Uther Quotes in Excalibur (1981)


Uther Quotes:

  • Uther: The sword. You promised me the sword.

    Merlin: And you shall have it; but to heal, not to hack. Tomorrow, a truce; we meet at the river.

    Uther: Talk. Talk is for lovers, Merlin. I need the sword to be king.

  • Uther: Where have you been?

    Merlin: I have walked my way since the beginning of time. Sometimes I give, sometimes I take, it is mine to know which and when!

    Uther: You must help me, Merlin!

    Merlin: Must I?

    Uther: I am your King!

    Merlin: So! You need me again now that my truce is wrecked! Years to build and moments to ruin! And all for lust!

    Uther: For Igrayne! One night with her. You don't understand, you're not a man. Use the magic. Do it!

    Merlin: [considering] Igrayne... You will swear by your true Kingship... to grant me what I wish, then you shall have it.

    Uther: [kneeling] By Excalibur, I swear it!

    Merlin: What issues from your lust, shall be mine. Swear it again!

    Uther: I SWEAR IT!

  • Uther: [Uther is dying after being ambushed] No-one shall wield Excalibur but me!

    [drives Excalibur into the stone as he dies]

    Merlin: [casting a spell] Whoever pulls the sword from the stone, he shall be king!

    [looking at the infant Arthur]

    Merlin: You, Arthur, you are the one.

  • Uther: Merlin! You come when you're not asked... and pay no heed when I call you!

    Merlin: Oh, I have slept... for nine moons. What I did for you wasn't easy. Now you must pay me... the child is mine, Uther... you swore an oath.

    Uther: They were hasty words, Merlin. This is flesh and blood!

    Igrayne: Uther, is this true? Don't let him take the child!

    Uther: I swore an oath, Igrayne. I made a pact with Merlin.

    Igrayne: It was you, you came to me that night! YOU ARE THE FATHER!

    Uther: To kill and be King... is that all?

    Merlin: You betrayed the Duke, you stole his wife, you took his castle, now no-one trusts you. You're not the one, Uther. Give me the child, I will protect him.


  • Uther: Merlin! Where are you? Call your dragon to weave a mist to hide us!

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