Turbo Quotes in Undisputed 3: Redemption (2010)


Turbo Quotes:

  • Turbo: Where I'm from, there ain't shit for free.

    Uri Boyka: Well, where I'm from, everything was for free, and it was all shit.

  • Turbo: [in solitary confinement in jail] Yo Russia, Russia! I need to take a shit.


    Turbo: Say man I need to take a shit and I can't find no place to do it.


    Turbo: Yo!

    Uri Boyka: [also in in solitary confinement - shouting] What?

    Turbo: Fuckin' need to take a shit and I can't find no place to do it man. What you think I should do?

    Uri Boyka: [first looks up at some steel bars hanging from the ceiling] I think you should fuckin' hang yourself.

    Turbo: Fuck you.

  • Uri Boyka: You need to shut your fucking mouth.

    [drops hammer in preparation to fight]

    Turbo: You want some? Here it comes.

  • Turbo: Why are you doing this?

    Uri Boyka: you ask too many fucking questions.

  • Turbo: [On their way to the quarry] This is some fucking bullshit. This is a fucking joke.

    Uri Boyka: Maybe we can turn this around. We can turn it to our advantage.

    Turbo: Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. How?

    Uri Boyka: We can say this is work or we can say this is training.

  • Turbo: What's wrong with your knee?

    Uri Boyka: I'm fine.

    Turbo: You don't act like you're fine.

    Uri Boyka: I said I'm fine.

    Turbo: [Grabs some wild flowers] Squeze that in your hand. Take the oil and rub it on your knee. Do it.

    Uri Boyka: How do you know this?

    Turbo: Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. I know a whole lot of shit, Russia.

  • Warden Kuss: I want to talk to you about your training partner.

    Turbo: My who?

    Warden Kuss: The Russian.

    Turbo: Well, you gonna have to talk to the Russian about the Russian.

    Warden Kuss: I understand you two have become sexual.

    Turbo: What you say? Because sometimes my hearing comes and goes.

    Warden Kuss: They say you two are lovers. You should know we don't allow such perversions in this institution.

    Turbo: I'm gonna fucking kill you!

  • Turbo: [Shoots the warden and its soldiers dead] You fucked with the wrong nigga. Let's go.

    Uri Boyka: Why did you do this?

    Turbo: [Imitates Boyka's accent] Stop asking so many fucking questions.

  • Uri Boyka: I have to win.

    Turbo: You have to win?

    Uri Boyka: You would not understand.

    Turbo: Try me.

    Uri Boyka: God has given me a gift. Only one. I am the most complete fighter in the world. My whole life, I've trained. For what? I must prove I am worthy of something.

    Turbo: Damn. I'm gonna feel bad when I'm whipping that ass.

  • Philo: Look at this shit man! 13 dollars and some change, this fucking broad!

    Turbo: This watch ain't nothin' to brag about, it's phoney cartier!

    Philo: Lets go man!

    Turbo: Did you see the look on her face when I put it through her?

    Philo: [Laughs]

    Turbo: I like it when their faces go crazy like that, when they think the world has gone psycho and there's no way out.

    [The Exterminator shows up and torches them both]

  • Scooter: [watching Nuggit convert from rock to robot form for the first time] Would you look at that? That's amazing!

    Turbo: Aw, what's so amazing about it? We do it all the time!

  • Solitaire: Thank you for all of your help. Now that Magmar's been defeated he knows that we're a force to be reckoned with.

    Nuggit: Hey Scooter thanks for fixing my jetpacks for me.

    Scooter: Just remember practise makes perfect.

    Brimstone: Once we've defeated Magmar for good we can start to rebuild.

    Leader-1: Call us if you need any help.

    Solitaire: We will.

    Nick: [as Narliephant jumps up and sniffs Scooter] I think he wants you to stay Scoot.

    Scooter: Don't worry boy. I'll be back.

    Turbo: Time to go Scooter.

    [Everyone says their goodbyes]

  • Turbo: I'm gonna wrap your spokes around your ugly face, Cy-Kill!

    Cy-Kill: Dream on, Turbo.

  • Leader-1: Very good, Nuggit, you're a gem.

    Nuggit: Not technically. You see, gems are quite different.

    Turbo: This guy's as bad as Scooter.

  • Turbo: [after Boulder defeated and rock dinosaur] You did it!

    Leader-1: That's some weapon you have Boulder. Why did you wait until now to use it?

    Boulder: Because as Magmar's power grows stronger the scepter's power grows weaker. I was saving its power for the right moment. I couldn't let my friends perish.

    [Marbles looks embarrassed]

  • Turbo: Welcome to the boss level!

  • [last words]

    Turbo: You fools! Why are you going into the lig...?

    [gets hypnotized by the light and starts flying into it]

    Turbo: No... no... yes... no... don't... go into the light...!

  • Turbo: Because of you, Ralph, I'm now the most powerful virus in the arcade! I should thank you. But... it'd be more fun to kill you!

  • [repeated Line]

    Turbo: Turbo-Tastic!

  • Turbo: Are you crazy?

    Whiplash: Yeah, I'm crazy! What made you think I was sane?

  • Chet: Theo, What happens if you wake up tomorrow, and your powers are gone?

    Turbo: Then I better make the most of today.

  • White Shadow: [Emerges from the shadows] Here one moment, gone the next! I'm so fast you can only see my shadow. White Shadow!

    Turbo: I don't get it.

    White Shadow: I'm fast, like a shadow!

    Turbo: But shadows, they're not inheretly fast.

    White Shadow: [Crawls back into the shadows] White Shadow!

    Turbo: I can still see you.

  • Chet: With the television gone, you can stop watching races and get on with your life.

    Turbo: I have a life?

  • Turbo: [arriving into work] And so begins another beautiful work week at... the plant.

  • Turbo: It's time to kick some monster ass!

  • Turbo: You owe me seven dollars man.

    Franco: For what?

    Turbo: For teaching you how to dance sucker.

  • Turbo: [Talking in the mirror, using a broomstick as a microphone] I want, to thank you for this award. It's the recognition for my peers, it's all those agonizing days, teaching Ozone everything I know.

    Ozone: I don't want to stay, all night don't you? Why don't you, go out and sweep man?

    Turbo: Award winners, don't push brooms.

    Ozone: Yeah, go out and sweep, kucklehead. Who are you anyway, Fred Astaire?

    Turbo: Who?

    Turbo: [dances to breakdance music, with the broom]

  • Turbo: Man, I am hungry, gimme some food!

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