Vaughn Stickles Quotes in A Dirty Shame (2004)


Vaughn Stickles Quotes:

  • Mama Bear: Hi! I'm Mama Bear. Have you met my hus bear?

    Papa Bear: I'm Papa Bear, and this is our cub... Baby Bear!

    Baby Bear: Grrrr!

    Vaughn Stickles: Hi, I'm Vaughn. Welcome to the Harford Road area.

    Papa Bear: When we take over, it's gonna be a...

    Mama BearPapa BearBaby Bear: BEAR-QUAKE! GRRRRRR!

  • [Fat Fuck Frank jumps out in front of Sylvia as the Yuppie neighbors work on their formstorm]

    Fat Fuck Frank: Mrs. Stickles, my name Fat Fuck Frank and I'm your daughter's number one fan.

    Sylvia Stickles: She moved to the Erie Canal area.

    [the Neuter Yuppie Woman giggles]

    Neuter Yuppie Man: Hey, Vaughn.

    Vaughn Stickles: [to the Neuter Yuppie Man] Hey!

    [to Fat Fuck Frank]

    Vaughn Stickles: Caprice retired from show business. She's no longer a public figure.

    Fat Fuck Frank: Her name ain't Caprice. It's "Ursula Udders" and she's famous. She got the biggest tits on Harford Road!

    [the Neuter Yuppie Neighbors stifle their laughs]

    Fat Fuck Frank: [shouting] Ursula! Ursula Udders!

    Neuter Yuppie Man: Texture, that's what I call it.

    Fat Fuck Frank: It's me, Fat Fuck Frank, and I miss them great big...!

    [Vaughn puts his hand over Fat Fuck Frank's mouth and silences the rest of his shout while Caprice bangs on her windows]

    Caprice Stickles: Destroy all Neuters!

    Neuter Yuppie Woman: We sure didn't have this in D.C.

    Neuter Yuppie Man: God, I love Baltimore. It's a real city of diversity.

  • Vaughn Stickles: This isn't California.

    Big Ethel: It's Harford Road!

  • [at the Bear house]

    Cow Patty: Hi, I'm Cow Patty.

    Vaughn Stickles: Hi, I'm Vaughn. I live up the street and I'm looking for my wife Sylvia.

    Cow Patty: I'm the only Goldilocks allowed in this Bear cave. I'm a Bear Hag and we call this...

    Mama BearPapa BearBaby Bear: Bear soup!

    [Big Ethel looks in at the Bears as Cow Patty notices her]

    Cow Patty: Wow, a tranny bear. Come on in!

    Big Ethel: [as she runs off] Police!

  • Sylvia Stickles: Hey, would you like to go out for some funch?

    Vaughn Stickles: What's funch?

    Sylvia Stickles: Fucking during lunch!

  • Vaughn Stickles: Help us! The sex addicts are taking over. Call the National Guard!

    Neuter Yuppie Woman: To hell with this!

    Neuter Yuppie Man: We're moving back to D.C. where we belong!

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