wanna!

    Birusu: Hand it over, you idiot!

    [Buu swallows all the puddings]

    : You called me an idiot! I'll turn you into pudding and eat you up!

    Vegeta: [catches sight] Oh, shit! I turn my back for one moment and...

    Birusu: You have PISSED ME OFF!

    [hurls Buu into a lake]

  • [last lines]

    Son Gokû: [laughs] Oh, yeah, Vegeta, when Bulma got hit, you screamed "My Bulma!" and became a great Super Saiyan!

    Bulma: I felt so loved!

    Vegeta: [embarassed] I don't remember saying such a thing! But, back then, I definitely exceeded your power!

    Son Gokû: Yeah, without a doubt! Next time, when we're fighting someone, I'll ask them to hit Bulma!

    Bulma: HEY!

    [slaps Goku]

    Piccolo: When Vegeta did that, you shouldn't have been there... you'd already arrived, and watched from a distance!

    Bulma: Goku?

    Oolong: [jumps on Goku] You bastard, are you serious? Everyone was getting battered!

    Son Gokû: I'm sorry, I was trying to find a strategy to match him... but there was nothing I could think of!

    Vegeta: Bulma, slap him two, no THREE more times!

    Bulma: Yes, sir!

    Son Gokû: I'm sorry! I regret it!

  • [English dub]

    Goku: [to Vegeta] When Bulma got hit, you sure went crazy, huh? "My Bulma!" That was funny! She's quite the motivator for you, I was impressed!

    Bulma: My hero!

    Vegeta: [embarrassed] What, that's ridiculous, I don't remember saying that!... And it's hardly what matters! In that great moment, I surpassed you, Kakarot!

  • Vegeta: [sings and dances] Bingo! Bingo! Bingo! Fun time Bingo! Earth is a fine place to be, yo! The food is tasty too, yo! Let's go play-o, let's be friends-o! Fun time, bingo! Time to play some bingo!

  • [English dub]

    Bulma: Oh, good! You're finally here, Vegeta! But, This is my birthday, not a Halloween party. So, why are you sitting around in your combat gear? What's wrong? You look even more sullen than usual. Mad that humans do this little thing called aging and your poor wife's another year older? Forget the powers. The best part of being a Saiyan must be never having to worry about losing your looks.

    Vegeta: [waiting for Beerus and yells at Bulma] SHUT UP!

    [All the Z-Fighters look shocked]

    Bulma: It's my birthday, jerk.


    Vegeta: [Thinking] I can't shake this pit in my stomach. I am the great Prince Vegeta! I can't be scared, Can't I?

    Bulma: What's up your butt?

    [takes a drink of punch]

  • Vegeta: [sees Beerus] The Kai was not joking around... this fellow is dangerous! Too dangerous!

  • Vegeta: There is no use. This is the end.

    Piccolo: What do you think you're doing? Why don't you stop whining like a baby and fight like a man?

    Vegeta: Why? What for? Broly's unbeatable.

    Piccolo: You call yourself the prince of Sayians.

  • Vegeta: [finally joining the battle] I am the ruler of all Saiyans! Even you, Broly!

    Broly: Then please - do your best to make me kneel before you!

  • Vegeta: You tricked me.

    Paragus: It's about time your spoiled, minuscule brain figured it all out. Your son is most certainly right though, Vegeta. This meaningless place has no value to me. It's been miserable here, putting on this little charade. But do you want to know what I really care about? It's a little sphere in the North Galaxy called Earth!

    [Paragus laughs]

    Paragus: A lush, green, healthy planet! The most beautiful in the cosmos! You have no idea how long I've waited for the right time re-establish Sayian dominance. You think I want the earth to look like this? A barren wasteland, littered with battle scars and rubble? Of course not. Which is why I decided to create this elaborate ruse. An imaginary town for an imaginary prince. Oh how your father would be laughing at you right now. Oh, and just one more thing I forgot to mention to you fools, I also chose this planet because in a few short hours it will collide with Comet Kumorie, an astronomical object of colossal proportions. And when your gone, our rule of Earth or any planet will go completely uncontested.

  • Goku: Vegeta, I need your power.


    Goku: Vegeta, more power right now!

    Vegeta: I am a prince, the prince of all Sayians. Why should I give my power to a Sayian that ranks below me? Tell me! Tell me why!

    [Broly and Goku continue fighting]

    Broly: [to Goku] You've lasted longer then expected, but your final hour has arrived.

    Goku: Vegeta, what are you waiting for? You're out last hope.

    [screaming at the top of his lungs]

    Goku: Give me your power!

    Vegeta: [to Goku] Fine! Just take it! But, Kakkorat, finish him now!

  • Vegeta: [after having just broken Gohan out of Hirudegarn's grip with an energy ball] Hey! You, over here! I was enjoying my first day off in over a month until some flat footed, mutated behemoth stepped on my house! You're gonna regret this you freak... all the way to the GRAVE!

  • Vegeta: Fuse with you? I'd rather die!

    Goku: But Vegeta, you're already dead.

  • Vegeta: How many times do I have to tell you, that if anyone's going to end your existence, it's going to be me!

    Goku: Vegeta? But how?

    Vegeta: I've been trying to answer that question myself, Kakarot. I don't know how I got my body back. It was as if death was a dream and I just woke up.

    Goku: Uh... it must have something to do with the check-in station being out of commission...

    Vegeta: It doesn't matter. I'm here and I'm ready to fight. That's that. Now stay back while I handle this!

    Goku: But he's strong. I don't think he can be beat.

    Vegeta: Hmm. Don't worry. I have one thing in my favor. I have nothing to lose.

    Goku: What do you mean? Don't say that!

    Vegeta: You've been good, Kakarot. I haven't. The afterlife quite frankly sucks for me! Fighting him will be a piece of cake. Anything's better than my existence here.

  • [Last lines]

    Goku: Thank you Vegeta, I couldn't have done it without you.

    [Cut to Vegeta's space ship; Vegeta has the Big Gete Star's original chip in his hand, and crushes it]

    Vegeta: Hmph!

  • [Last lines, English version, while Piccolo and Vegeta sit back to back on a floating ice glacier]

    Piccolo: Is it over?

    Vegeta: Not till the fish jumps.

    [a small fish jumps from the water and falls back in]

    Vegeta: It's over.

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