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  • Steve Chase: [walking into junkyard trailerpark] Gypsy... Gypsy Billy... Hey Gyp... C'mon Gyp, I know you're in there... It's me, Steve...

    [enters Gypsy's trailer]

    Steve Chase: I need your help...

    Gypsy Billy: Go away, I'm retired

    Steve Chase: C'mon Gyp, this is a chance for you to get back on your feet

    Gypsy Billy: A mission?

    Steve Chase: The biggest yet

    Gypsy Billy: Nah

    Steve Chase: C'mon Gyp!

    [throws Gypsy out of the bus]

    Gypsy Billy: Ah, it wouldn't work... I couldn't help a one-legged widow fall down the stairs

    Steve Chase: I'm not taking no for an answer... You're coming with me

    Gypsy Billy: I'm not in shape for any big mission

    Steve Chase: All you need to get back into shape is a good bath

    Gypsy Billy: Okay Steve, Okay, but I'm warning you, you're making a big mistake

    Steve Chase: It wouldn't be the first time, but I'll take the chance...

    [they pass Vampire at the gate]

    Steve Chase: ... He's just left

    Vampire: Don't let the gate hit you on the way out

    Gypsy Billy: Hey, what about my security deposit?

    [Vampire hands Gypsy $2]

    Gypsy Billy: Two bucks? I gave you five

    Vampire: Took it out for damages

    Steve Chase: You gonna let him get away with that?

    Gypsy Billy: He's got the franchise

    Steve Chase: It's now or never Gyp

    Gypsy Billy: [grabs Vampire] Vampire, you damn thief, gimme my dough

    Vampire: Let go of me!

    Gypsy Billy: You heard me, my five bucks

    Gypsy Billy: [Vampire whistles, 4 toughs show up, fight ensues, which Gypsy wins] ... Thanks for the help

    [to Steve]

    Steve Chase: Did you really want help?

    Gypsy Billy: Nope

  • Vampire: Your bullets can't hurt me.

  • Vampire: [about Jack, who is missing] I peeked behind the Cyclops' eye - I did! - But he wasn't there.

  • Clown: [of Jack's disappearance] This has never happened before!

    Big Witch, W.W.D.: It's suspicious.

    Small Witch: It's peculiar.

    Vampire: It's scary!

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