Uriah Heep Quotes in David Copperfield (1935)


Uriah Heep Quotes:

  • Mr. Micawber: [knocking from outside] I assume that this imposing edifice houses the brightest star in my firmament of earthly companions; I allude to Master David Copperfield.

    David - the Man: Micawber!

    Mr. Micawber: [Micawber enters the room] Copperfield!

    David - the Man: Mr. Micawber, how wonderful to see you in Canterbury!

    Mr. Micawber: Thank you, this successful conclusion of my peregrinations through highways and byways is a happy augury that something extraordinary is bound to turn up.

    Uriah Heep: Will you excuse me, please?

    David - the Man: Mr. Micawber, this is Uriah Heep, who works for my good friend Mr. Wickfield.

    Mr. Micawber: How do you do? Any friend of my friend Copperfield has a personal claim on me.

    Uriah Heep: Oh thank you, thank you sir, but I'm too humble to be called a friend, Mr. Micawber. I'm grateful to Mr. Copperfield for his kindness. Now if you'll excuse me...

    [Heep bows and leaves the room]

    Mr. Micawber: A man, I perceive, of remarkable shrewdness.

    [walks to the dining room table]

    Mr. Micawber: Ah, fruit!

    David - the Man: Now tell me, how is Mrs. Micawber?

    Mr. Micawber: Mrs. M. is, I am pleased to state, in statu quo... In short, were it not for unfortunate circumstances, not unconnected with finance...

    David - the Man: Tell me.

    Mr. Micawber: No, no, I should never be able to hold my head erect before my fellow man... Shall I confide in you that we are being held virtually as prisoners at the Sun Inn? The sum involved is admittedly trifling.

    David - the Man: Oh, you must allow me.

    [offers some money to Mr. Micawber]

    Mr. Micawber: Never, never!

    David - the Man: Oh please, I insist.

    Mr. Micawber: [accepts David's money] You overwhelm me, your generosity floors me!

    Mr. Micawber: [sings] Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind?

  • Mr. Micawber: [entering the room] Miss Trotwood, Mr. Copperfield, and Mr. Dick.

    Uriah Heep: Well, this is an unexpected pleasure, Miss Trotwood.

    [chuckles nervously]

    Uriah Heep: There have been some changes in the office since I was an humble clerk, but I'm not changed, Miss Trotwood.

    Aunt Betsy Trotwood: I think you're pretty constant to the promise of your youth, if that's any satisfaction to you.

    Uriah Heep: Oh, thank you for your good opinion.

    David - the Man: No good opinion is wasted on you, Uriah Heep.

    Uriah Heep: Still seeking a quarrel, Master Copperfield?

    David - the Man: I'm seeking more than that.

  • Uriah Heep: [Agnes and Mr. Wickfield enter the room] Don't wait, Micawber! What are you waiting for?

    Mr. Micawber: Because... because... In short, I choose!

    Uriah Heep: Oh, you were always a worthless fellow, as all the world knows; you'll oblige me to get rid of you. Now you go along, I'll talk to you presently.

    Mr. Micawber: If there's a scoundrel in all this world with whom I have talked too much, that scoundrel's name is... Heep!

    Uriah Heep: Ah, I see. A conspiracy, eh?

    [to David]

    Uriah Heep: Well, we understand each other, you and me. There's no love between us. You was always a puppy with a proud stomach from your first coming here. You envy me my rise! You'll make nothing of this, I'll match you!

    David - the Man: Mr. Micawber, there's a change in this fellow that assures me we're right. Deal with him as he deserves.

    Uriah Heep: [grunts] Precious set of people, ain't you, trying to buy me clerk over? The very scum, as you yourself was, Copperfield, before anyone had charity on you!

    Uriah Heep: [turns to the Wickfields] Miss Wickfield, if you have any love for your father, don't you join them, because if you do, I'll ruin him!

    Mr. Micawber: Scoundrel!

    [opens and reads a letter]

    Mr. Micawber: "Miss Wickfield, Mr. Wickfield, and others whom it may concern: In denouncing the most consummate villain that ever existed, I ask no consideration for myself, but I declare that Heep, and Heep only of the firm of Wickfield & Heep is the forger and cheat!"

    Uriah Heep: [Heep lunges at Mr. Micawber] Liar! Give me it! I'll get even with you for this! You went and carried out my orders; you're in it as much as I!

    Mr. Micawber: [raises his cane] Approach me, approach me, you... you... Heep of infamy! And if your head is human, I'll break it! I cast off your yoke, I defy you!

    [points his cane at Uriah Heep]

    Mr. Micawber: Come on! Come on! Come on!

    Mr. Micawber: [resumes reading from the letter] "My charges against Heep are as follows: First, he has caused Mr. Wickfield to sign documents of importance, representing them as of no importance, thereby empowering Heep to draw out trust monies."

    Uriah Heep: Prove this you; Copperfield - all in good time I -


    Mr. Micawber: [continues reading the letter] "Second: Heep has systematically forged in various books and documents the signature of Mr. Wickfield. I have in my possession several imitations of Mr. Wickfield's signature; the work of this monster, Heep!"

    Mr. Micawber: [continues reading] "I am now concluded, and although poverty and imprisonment may follow, I trust the labour of these investigations may be as a sprinkling of sweet water on my funeral pyre, I ask no more. Nay, in justice, let it be said of me, as of a gallant Naval hero, that what I have done, I did for England, home, and duty. Yours, et cetera, etc., etc., Wilkins Micawber."

  • Uriah Heep: [runs to the wall safe, opens it] The books! The books are gone! Who stole the books?

    Mr. Micawber: I did, when you gave me the keys this morning as usual.

    David - the Man: Don't be uneasy, they're in my possession now. I'll take care of them.

    Uriah Heep: Oh, so you receive stolen goods now, do you?

    David - the Man: In these circumstances, yes.

    Uriah Heep: Hmm, what do you want done?

    David - the Man: I'll tell you what must be done; Mr. Wickfield, please.

    David - the Man: First, the deed of partnership must be given over to me now, here.

    Uriah Heep: Supposing I haven't got it.

    Aunt Betsy Trotwood: But you have, therefore we won't suppose that.

    [Heep hands the deeds to David]

    David - the Man: Then you must return the bonds you've taken and all the money you've appropriated to the last penny. All the partnership books and papers must remain in our possession.

    Uriah Heep: Must they? I don't know about that. I must have time to think about it.

    David - the Man: Certainly, in the meantime, you may wish to repose in Maidstone Jail.

    [tursn to Mr. Dick]

    David - the Man: Mr. Dick, will you go around and get a couple of officers?

    Mr. Dick: With the greatest pleasure.

    Uriah Heep: No no, don't let's be hasty, don't let's be hasty.

    [turns to David]

    Uriah Heep: Master Copperfield, we've lost our tempers perhaps, and no need of that. I'm a very humble person, Master Copperfield, I've no wish to rise above my place.

    [Heep unlocks the desk drawer, Copperfield takes the bonds from Heep's hands]

    David - the Man: The keys.

    [Mr. Micawber takes the keys from Heep]

    Uriah Heep: Is that all, Master Copperfield?

    David - the Man: Yes.

    Uriah Heep: Then I humbly beg to wish you all a very good day.

    [David returns the papers to Mr. Wickfield as Uriah Heep leaves the room]

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