Ulysses Quotes in Le fatiche di Ercole (1958)


Ulysses Quotes:

  • Ulysses: My father said you put strength ahead of everything, but I know you want us to use our forces only to serve our intelligence.

    Ercole: And you are right. Alright. Now, you will stay by my side and I'll teach you to fight. But not only with your hands. And some day, your friends and enemies will honor you and name you the wise.

  • Ulysses: That's very good, a fine jump. But next time, try to end up on your feet.

    Ercole: I wanted you to notice me. I want to be like you, Hercules.

    Ulysses: And you will, my boy, because you have a strong will.

  • Ulysses: Greetings, fellow pirates.

    Agamemnon: This is a righteous war we plan, Ulysses. A war of defense aggression.

    Ulysses: A very neat sort of righteousness.

  • Agamemnon: We cannot plan without Achilles of Thessaly. But, he hates my brother and me so much, I doubt...

    Ulysses: He hates you almost as much as he loves war. In fact, in order to lock himself from all temptation of joining with us, he hid himself securely - in a house of women.


    Ulysses: That's where I found him! Hiding from all persuasion - dressed as a woman.

    Menelaus: Did you persuade him?

    Ulysses: Oh yes, he's here, at the stables, seeing to the care of his horses.

    Agamemnon: Achilles! A blushing girl!

    Menelaus: I shall commend him for the beauty of his face and figure.

  • Achilles: Take your hands off her!

    Ulysses: What's this? A warrior commanding his commander?

    Achilles: She's mine, Agamemnon!

    Agamemnon: Great as you are, I'm still your Chieftain. Protector of all the spoils of war. Take her to my quarters.

    Achilles: Agamemnon, if you take this girl, I shall stay home.

    Agamemnon: Then, fly, mighty warrior, fly!

  • Ercole: [discussing whether Ulysses's arrow hit Hercules's discus dead center] Sorry, you missed it, Ulysses.

    Ulysses: It was a bulls-eye. Ask Penolope.

    Ercole: No, you missed it.

    Ulysses: I'll go find the discus and prove I'm right.

    Penelope: You'd have to make half a day's journey to look for it.

  • Ulysses: If I were human, Frankie, it would be simple: I would fall in love with you.

  • Ulysses: It takes a man this sensitive to know your needs!

  • Ulysses: When I was a soldier, my fingers were frost-bitten. Since then, when I get cold there is a pain.

    Edward Wilson: Maybe you shouldn't live in Russia.

  • Ulysses: Friends can be enemies, and enemies friends.

  • Ulysses: Hello, I believe you know me as Ulysses. Do you know what our code name is for you... it's "Mother". Yes, they said you were the quiet type. But your silence speaks volumes, what is the saying? "Your silence is deafening," yes that is it. You will be a great advesary Mother, hopefully for many years.

  • Edward Wilson: If we continue down this road, there will be a third world war. I dont think either of us wants a real war.

    Ulysses: What would you do for a living then ?

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