Truck Turner Quotes in Truck Turner (1974)


Truck Turner Quotes:

  • Annie: So, this is your idea of a good night, huh. Get me drunk and then screw me.

    Truck Turner: Okay, okay, we'll get something to eat first.

  • Truck Turner: You Dorinda?

    Dorinda: Who want to know?

    Truck Turner: Since I'm asking, it must be me.

  • Dorinda: You don't look like cops, but you smell like trouble.

    Truck Turner: Trouble, me? If I was, I wouldn't stand a chance with you, Mama.

  • Jerry: You didn't get shit!

    Truck Turner: Just follow the bouncing ball, nigger.

  • Truck Turner: Anybody ask you what happened, tell 'em you been hit by a truck: Mac 'Truck' Turner!

  • [Moments after he shot Reno dead, Truck and Annie head to Truck's apartment]

    Annie: Truck, talk to me. Do you know him?

    Truck Turner: I told ya, I don't know him.

    Annie: Well, then why were they shooting at us?

    Truck Turner: I don't know, but I'll find out. I'm gonna find out.

    [Truck opens the door and, shocked, both he and Annie sees Harvard Blue on the couch cuddling Frances the cat. Annie screams and hides in front of Truck; Truck pulls out his revolver]

    Truck Turner: [to Annie] Come on in. Come on, close the door.

    [to Harvard]

    Truck Turner: What do ya want, man?

    Harvard Blue: Checkin' you out, "man".

    Truck Turner: What is all this shootin' shit outside?

    Harvard Blue: [Chuckles as he stands up] The sky's about to open on your head. Better retire. Take a vacation. Lay on a beach for about 90 years.

    Truck Turner: [cocks hammer] You've got ten seconds. One, two, three, four five, six, seven...

    Harvard Blue: [leaves] Be cool, pussy.

    Truck Turner: ...eight.

  • Truck Turner: You hurt?

    Jerry: No, I'm indestructible! Hey man, it looks like we get a bonus.

    Truck Turner: Yeah.

    [the topless blonde storms out of Gator's hideout. Enraged, she stabs Jerry in the shoulder with a pair of scissors. Jerry collapses. Truck jumps off a garage and charges at the blonde, who backs away scared. Truck then knocks her out unconscious]

    Truck Turner: Bitch!

  • Desmond: [Truck grabs a valuable statue of Desmond's] Easy! That thing cost me a lot of zuzu's, you dig?

    Truck Turner: This ain't my year. Here's a pimp, patio full of whores.. I'm the one getting fucked... nah!

    [smashes the statue]

  • Truck Turner: [yawns as he's getting dressed; to Frances, Annie's cat] Oh, Frances. Frances, I've forgot to feed ya last night. I'm sorry about that.

    [Truck looks in the mirror and finds that Frances peed on his shirt by a wet stain on his right side. Truck smells it and become cross]

    Truck Turner: [angry at Frances] You pissed on my shirt! My last goddamned shirt. You fuck-ass son-of-a-bitch. Get your ass off of there!

    [shoves Frances off his bureau]

  • [Truck and Annie return from the hospital to see Truck's apartment ransacked by Harvard Blue's "insurance company" mob. Seconds later, they both see Annie's cat, Frances, hung to death]

    Annie: [screams in horror; sobbing] Truck, they got Frances! TRUCK, THEY GOT FRANCES!

    Truck Turner: Come on. Come on, there's nothing you can do for the cat.

    Annie: [wails] Truck...

    Truck Turner: Let's go. Let's get outta here.

    [Truck grabs Annie and they leave the ransacked apartment]

    Annie: [sobbing continues] Oh, God! Oh!

  • [At Gator's hideout, the phone is ringing as Gator loads bullets into his gun]

    Topless Blonde: Gator, aren't you gonna answer it?

    Richard Leroy 'Gator' Johnson: [yells] That's your job. Pick up that goddamn telephone, you dumb bitch!

    Topless Blonde: [answers the phone] Hello?

    [to Gator]

    Topless Blonde: I think it's for you.

    Richard Leroy 'Gator' Johnson: For me? How the hell could it be for me?

    [snatches the receiver]

    Richard Leroy 'Gator' Johnson: Jive-ass broad. Speak! Hey man, what the hell you doing calling me here? You know better than to call me here!

    Druggist: [inside the phone booth with Truck] Sorry, man. But... I've got some dynamite stuff here.

    Richard Leroy 'Gator' Johnson: Yeah, but why are you calling me here?

    Druggist: I've got it, man! Understand?

    Richard Leroy 'Gator' Johnson: Listen, is anybody with you?

    Truck Turner: [to the Druggist] Tell him to let you in.

    Druggist: That's it, let me in.

    Richard Leroy 'Gator' Johnson: [furious] I'm gonna slit your throat, you jive-ass sucker! How much time do I got?

    Druggist: It's worse than that...

    Truck Turner: [takes the receiver and hangs up] That's it.

    Druggist: But what about me?

    Truck Turner: What about you?

    [Truck gives a karate kick to the druggist]

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