Van Quotes in Enemy of the State (1998)


Van Quotes:

  • [the NSA team is watching satellite footage of a conversation between Dean and Brill on a rooftop]

    Hicks: Can you get a feature scan and pattern matching on him?

    Van: No, he's smart, he never looks up.

    Jones: Why does he have to look up?

    Fiedler: The satellite is 155 miles above the Earth. It can only look straight down.

    Jones: That's a bit limited, isn't it?

    Van: [Sarcastically] Well, maybe you should design a better one.

    Jones: Maybe I will idiot.

  • Hitomi Kanzaki: Where are you, Van?

    [there is the sound of crying as Hitomi runs around a ghostly tree looking for Van]

    Van: Leave me alone!

    [the voice comes from inside the tree]

    Hitomi Kanzaki: Please come out! Don't leave me alone!

    Van: I can't go back... I can't escape this fight.

    Hitomi Kanzaki: You can!

    Van: You don't understand. I'm always alone.

    Hitomi Kanzaki: I too am alone. It's sad being alone. It's painful. I felt that way too. But if we're together, at times we may hurt each other, and we may even part. But, that is not the end. I'll always be with you.

  • Hitomi Kanzaki: Hey, Van? How long can I stay here?

    Van: Until the Mystic Moon calls you back. Until then, I will always be with you.

    Hitomi Kanzaki: Thank you. We will always be together.

    [a bird flying high above lets out a piercing cry, and Sora's song echoes on the wind]

    Hitomi Kanzaki: Can you here it? Can you here her song?

    [she steps forward, and great white wings appear from her back. then, with the fluttering of a multitude of birds wings beating the air, she is gone]

  • Van: Dragon armour... awaken from your ageless slumber! Your name is Escaflowne! My armour...

  • Hitomi Kanzaki: [Hitomi falls out of the Escaflowne] Who are you?

    Van: [grabs her] You are... are you the goddess of wings?

    Folken: [Hitomi flashback] You are the goddess of wings

    Hitomi Kanzaki: [looking frightened] Wings?... what are you talking about?

    Van: I'm a descendant of the Dragon Clan. My name is Van. I will obey your wishes and orders Goddess of Wings... for the purpose of leading Gaea to your will.

    Hitomi Kanzaki: I...

    Van: I will don this armour... known as the Escaflowne and eliminate anything that gets in the way of your will. Anything.

  • Van: [to Folken, struggling to get up] Even if...

    Hitomi Kanzaki: [worried] Van.

    Van: You destroy all of Gaea... your sadness will not go away.

    Folken: How would you know?

  • [last lines]

    [to Van]

    Minny: Oh, for the love of Chrysler! Can we please ask someone for directions?

    Van: [deranged] No! there's an on-ramp close! I KNOW it! I can FEEL it! Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha!

  • Sarge: Good to see ya, soldier. Come on by Sarge's Surplus Hut for all your government surplus needs.

    Minny: Oh, honey, surplus.

    Van: Honey, we have too much surplus.

  • Van: I don't need a map! I have the GPS. Never need a map again, thank you.

  • [after the dog farted in the tub & his testicles floated to the top]

    Van: These things could raise the Titanic!

  • Van: A judge? Who do you think you are, Lolita? I mean, you lured me in. You sought me out, and then you lie to me? What's that about? Oh that's good. I think I just wrote a song.

  • Van: I'm not out here on jerk patrol just so you could let them in the back way.

  • Van: The new owners couldn't make it work. They had to hire people to stand outside and pretend that they couldn't get in. Anyway, disco's over, it's dead.

    Josh Neff: What do you mean?

    Van: Well, people just don't go out like they used to. They're tired. Some are sick, strung out. Its not just the prosecutions and all the owners that Bernie squealed on.

    Charlotte Pingress: Could part of it be related to the herpes epidemic?

    Van: Maybe. I've got a friend at Casablanca Records and Tapes and she said that like two months ago the bottom dropped out of all disco record sales. Suddenly, it's - dead. Over.

    Josh Neff: God, it's sad.

    Des McGrath: We're getting older. We've lived through a period that's ended. It's like dying a little bit.

  • Van: [about a Ouija board] Dude, we can dial up Marilyn Manson with this shit? Let's get it on!

  • [kisses Linda while her eyes are closed]

    Van: Guess who!

    Linda: Hmm... Simpson?

    Van: No!

    [kisses her again]

    Van: Try again!

    Linda: Finny.

    Van: No!

    [kisses her again]

    Van: Try again!

    Linda: I give up.

    [opens her eyes as they laugh and embrace]

    Linda: Oh! It's a husband!

  • Linda: Well, after all, Van, she is an uncommonly good-looking girl. I don't know of anyone in our crowd who's as attractive, and people aren't willing to believe that looks go with brains.

    Van: Well, one of the smallest troubles we've ever had, Linda, is caring what other people think.

  • Van: I'm all fagged out.

  • Van: Who won the fight?

    Simpson: Rosenblaum. In the third round.

    Van: He did? I owe Finny a night off.

    Simpson: Well with your night off and my three dollars, Finny should do quite well.

    Van: You too? Maybe we should get rid of Finny.

  • [after Linda finds a bracelet hidden in her trout]

    Van: Don't start asking me to go whale fishing.

  • Van: You know, it's amazing how a man can twist logic to suit his own ends.

  • Van: Me? I haven't done that in years. That's work!

  • Van: [getting in a tourist's face] I live here, asshole!

  • Van: [spinning his father's wheelchair around in the middle of the grocery store] I like meat! I like meat! I like meat! I like meat!

  • Van: I had it. The white picket fence life. Good family. Good friends. Good life. Then my dad blew it. Screwed himself up in a car accident. My mom couldn't take it, so she split... taking most of our money with her. I was kinda depressed for awhile, but now I'm doin' all right.

  • Flip: So is he cool?

    Van: You mean will he turn your ass in?

    Flip: Well, yeah.

    Van: Shit, I'd say so. I would.

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