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  • Sandro Barateli: The vibration has damaged not only the frescos. There are cracks in the walls of the church. If it goes on this way, the church will collapse. By the way, the church stands on piles. We ask you to immediately stop laboratory experiments in the church and put up as soon as possible a new building for the research institute.

    Varlam Aravidze: You mean to say that you're against science and progress?

    Sandro Barateli: We're against the science that destroys ancient monuments.

    Varlam Aravidze: Doksopulo, what was that church directive about?

    Doksopulo: It's about a dilapidated church.

    Mosse: Who says it's dilapidated?

    Doksopulo: It's almost ruined.

    Mosse: Almost. You hear that? Almost!

    Doksopulo: The building is almost ruined, it's the nidus of infection. There're snakes and lizards breeding in its foundation. No one attends your church anymore. Long past are the times when people were being told that G-d created man. The fact that we all had descended from a monkey was concealed. That's why it's been decided to pull the church down and on that place...

    Varlam Aravidze: Wait, Doksopulo! Esteemed Doksopulo! The Church of the Mother of G-d is one of the greatest monuments of early Christianity. A cultural monument! Demolishing it means cutting off the life-giving roots that nourish and spiritually enrich our people. Then throw into fire the works of Rustaveli and Dante! Stop playing Bach, Beethoven, Verdi! Let's demolish the St. Peter Church, Notre Dame, Svetitskhoveli. Esteemed Varlam! Our church used to have some unique relics. Through centuries our ancestors had protected them up to this day. But they've been lost without a trace. Now the building is collapsing. But we...

    Varlam Aravidze: Doksopulo, give me the text of my directive on the laboratory. Look what's written here: "I deem appropriate the construction of a new building of the laboratory. However, in view of lack of funds, we should temporarily abstain from it." You see, we're concerned, too. But it seems we can't put it off any longer, you have convinced me. Doksopulo! Do you have a mother?

    Doksopulo: Yes.

    Varlam Aravidze: How old is she?

    Doksopulo: Very Old.

    Varlam Aravidze: Aren't you supposed to take care of her? The same goes for that church, the monument of the 6th century, our pride and our history. A son should never leave his sick mother without care. Remember it well. We should be grateful to these noble people for opening up our eyes, for telling us the truth. I give you my word that I won't spare any effort to solve this problem. And the experiments, as far as I know, are conducted at a minimal capacity. It will go on this way until the new building is erected.

    Mosse: If the high voltage installations work at a full capacity, not only the church, but the whole town will blow up.

  • Nino Barateli: Esteemed Varlam, will you sing again? Sing something else, please. Don't refuse, please, dear Varlam!

    Varlam Aravidze: With great pleasure. Tired with all these, for restful death I cry: as, to behold desert a beggar born, and needy nothing trimm'd in jollity, and purest faith unhappily forsworn, and gilded honour shamefully misplaced, and maiden virtue rudely strumpeted, and right perfection wrongfully disgraced, and strength by limping sway disabled, and art made tongue-tied by authority, and folly, doctor-like, controlling skill, and simple truth miscall'd simplicity, and captive good attending captain ill. William Shakespeare. Sonnet 66. A regimen is a regimen.

  • Mikheil Koresheli: I understand, but this is not an argument for the letter's authors.

    Varlam Aravidze: Maybe the artist's talent isn't a strong argument for them either? They have in mind his stand.

    Mikheil Koresheli: What are you talking about? Talent is kindness, and that's already a stand!

    Varlam Aravidze: I understand that Sandro Barateli is your friend and pupil.By the way, do you know that he's my relative?

    Mikheil Koresheli: No... I didn't know that.

    Varlam Aravidze: Even a close relative. Write a protest, esteemed Mikhail. Barateli is arrested, but he's not convicted. I was just executing the people's will, masses stand behind that letter. And each word coming from the masses is the holy of holies for me. Write a protest, esteemed Mikhail.

    Mikheil Koresheli: To write a protest?

    Varlam Aravidze: Yes, I have nothing against it.

    Mikheil Koresheli: Wait, wait... What do you mean, "nothing against it"? What can you possibly have against the truth?

    Varlam Aravidze: The truth? Nothing.

    Mikheil Koresheli: Well, I'll write it!

    Varlam Aravidze: Go ahead, write it. But take that letter into account, too.

    Mikheil Koresheli: What does that letter, that filth have to do with it? That provocation?

    Varlam Aravidze: Not a provocation, but a document registered in thousands of places.

    Mikheil Koresheli: I don't care where it's registered.

    Varlam Aravidze: You're wrong, esteemed Mikhail. It's my duty to take the position of the majority, for the majority decides.

    Mikheil Koresheli: What majority? What are you talking about? One man of reason outweighs a thousand idiots.

    Varlam Aravidze: I understand that you're talking about me.

    Mikheil Koresheli: Stand up for him. Defending one person is not such a big deal.

    Varlam Aravidze: But remember, as the letter's authors see it, you're protecting the enemy. Yes, your friend and my relative is our enemy now. And we are his victims.

    Mikheil Koresheli: Who is the enemy? Who is the enemy?

  • Varlam Aravidze: You will grind to dust anyone who stands in your way. If you're struck on one cheek, you won't turn the other one, you'll strike back so hard that the other's neck is broken. Your kind is not capable of splitting! You don't give a damn about good and evil. It's not splitting you're worried about, it's fear that's killing you!

    Abel Aravidze as an adult: What fear?

    Varlam Aravidze: You fear yourself. All your life you've been after prestige, proud of your model family, and, suddenly, your world is collapsing.

    Abel Aravidze as an adult: No!

    Varlam Aravidze: Yes. Your father is thrown out of his grave, you're losing your power, your only son rebels against you. All that stood for the name of Abel Aravidze is slipping away from you. And you're left alone, helpless and weak.

    Abel Aravidze as an adult: No! No!

    Varlam Aravidze: Yes, you're afraid! You're being eaten up by your fear of loneliness. For a lonely unbeliever thinks only of death.

    Abel Aravidze as an adult: Yes, I'm afraid! I'm surrounded by emptiness. All my life I've been trying to run away from it, pretending and lying. Both my family and my work are just self-deception, for I am afraid to be left alone with myself. Afraid to think.

    Varlam Aravidze: About what?

    Abel Aravidze as an adult: About what's most important. Who are you? What do you live for? What's the point of your existence? Who are you? What did you live for? And you? And you? Who are you? Who are you, Abel Aravidze? Abel Aravidze, Abel Aravidze...

    Varlam Aravidze: Who are we? What did we come to this world for? Where are we rushing to? You know what? Forget all this nonsense. Tomorrow everything will return to normal and you'll live as you used to. Trying to atone for your sins? A coward, that's what you are! If it were up to me, I would have sent you right to Hell!

    Abel Aravidze as an adult: Who are you? Who are you? Answer me!

    Varlam Aravidze: Didn't you recognize me, my boy? So you came to confess to the devil?

  • Varlam Aravidze: Confucius said: "The hardest thing of all is to find a black cat in a dark room, especially if there is no cat." We will catch the black cat in the dark room, even if there is no cat

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