Van Wilder Quotes in Van Wilder (2002)


Van Wilder Quotes:

  • Van Wilder: Worrying is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it doesn't get you anywhere.

  • Van Wilder: Her name's Naomi. That's "I moan" backwards.

  • Van Wilder: You shouldn't take life to seriously. You'll never get out alive.

  • [repeated line, after giving advice]

    Van Wilder: Write that down.

  • Van Wilder: Sometimes you gotta let your heart lead you... even if you know its someplace you know you're not suppossed to be.

    Gwen: And how many times has your heart led you into the women's locker room?

    Van Wilder: This would be a first.

    Gwen: Why do I find that hard to believe?

    Van Wilder: I'm not saying this is the first time I've been in here, just usually it is another part of my anatomy that does the leading.

  • Van Wilder: What is wrong with people today?

    Hutch: [taking a hit from a bong] It's the internet dude, it fries their brain cells.

  • McDoogle: I've been waiting all these years for you to realize your potential.

    Van Wilder: That's why you and I had friction? God, I always thought it was 'cause, 'cause I fooled around with your daughter freshman year.

    McDoogle: Why, what... You fooled around with my daughter?

    Van Wilder: What?

  • Van Wilder: Don't be a fool, wrap your tool.

  • Van Wilder: Crazy kids with their crazy VDs.

  • Van Wilder: if you're always thinking about the future, then you kinda forget about the present.

  • Van Wilder: Wow, If he's here, who's running hell?

  • Van Wilder: It's a date.

    Gwen: It's an interview, not a date.

    Van Wilder: Gwen, first dates are interviews.

  • Van Wilder: Hey look. I read the damn article all right. But don't tell anyone because if word gets out that I read my reputation shot to hell.

  • Van Wilder: I know Ms. Pac-Man is special. She's fun. She's cute. She swallows.

  • Van Wilder: Are you stalking me? Because that would be super.

  • Van Wilder: [while standing pantless next to the freshman] But you know what I've learned in my seven years here at Coolidge... Timmy? I've learned that you can't treat every situation as a life-and-death matter because you'll die a lot of times. Write that down.

    Suicidal Freshman: I don't have a pen.

    Van Wilder: Well remember that then. And you know something, Timmy? I think you've got the balls to make it here. Call me nuts, but I believe in you.

  • Gwen: [Mouths] What are you doing here?

    Van Wilder: [Mouths] I don't know!

  • Van Wilder: All you need is scented candles, massage oil, and Barry White. Write that down. Look at me. No cock pump.

    Taj: No cock pump. Barry White.

  • Van Wilder: The first day of spring semester. A time to say goodbye to the parents once again, and say hello to a few new student bodies.

  • Hutch: I've got a plan. Let's go get fucked up.

    Van Wilder: Sounds good.

  • Van Wilder: I'd like you to meet Sherri and Terri. Two girls utterly infatuated with men who have larger than normal... medulla oblongatas.

  • Van Wilder: Well just take a look at this... ya... doodles... I attended class today just about stayed the whole time too!

    Gwen: I'm glad you went to all your classes today.

    Van Wilder: And a few that weren't mine, I stepped in the wrong room, liked what I heard... stayed.

    Gwen: That's great!

  • Richard: Mr. Wilder here is quite the collegian. He's in his, what? sixth year?

    Van Wilder: Actually, its lucky number seven.

  • Van Wilder: All this time I thought I was more to you than a flaccid story.

  • Sally: [straddling Van and kissing him, turns around and sees Gwen walk into Van's room] You must be Gwen, the truck driver

    Van Wilder: Gwen?

    [chases her outside]

    Gwen: What were you doing up there?

    Van Wilder: As smashed as I am, I'm pretty sure that was my room...

    Van Wilder: [looking back]

    Van Wilder: Wasn't it?

    Gwen: What was that girl, a freshman?

    Van Wilder: She reads at a sophomore level.

  • [Ms. Haver takes a long swig on some liquor]

    Ms. Doris Haver: Oh yeah... that's the shit!

    Van Wilder: You know... I think I'm getting a little coldsore come on... so maybe we shouldn't do this for 3 to 6 weeks?

    Ms. Doris Haver: Shut up, bitch and give me some sugar!

  • Van Wilder: I'm all out of love. I'm so lost without you. I know you were right. Believing for so long.

    Sally: Dope song. What's it called?

    Van Wilder: Gwen Used Me For Her Story, Then Married an Ass Wipe... and Ran Over My Heart With a Big Metaphorical Truck. Originally performed by Air Supply.

  • Gwen: Is it true this is your seventh year at Coolidge?

    Van Wilder: Carry the two, yes that's correct.

  • Van Wilder: [speaking about Gwen's boyfriend Richard] I'll bet he's a tighty whitey guy.

    Gwen: Excuse me?

    Van Wilder: White, elastic band, constricting. You can tell a lot about a person by the kind of drawers they wear. Like you - granny panties I bet.

    Gwen: Does that allude to me being the plain, boring type?

    Van Wilder: Mmmm, no.

    Van Wilder: [sighs]

    Van Wilder: I just wanted the visual.

  • Taj: I would like very much to spend my remaining days here as your assistant.

    Van Wilder: Okay, we're just going do a little word association. Say the first thing that comes to your mind. Milk.

    Taj: Tit! Oh, mommy. Most Indians would say "cow" because they are sacred, but I hear "milk," I think giant jugs. You see, I cannot go home a virgin. I came here to study the great American art of muff diving. To smack clam, munch rug, dine at just one American pink taco stand! You know, I wanted to, how is it, park the porpoise. You know? I want to take it through the car wash, baby. And get it waxed. I want to wax it. Wax it! You know, and air dry. Air dry that shit, yeah! And I would like to be your assistant very much, Mr. Van Wilder.

  • [after a stripper farts in their face]

    Van Wilder: Congratulations Taj, your first blow job!

  • [Stripper farts, blowing white powder over Van, Hutch and Taj. There is a pause before Van whoops and claps in applause]

    Van Wilder: Taj, your first blow job!

    Taj: In my country, a woman's mastery of her gastronomical releases is considered the ultimate aphrodisiac!

  • Van Wilder: Those circus midgets can NOT hold their booze!

  • Van Wilder: I'm sorry, Taj. I'm gonna have to let you go. I don't have the resources to pay for your services anymore.

    Taj: A good soldier does not leave his commander just because he lies wounded, arms torn off at the sockets, intestines spilling out onto the mud, picked at by the birds. I will stay on at no charge.

  • Van Wilder: Don't be a fool, stay in school!

  • Van Wilder: Take your clothes off.

    Gwen: I'm not taking off my clothes.

    Van Wilder: Well it is the naked mile run, everybody else is in their birthday suit.

    [a hairy naked guy runs by]

    Van Wilder: Except that guy.

  • Panos Patakos: Nobody even knows we're here.

    Van Wilder: Au contraire, mon freres.

  • Van Wilder: Whoa, trick or treat. What's going on?

    Richard: This vaginal discharge won't let us partake in the party.

    Van Wilder: Graphic.

  • Richard: Gwen, what are you doing here?

    Van Wilder: You two know each other?

    Richard: That's my girlfriend, gluteus erecti.

  • Van Wilder: Blue - it brings out your eyes. The kid has killer eyes, not unlike yourself - anyone ever tell you that?

    Gwen: Yes, my boyfriend.

    Van Wilder: Your boyfriend? What's his name?

    Gwen: I don't think that's any of your business.

    Van Wilder: [Puts on sunglasses and turns away] You're right

  • Van Wilder: Richard, you rascal, you never told me you were a DIK!

    [under his breath]

    Van Wilder: Not that you had to.

  • Gwen: I'm doing a human interest piece... on you.

    Van Wilder: I'm flattered, I'd love for your piece to be on me.

    [looks up at the ceiling and sighs]

    Van Wilder: ... But sadly I don't do interviews, never have, never will. Do lunch though.

  • Gwen: Well I think it takes a lot more then the kind of underwear one wears to define them as a person.

    [Van looks shocked]

    Van Wilder: Like what?

  • Van Wilder: Well, you haven't lived until you've shot-putted blitzed on Jager!"

  • Van Wilder: I want you all over that ball like a fat kid on a cupcake!

  • Van Wilder: Dinner for two. Me and you. Clothing optional.

  • Van Wilder: You think about the future too much and you kinda forget about the present. Obviously.

  • Taj: Doesn't she have a boyfriend?

    Van Wilder: Details. Only details.

  • McDoogle: Ok, Wilder. Let's dance.

    Van Wilder: It's a good day to die, McDoogle.

  • Van Wilder: If Milty Mingleton can shove himself into that weenie bikini, then you don't need to be shy about making your donations to the swim team.

  • Van Wilder: We'll be accepting donations in the form of cash, visa, and full frontal nudity.

  • Van Wilder: What's that intoxicating scent you're wearing Doris?

    Ms. Doris Haver: I have cats.

    Van Wilder: Meow!

  • Van Wilder: I'm sorry, fellas. The bakery's closed.

  • Van Wilder: [while the dog is walking away, and his balls have shrunk] Looks like all he needed was a little TLC

  • Van Wilder: Was that a...

    [looks away and points]

    Van Wilder: Judges ruling? Uh huh. Yeah.

    [looks back]

    Van Wilder: I do believe that was a joke.

  • Van Wilder: You guys have had the best GPS the last 50 years.

    Panos Patakos: Indeed. But believe it or not, best GPA doesn't get you laid.

    Van Wilder: Damn well should.

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