Tuba Section Leader Quotes in Drumline (2002)


Tuba Section Leader Quotes:

  • Dr. Lee: Good morning.

    The Band: Good morning.

    Dr. Lee: Good morning to music. Good morning and welcome to Atlanta A&T University marching band training. The next two weeks will be your introduction and possibly induction into a great marching band legacy. If you are here, it's because you believe in musicianship. If you are here it's because you believe in Coltrane, Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder, and the elements known as Earth, Wind, and Fire. If you are here, it's because you have a fervent, unequivocal belief in teamwork.

    [Several students just arrive at the A&T field]

    Dr. Lee: And if you wish to remain here, you better start believing in being on time.

    [looks at Ernest]

    Dr. Lee: You...

    [points to him]

    Dr. Lee: who's your roommate?

    Ernest: Uh, Devon... Miles, sir.

    Dr. Lee: [looks at Devon, walks off the platform, and approaches him] Eyes front!

    Devon: Hey, what's up, Dr. Lee?

    Dr. Lee: It's all good, Mr. Miles, glad to have you here.

    Devon: Thank you, sir.

    Dr. Lee: Why was he late?

    Devon: I, um... guess he overslept.

    Dr. Lee: Well, why didn't you wake him?

    Devon: I'm not his mother, sir.

    Dr. Lee: I asked Mr. Miles why his roommate was late, he says he guesses he overslept. I asked, "Why didn't you wake him?" and he says he is not his mother. Section leaders, what is our concept?

    SeanTuba Section LeaderSax Section LeaderTrumpet Section Leader: One band, one sound!

    Dr. Lee: One band, one sound. When one of us is late, we are all late. When one of us looks or sounds bad, we all look and sound bad. So what's the concept?

    The Band: One band, one sound.

    Dr. Lee: Now I want ten laps from those who are not their roommates' mama.

  • Trumpet Section Leader: Trumpets are the voice of the band. We are the melody. We are the clarity.

    Tuba Section Leader: Tubas are the most important section of this band, boy! Tubas are the boom!

    Sax Section Leader: Saxophones are the truth, the funk, and the hook. See, once they see us, they recognize...

    [percussion section claps to a beat]

    Sean: We are the heart... and the soul. Without the percussion section, the band doesn't move, doesn't come alive.

    [places a hand on Devon's shoulder as he and his co-percussionists clap faster]

    Sean: We are the pulse. Without a pulse, you're dead.

    [signals a stop to the clapping]

    Sean: That's why we're the most important section in this band.

    [percussion section splits up at the call for a ten-minute break]

    Sean: Whoa... where the hell are you going?

    Devon: He said, "take a break."

    Sean: Did I say, "take a break"?

    Devon: No.

    Sean: No.

    Devon: No, big dog, I mean, sir.

    Sean: We do not rest with the band at performance, and we do not rest with the band at practice. Give me 30 push-ups.

    Devon: [gets down on the ground with the rest of his section] Oh.

    Sean: You got a problem?

    Devon: No man, you want 30 push-ups, you got 30 push-ups.

    Sean: Make it 32.

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