Trixie Delight Quotes in Paper Moon (1973)


Trixie Delight Quotes:

  • Moses Pray: [calling up to Addie on the hill] Let's go!

    Trixie Delight: Hurry up, Doctor. This baby gots to go winky tinky!

    Moses Pray: [patting Trixie's shoulder] Don't worry.

    [calling up to Addie again]

    Moses Pray: Hey!

    [Moses starts walking up the hill]

    Moses Pray: Come on, we're ready! Come on, now!

    Addie Loggins: I ain't comin'!

    Moses Pray: You listen here, child...

    Addie Loggins: No, I won't listen here.

    Moses Pray: What the heck's up with you then?

    Addie Loggins: I wanna sit in front! And how come we ain't workin' no more?

    Moses Pray: 'Cause we're on vacation, that's why, and Miss Delight and me are sittin' in front because we are two grown-ups and that's where grown-ups do the sittin'! And little children do not tell grown-ups what to do with their lives, you understand that?

    Addie Loggins: Well, she ain't my grown-up and I ain't plannin' no more to sit in the back. Not for no cow!

    Moses Pray: Will you keep your voice down? And Miss Delight ain't no cow. She's a proper woman. She has a high school diploma. And right now she's got to go to the bathroom, so you get on down to the car!

    Addie Loggins: She always has to go to the bathroom! She must have a bladder the size of a peanut! Well, I ain't gettin' back in that car... not until she gets out of it!

    [disgusted, Moses goes back to the car and talks to Trixie]

    Trixie Delight: [making her way up the hill] Hey, what's up, kiddo? Daddy says you're wearin' a sad face. Ain't good to have a sad face. Hey! Hey! How'd you like a coloring book? Would you like that? You like Mickey the Mouse?

    [Trixie trips and falls]

    Trixie Delight: Oh, son of a bitch!

  • Trixie Delight: [to Addie] You already got bone structure. When I was your age I didn't have no bone structure. Took me years to get bone structure. And don't think bone structure's not important. Nobody started to call me "Mademoiselle" until I was seventeen and getting a little bone structure. When I was your age, I was skinnier than a pole. I never thought I'd have nothin' up here.

    [Pointing to her chest]

    Trixie Delight: You're gonna have 'em up there too. Look, I'll tell you what. Want me to show you how to use cosmetics? Look, I'll let you put on my earrings, you're gonna see how pretty you're gonna be. And I'll show you how to make up your eyes. And your lips. And I'll see to it you get a little bra or somethin'. But, right now, you're gonna pick up your little ass up, you're gonna drop it in the back seat, you're gonna cut out the crap! You understand!

    [Starts to walk away, turns around]

    Trixie Delight: You're going to ruin it, ain't ya? Look, I don't wanna wipe you out. And I don't want you wipin' me out, you know. So, I'm gonna level with you, okay. Now, you see with me its just a matter of time. I don't know why, but, somehow I just don' t manage to hold on real long. So, if you wait it out a little, it'll be over, you know. I mean, even if I want a fella, somehow I manage to get it screwed up. Maybe I'll get a new pair of shoes, a nice dress, a few laughs. Times are hard. No if you fool around on the hill, up here, then you don't get nothin'. I don't get nothin'. You don't get nothin'. So, how 'bout it, honey? Just for a little while. Let ole Trixie sit up front with her big tits.

  • Trixie Delight: I just don't understand it, Daddy, but this little baby has got to go winky tinky all the time.

    Moses Pray: Well, don't you worry none. We'll just plan on stoppin' here for dinner.

    Addie Loggins: [furious] But we just stopped for her to winky tink at lunch!

    Moses Pray: That's right and now we're stoppin' for dinner. Come on!

    Addie Loggins: I ain't hungry!

  • Trixie Delight: Say, you're not one of these fellas that goes around babblin' are ya, honey?

    Floyd: What do you mean?

    Trixie Delight: Well, you know, most of the time I don't mind. But it's important to me, right now, not to get talked about.

    Floyd: Hey, now, do I look like that kind of a feller?

    Trixie Delight: Now, say, you're a wild one, aren't ya. Hold it. Hold it. Now, wait a minute. You're going to tear it! Now, now, just let me slip it off. Hey, there. Well now, ain't you a show dog. Oo! Ooo!

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