Ultra Magnus Quotes in The Transformers: The Movie (1986)


Ultra Magnus Quotes:

  • Perceptor: I fear the wounds are... fatal.

    Daniel: [long pause] Prime, you can't die.

    Optimus Prime: Do not grieve. Soon I shall be one with the Matrix.

    Hot Rod: Prime.

    Optimus Prime: Ultra Magnus, it is to you, old friend, I shall pass the Matrix of Leadership as it was passed to me.

    Ultra Magnus: But Prime, I'm... I'm just a soldier. I... I'm not worthy.

    Optimus Prime: Nor was I. But one day, an Autobot shall rise from our ranks, and use the power of the Matrix to light our darkest hour.

    [opens his chest to reveal the Matrix. Removes it and begins to hand it over to Ultra Magnus]

    Optimus Prime: Until that day, till all are one.

    [the Matrix starts to fall to the ground. Hot Rod catches it, gives it to Ultra Magnus. Ultra Magnus inserts it inside. Optimus Prime dies]

  • Ultra Magnus: Blurr, get the Dinobots in the shuttle!

    Blurr: [speaking quickly] I'm trying to get them in the shuttle, Ultra Magnus. 'Cause I know we can't launch the shuttle until I get them into the shuttle. But I can't seem to get them into the shuttle 'cause they're impossible, impossible, impossible!

    Ultra Magnus: Okay, forget it! Kup, Hot Rod, you guys get the Dinobots aboard and get out of here.

    Hot Rod: [lassoing Grimlock's neck] Come on, you big bozo, get in the shuttle!

  • Ultra Magnus: [straining] Open, damn it, open! Prime, you said the Matrix would light our darkest hour.

  • Perceptor: Ultra Magnus, a cursory evaluation of Decepticon capability indicates a distinct tactical deficiency!

    Ultra Magnus: In other words, Perceptor...?

    Springer: We're outnumbered!

  • Springer: Kup and Hot Rod just bought it.

    Ultra Magnus: I can't deal with that right now.

    Springer: Face it, Magnus. The Decepticons are going to dog us until they see us dead.

    Ultra Magnus: Then that's exactly what they're going to see. Prepare for emergency seperation.

    Perceptor: That's too dangerous.

    Ultra Magnus: What choice do we have?

  • Galvatron: I, Galvatron, will crush you just as Megatron crushed Prime!

    Ultra Magnus: Then you'll die trying just like Megatron!

    [Ultra Magnus fires his laser and hits Galvatron]

    Galvatron: Argh! Autobot scrap!

    Cyclonus: You want me to gut Ultra Magnus?

    Galvatron: There are plenty of Autobots for you. Ultra Magnus is mine!

  • Jazz: Roger me. Wilco me. Anything. Hello. Hello. Earth?

    Blaster: I'm pickin' up a faint signal!

    [He transforms into a ghetto blaster and monitors the message]

    Jazz: This is Jazz. A ginormous weird lookin' planet just showed up in the suburbs of Cybertron.

    Cliffjumper: And it's attacking Moon Base One...

    [static obscures the message]

    Ultra Magnus: Jazz! Cliffjumper!

  • Arcee: Did we have to let them detonate three-quarters of the ship?

    Springer: Seeing as how they would have detonated four-quarters, I think it was a good choice.

    Arcee: But then how are we gonna get there in this wreck?

    Ultra Magnus: Perceptor, can you locate a place to set down for repairs?

    Perceptor: Gamma waves in this sector of space create marginal navigation probabilities, however...

    [Ultra Magnus and Springer look impatient]

    Perceptor: Ahem, yes I believe I can. The planet of Junk is in this vicinity.

  • Ultra Magnus: You're all alive!

    Hot Rod: The Matrix?

    Ultra Magnus: It's gone...

    Kup: And with it all hope.

    Hot Rod: No!

    Arcee: Galvatron has it.

    Hot Rod: Where's Galvatron? Where is he?

    Wreck-Gar: And the answer is... Unicron!

  • Ultra Magnus: Springer, you and Arcee transform Autobot City. Perceptor, tell Blaster to radio Prime for reinforcements.

    Blurr: [speaking very fast] What about me, Magnus? What about me? Hmm? Huh? Hmm? Huh? Hmm? Huh? I can help. I wanna help. What about me?

    Ultra Magnus: Blurr, you can help me alert the others.

    Blurr: [speaking very fast] Absolutely, positively, definitely. Nobody can get the job done faster than I can. Nobody. Nobody. Nobody.

    Springer: Come on, Arcee, let's go.

    Arcee: But Hot Rod and Kup are still outside the city.

    Springer: We can't wait. They'll have to take care of themselves. Come on!

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