Turin Guide Quotes in The Pink Panther 2 (2009)


Turin Guide Quotes:

  • [first lines]

    British Librarian: [inside the British Library] I now bring to your attention one of the most stunning treasures inside the British Library's entire collection: the Magna Carta.

    [the tourists murmur at the stolen Magna Carta display, with The Tornado's calling card left at the scene]

    Turin Guide: [inside the Turin Chapel] And now, over here, perhaps the most cherished ancient artifact in the Western world: the Shroud of Turin.

    [the tourists gasp at the empty display case, with the Tornado's calling card at the scene of the crime]

    Japanese Curator: [inside the Kyoto palace, where the policemen and museum curator arrive at the scene; the curator gasps as The Tornado has left another calling card where the Imperial Sword has been stolen] The Imperial sword!

    Joubert's Secretary: [at the French government offices in Paris, to Joubert] Chief Inspector Dreyfus is here to see you.

    Joubert: Chief Inspector.

    Dreyfus: Sir.

    Joubert: I'm sure you know why you're here: the British, the Italians, and the Japanese are assembling an elite squad of their finest detectives, an international Dream Team to track down this... Tornado.

    Dreyfus: And, uh, France will be represented?

    Joubert: Exactly.

    Dreyfus: I am honored, but not surprised. This is the culmination of my career... the moment that I've been waititing for all my life.

    Joubert: No, no, no.

    Dreyfus: Well, not all my life, perhaps...

    Joubert: No, no...

    Dreyfus: No, nevertheless...

    Joubert: They want Clouseau, since he is considered the top detective in the world. We have been asked if Clouseau is available to lead the Dream Team.

    Dreyfus: Clouseau?

    Joubert: Yes, yes.

    [Dreyfus remains silent from shock at the mention of Clouseau's name]

    Joubert: Is there something wrong?

    Dreyfus: No, no, not at all. Um, would you mind if I uh, use your bathroom just for a moment?

    Joubert: Certainly.

    Dreyfus: Thank you.

    [Dreyfus leaves Joubert's office and enters a bathroom]

    Dreyfus: Clouseau...

    [Dreyfus bangs his head on the wall and sink counter in frustration, then pushes the toilet's handle; a moment later, he re-enters Joubert's office]

    Dreyfus: I'm afraid, sir, that Clouseau is currently occupied.

    Joubert: What?

    Dreyfus: I've assigned him to a mission so important for our country, that I fear for our national security if he was taken off it.

    Insp. Jacques Clouseau: [Clouseau is on parking meter duty in a park near the Eiffel Tower; he takes out a tape measure, and measures the distance between a parked car and the curb] Clearly a violation, parking ticket.

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