Ulla Quotes in The Producers (2005)


Ulla Quotes:

  • Leo Bloom: So what time can you get here?

    Ulla: Well, Ulla wake up every morning at five AM. From five to seven, Ulla excercise. From seven to eight Ulla take long shower. From eight to nine Ulla eat big Swedish breakfast. Many different herrings. From nine to eleven, Ulla practice her singing und her dancing. And at eleven, Ulla like to have sex. So, what time should Ulla get here?

    Leo BloomMax Bialystock: ...Eleven.

    Ulla: Good! Ulla will come at eleven!

    Max Bialystock: [holding his head in his hands] Ulla will come at eleven...

    Ulla: God dag min vannina!

    Leo BloomMax Bialystock: God dag min vannina... ninna...

    Ulla: God bless America!

    [Ulla leaves]

    Max Bialystock: God bless Sweden!

  • Ulla: My name is Ulla Inka Hanson Benson Yanson Tallen Hallen Swadon Swanson.

    Max Bialystock: What is your first name?

    Ulla: Oh that was my first name. Would you like to hear my last name?

    Max Bialystock: We don't have the time.

  • Judge: And who might you be, my dear?

    Ulla: Ulla Inga Hansen Bensen Yonsen Tallen-Hallen Svaden-Svanson... Bloom.

    Judge: You're HIS wife?

    Ulla: He wouldn't do it unless we got married!

    Judge: What a schmuck!

  • Ulla: [sung] Violinists love to play an E-string, but audiences really love a G-string!

  • Ulla: [nervously] Okey-dokey... you like it?

    Max Bialystock: Lik-, like it? I want you to know, my dear, that even though we are sitting down, we are giving you a *standing ovation*.

    [Leo and Max both cross legs uncomfortably]

  • Max Bialystock: [after hearing Ulla's huge name] What's your first name?

    Ulla: That was my first name. You wanna hear my last name?

    Max Bialystock: Sorry. We don't have time.

  • Ulla: Would you like Ulla make audition?

    Leo Bloom: That won't be nece...

    Max Bialystock: Yes, it is nece! Extremely nece!

  • Ulla: Secretary-slash-receptionist? Okie-slash-dokie!

  • Ulla: So, Mr. Bloom. Ve are all alone.

    Leo Bloom: Yes, ve are.

  • Ulla: Why Bloom go so far camera right?

  • Ulla: Mr. Bloom! Leo!

    [running towards Leo]

    Ulla: Your tie is all askew!

    Leo Bloom: Askew?

    [Leo lovingly looks on as Ulla adjusts is bowtie]

    Leo Bloom: Well, thank you, Ulla. Have a good show.

    [Leo and Ulla immediately embrace and kiss one another]

    Leo Bloom: [after releasing himself from Ulla's kiss and embrace] Roll'em in the aisles.

    Ulla: Okie-Dokie. I will try to. But there's just so many of them.

  • Ulla: Remember ven Ulla Dance?

    Leo BloomMax Bialystock: Ja.

    Ulla: Ulla dance again!

    Max Bialystock: ULLA DANCE AGAIN!

  • Ulla: [Ulla finds Leo hanging on the closet door] Leo, what happened? I know - you hung up your coat while you were still in it!

  • Ulla: Goddag pÃ¥ dig!

    Leo Bloom: Uh, I beg your pardon?

    Ulla: Goddag på dig!

    Leo Bloom: Ah, gut da! Max, have you gone mad? A receptionist who can't speak English? What will people say?

    Max Bialystock: They'll say, "A wuma wa wa wa wa!"

  • Max Bialystock: Ulla! Go get car!

    Ulla: Ja, ja! We go to motel?

    Max Bialystock: No. I go with Mr. Bloom.

    Ulla: You and Mr. Bloom go to motel?

    Max Bialystock: No! Get car!

    Ulla: Get car!

  • Ulla: [Sees Max and Leo and takes off dress] We make love?

    Max Bialystock: No, we don't make love. Go to work.

    [Ulla starts dancing to music on record player]

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