Veeko Quotes in Baby's Day Out (1994)


Veeko Quotes:

  • [Eddie's pants were on fire, and Veeko stomped on the fire to put it out]

    Veeko: That's how you put out campfires.

    Eddie: Is that... a fact?

    Veeko: Used to do it in boy scouts.

    Eddie: You toasted your marshmallows... over a pile of flaming GONADS?

    Veeko: We usually used logs.

  • Norby: Eddie, what else did Mary's little lamb do?

    Eddie: Didn't he put, uh, Humpty Dumpty back together again?

    Veeko: That was Nat King Cole.N

    Eddie: Nat King Cole stuck his finger in the pie and yanked out the bird.

  • [the villains have returned to their apartment after chasing Baby Bink all day long]

    Norby: Hey, Eddie, you sure you don't want to go check if they have left the money?

    Eddie: Oh, that's a good idea. We get the living hell torn out of us by a baby! Three fully-grown men versus 15 pounds of pink flesh with a mouth! Now, what chance do you think we have than strolling into that alley and coming out with anything less than 140 years in prison? No, thank you! This is a hexed situation, we walk away while we're still ahead.

    Veeko: We took a licking and kept on ticking.

    Eddie: We go back to banks. Dealing with grown-ups, and I want no kiddie stuff.

    Norby: We did all right with banks.

    Veeko: Or a convenience store once in a while, keeps things interesting.

    Eddie: Well, you know one thing I learned from this: I ain't never gonna have any kids of my own.

    Norby: Ha, yeah! Seeing as you burnt down the only tree in your forest, I ain't worrying about that.

    [Norby and Veeko laugh, and give each other high-fives]

    Eddie: Why don't you shut up? I don't ever wanna hear another word about that rotten, snake-bit Baby!

    [Baby Bink's giggle is heard from the microphone outside]

  • Eddie: [Baby Bink just got away from the villains again after many times, but this time by crawling into a small sewer tunnel] No problem, fellas. It ain't a hole. It's a tunnel. And what's every tunnel got?

    Norby: Ooh! Don't tell me! I know, I know, I know. It's uh, uh, uh-...

    Veeko: Tollbooth at the end.

    Eddie: Are you always this stupid, or do you do this just to annoy me?

  • [while trying to feed Bink]

    Veeko: Ed.

    Eddie: Huh?

    Veeko: How do I know this milk won't burn the kid's throat? If that matters.

    Eddie: Try it on some skin first.

    [Veeko almost drops some milk on his arm, but removes Norby's hat and squirts some over his bald head. Norby screams in pain as Bink laughs]

    Norby: What's the matter with you?

    Veeko: I'd better let it cool down.

    [Norby smacks Veeko across the head. Bink laughs]

    Norby: You like that? Hey, Eddie!

    Eddie: Huh?

    Norby: Watch the baby.

    [Norby smacks Veeko again. Bink laughs. Norby laughs as well. Veeko laughs mockingly]

    Eddie: Very good. Now see if it works the other way.

    [Veeko smacks Norby across the head so hard he falls over. Bink laughs. Veeko smiles at him]

    Veeko: It works.

    [Eddie nods]

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