Tyrell Quotes in Richard III (1955)


Tyrell Quotes:

  • Richard III: Darest thou resolve to kill a friend of mine?

    Tyrell: Please you, but I'd rather kill two enemies.

  • Heywood: [talking about Fat Ass] Hey Tyrell. You pulling infirmary duty this week?

    Tyrell: [nods] Yep.

    Heywood: How's that winning horse of mine doing?

    Tyrell: Dead. Hadley busted up his head pretty good. Doc went home for the night. Poor bastard laid there till this morning. By then, there was nothing we could do.

  • Tyrell: Don't get her started all right. It's a long fucked up story and you probably won't believe it anyway. All I know is that this is the worst vacation of my life. I'm tired, I'm hungry, I'm fucking horny and I ain't seen one goddamn psycho killer.

  • Tyrell: See anybody out there? How about Freddy or Jason or somebody?

    [Karla stares at him, disgusted]

  • Karla Wilson: Hey, you gotta hang in there.

    Will Benson: Any advice?

    Tyrell: Yeah... Find another Jacuzzi

  • Tyrell: [Tyrell explains to Roy why he can't extend his lifespan] The facts of life... to make an alteration in the evolvement of an organic life system is fatal. A coding sequence cannot be revised once it's been established.

    Batty: Why not?

    Tyrell: Because by the second day of incubation, any cells that have undergone reversion mutation give rise to revertant colonies, like rats leaving a sinking ship; then the ship... sinks.

    Batty: What about EMS-3 recombination?

    Tyrell: We've already tried it - ethyl, methane, sulfinate as an alkylating agent and potent mutagen; it created a virus so lethal the subject was dead before it even left the table.

    Batty: Then a repressor protein, that would block the operating cells.

    Tyrell: Wouldn't obstruct replication; but it does give rise to an error in replication, so that the newly formed DNA strand carries with it a mutation - and you've got a virus again... but this, all of this is academic. You were made as well as we could make you.

    Batty: But not to last.

    Tyrell: The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long - and you have burned so very, very brightly, Roy. Look at you: you're the Prodigal Son; you're quite a prize!

    Batty: I've done... questionable things.

    Tyrell: Also extraordinary things; revel in your time.

    Batty: Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you into heaven for.

  • Tyrell: "More human than human" is our motto.

  • Deckard: She's a replicant, isn't she?

    Tyrell: I'm impressed. How many questions does it usually take to spot them?

    Deckard: I don't get it, Tyrell.

    Tyrell: How many questions?

    Deckard: Twenty, thirty, cross-referenced.

    Tyrell: It took more than a hundred for Rachael, didn't it?

    Deckard: [realizing Rachael believes she's human] She doesn't know.

    Tyrell: She's beginning to suspect, I think.

    Deckard: Suspect? How can it not know what it is?

  • [Batty wants Tyrell to extend his lifespan]

    Tyrell: Would you... like to be upgraded?

    Batty: I had in mind something a little more radical.

    Tyrell: What... what seems to be the problem?

    Batty: Death.

    Tyrell: Death; ah, well that's a little out of my jurisdiction. You...

    Batty: *I want more life, fucker/father!* (IMDb Editor's note: see trivia section for details)

  • Tyrell: I'm surprised you didn't come here sooner.

    Batty: It's not an easy thing to meet your maker.

    Tyrell: What could he do for you?

    Batty: Can the maker repair what he makes?

  • Tyrell: Is this to be an empathy test? Capillary dilation of the so-called blush response? Fluctuation of the pupil. Involuntary dilation of the iris...

    Deckard: We call it Voight-Kampff for short.

  • Tyrell: We began to recognize in them a strange obsession. After all, they are emotionally inexperienced, with only a few years in which to store up the experiences which you and I take for granted. If we gift them with a past, we create a cushion or a pillow for their emotions, and consequently, we can control them better.

    Deckard: Memories! You're talking about memories!

  • Tyrell: Milk and cookies kept you awake, eh, Sebastian?

  • Tyrell: Commerce is our goal, here. More human than human.

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